Hercules Review

Our first new featured banner since launch!

3★ Hercules and 2★Eurystheus appear as rate up units from (PDT) July 31, 2022 8:00 PM to August 8, 2022 7:59 PM.

We’re also getting two new World Memories:

5★ The Beloved Hero and 4★ The King’s Dilemma, which runs 1 day longer, from (PDT) July 31, 2022 8:00 PM to August 9, 2022 7:59 PM.

TLDR: F2p/Light Spenders, don’t pull for her, but with some caveats.

Raw Stats (Lv 60) #

So the game updated max unit Lvs from 60 -> 65.

As a result, I had to use some number wizardry to deduce her Lv 60 stats. (Ain’t no Meow got time to update all units for their Lv 65 stats yet).

  • She has the highest total HP and 2nd highest PDEF (behind Kenshin).
  • Her SDEF is average compared to all units.
  • Out of 43 units, she’s ranked 15 on the DPS weighted stats ranking (smaller is better),
  • And shockingly, ranked 23 on the Tank weighted stats ranking,
  • Bringing her total raw stats rank at 20 out of 43.

In short, her raw stats are average for a unit, and honestly disappointing for a 3* defender unit.

Visit the unit database to see the weighted stats of all units.

Skills Review #

All skills were checked in the JP version to ensure EN translations are accurate.

Her crash skill is quite low in damage, even if it can hit 3 enemies.

Her best skill is easily skill 1: “For 2 turns, boost PDEF of self by 1355 and for each one of your own panel absorbed, decrease the PATK of 2 enemies by 422. CD: 4 Turns.”

  • She can reduce the PATK of 2 enemy units. Not sure if this targets 2 high PATK units, or 2 random units. Best guess is the former, because the latter would suck.

Her skill 2 grants barrier and taunt. This is useful when you’re fighting against physical attackers in PVE and PVP, as she is one of the best Physical tanks.

  • This taunt is unique: it lasts for 2 attacks, and taunt is also shared with the ally that you’re shielding. It’s a double edged blade as you’re potentially killing your ally early unless that ally is tanky.
  • Her barrier value of 646 is WAY TOO LOW; every other unit that can use barrier, have much thiccer numbers (Perseus 5K, Scipio 2k for 3 allies).

Her passive buffs PATK of self by 2113 when her PDEF is buffed. This is handy, and allows her to hit harder with basic attacks.

Uses in PVE #

If you have trouble surviving from strong physical attackers or bosses, then she could come in handy with her skill 1.

But honestly, there are plenty of alternatives and her numbers are disappointingly low.

Damage in this game generally outperforms defense or healing. There are plenty of skills, world memories, and combos that allow you to “nuke” the enemy in the first turn of combat.

  • You need taunt? Go with Perseus or Benkei.
  • You need a physical atk debuffer? Go with our favorite buffer/debuffer GOD Andersen.
  • Need a pure PDEF tank? No you don’t. Go with units that take on multiple roles – tank/dps/buff/debuffer.

Uses in PVP #

The caveat that could be her saving grace, is in PVP Defense Teams.

She could potentially debuff 2 high PATK units on the 1st turn. The likelihood of this happening is not great as we can’t control the AI.

Hercules is also weak to Fire. Musashi (one of the most popular PVP unit) will guarantee one-shot Hercules in PVP.

Best World Memories #

Stack PDEF on her. Friendly Detour and Sniper’s Anxiety are two optimal WM for that.

You can also give her the new The Beloved Hero WM but that is much better suited for key DPS units like Musashi.

Meow’s Verdict of Hercules #

Skip the character banner. The world memory banner however… is another story.