Cross Summoner: R Tier List For Rerolling and FAQ From An Actual Player

The game launched open beta for Android on July 14, 2022 in select regions.

Having played the game since launch and speaking with members of the official Discord server, I’ve come up with an initial reroll tier list.

How to reroll fast in Cross Summoner: R?

  1. Create a guest account and then play to clear story Chapter 1-7. Use “skip” whenever it pops up during story to save time.
  2. Use gift code SUMNR10, CSRFB200, CSRFB300, CSRFB500 and to get several free pulls on the Advanced banner. It doesn’t matter who you pull here – if you get any SSR unit, I would keep the account and move on to step 3.
  3. Fully clear Chapter 1 of story. You’ve now unlocked the unlimited 10x summoning banner, which can give you up to two SSR units.
    1. If you pull two SSR in one 10-pull, one of the SSR will always be the Archer girl Arik.
  4. You can pull up to 3 full characters (e.g 2x SSR and 1x SR, but this is insanely rare). Oftentimes, you’ll end up just pulling 2x SSR and calling it a day.

If you play on an emulator like Bluestacks, you can download an XAPK file (google for it) and then create multi-instances to reroll multiple accounts at once. This is seriously unnecessary, unless you plan to reroll past the unlimited reroll banner. Please note, deleting the app and uninstalling on the same phone/instance does not work.

Which SSR combo to reroll for in Cross Summoner: R?

There are a limited number of SSR units in the unlimited summoning banner.

As this game is team based and all units have team synergy passives unlocked with specific units, a “tier list” needs to consider the entire team composition. Who you pick is extremely important as your “team” can be decided on day 1 if you don’t plan to roll much.

A general team comp consists of: Tank, DPS, Healer, Support DPS/Flex Role.

As mostly F2P, there are three standard teams for you to build. All teams require ZERO GACHA RNG past the initial unlimited reroll banner:

  1. Crit team: SSR Irina (day 3 wish), SSR Saizou (day 7 login), SR Luna (day 2 wish), SSR Brazos (day 1 reroll) (Generally not recommended)
  2. Magical team: SSR Sharifah (day 3 wish), SSR Rill (day 7 login), SR Ruzha (day 2 wish), SSR Rorche (day 1 reroll)
  3. Physical team: SSR Rabad (day 3 wish), SSR Reid (day 7 login), SR Karen (day 2 wish), SSR Arik (day 1 reroll) 

On day 2, the game gives you free selective SR healer (Luna, Ruzha, Karen). On day 3, the game gives you free selective 40 shards to a SSR tank (Irina, Sharifah, Rabad). You can easily get the other 40 shards needed to unlock your tank from achievement rewards or the store.

On day 2, 4, 7, you’ll receive 80 total SSR shards to unlock a hero among RillReidSaizou and Mira. Who you choose here depends on which team you plan to build.

These standard teams exist because these characters have “synergy” skills that are unlocked with the right units.

You can also very easily acquire any unit shard in the various stores that you unlock as you progress in the game.

After you’ve unlocked the unit, it’s up to you if you want to actually use them on your team or not. For some players, they may want to unlock Rabad for Reid teams, then proceed to toss him aside to build Sharifah.

My F2P Recommendation: Reid + Arik, then day 2 Karen, day 3 Rabad (or Sharifah), day 7 more Reid OR Rill.

Reid is a close range bruiser that can deal insane amounts of single target and AoE damage. His first skill boosts his auto attack speed to the extreme. At later levels, he can heal himself.

A LOT of the top rankers use Reid, because he is a DPS killing machine.

Arik is your “forced” 2nd SSR during the unlimited reroll banner. She’s a long range dps that has a chance to stun enemies with her skill.

There is currently an event that gives you more of Arik’s character shards for free. You can use it to upgrade her.

The main reason why Reid + Arik combo is strong is because of Reid’s synergy skill Devil Morph, that requires you to pull Arik and Momohime (everyone gets her for free). This boosts Reid’s DPS considerably.

I think based on the situation I could flex Arik out of my team for a long range dps, another healer, or a CC unit.

What about the other SSRS?

Mira – a backline waifu assassin who attacks super fast, can heal herself with synergy skill. She’ll often target enemy healers. Not recommended.

Brazos – a frontline crowd control bruiser that can stun multiple enemies, and reduces enemy attack speed and movement speed. Recommended for Crit team.

Saizou – a backline ninja fighter who can increase the crit chance of all allies. He’ll often target enemy healers. Useful for units that synergize with crit, like SR healer Luna. Recommended for Crit team.

Rorche – a middle lane mage that can freeze enemies for up to 5 seconds. Recommended for magic team.

Rill – a middle lane mage that reduces enemy magic defense, useful for magic oriented dps teams. Critical component of a magic team IMO.

Free SR Healer On Day 2

You get to select 1 of 4 SR healer for free on day 2 of playing the game via Wish. Your options are:

  1. Jack: Pure healer, pick him if you have Scherzo (you get Scherzo from any top-up spending). Generally not recommended.
  2. Luna: Support healer that boosts ATK and ATK SPD. Pick her if you have Saizou (crit synergy) and Brazos.
  3. Karen: Support healer that can reduce damage taken. Pick her if you have Reid and Arik.
  4. Ruzha: Support healer that can increase ATK SPD and Physical DEF. Pick her if you have Rill and Rorche.

Personally I will be choosing Karen because I’ve pulled Reid and Arik. If I already have Karen, I’ll pick Luna.

Half a Free SSR Tank On Day 3

You get to pick 40 shards from 1 of 3 SSR tanks on day 3 via Wish. Your options are:

  1. Irina: Tank that can stun, pull enemies, and reduce enemy’s critical resistance. Synergizes with Saizou and Luna (Crit teams).
  2. Sharifah: Tank with invincibility for 6 second skill while boosting ally PDEF and MDEF. Can also stun. The best pure tank only if you have Rill and Ruzha.
  3. Rabad: Tank that can stun and reduce enemy’s attack speed. Synergizes with Reid and Karen.

Make sure to get the other 40 shards to unlock the Hero from Store, Achievements, and Story – you’ll get them extremely quickly.

Rerolling for UR units?

UR units drop at 1% rate on the standard banner. Just pulling the unit is not enough – you need to collect their shards to boost their power and UR shards are super rare, super expensive. Definitely not a recommended path for F2P, at least at the moment. If you want to push content early, you’ll want to raise SSR and SR units.

Questions? PM me on discord Meow#8796


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