PVP Guide, Team Comps and Counters

With Alice Fiction being so new, we’re seeing all sorts of team comps in the PVP ranking boards.

A lot of good discussions were made on which units to use, and the PVP meta. Let’s first explore the mechanics of PVP.

Attacking in PVP #

The goal of the attacking team is to wipe out the enemy defending team within 5 turns (It’s supposed to be 3 turns according to the Dev notes, so possibly in the near future).

The burden is on the attacker because you need to wipe out every unit on the enemy team.

You lose if:

  • The enemy team has even one unit surviving at the end of 5 turns.
  • Both teams are wiped out on the same turn.
  • You disconnect, GG.

As such, the attacking team needs to be heavily on offense instead of defense, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in the shortest amount of time.

You can do this by using a mix of DPS, buffing your DPS, debuffing your enemy, or disrupting enemy skills.

There are a few advantages to being the Attacker:

  • You can view and select which enemy team to fight.
  • You can select which enemy unit to target first.
  • You can use ALL of your skills on the first turn if you want.

Use these facts to your advantage.

Select enemy team comps that have lower total Power, or contain units that you know you can potentially one-shot on the first turn with elemental advantage.

Elemental advantage is huge in this game. The approximate number is a 25% multiplier. You deal more damage to them, and they deal less damage to you.

E.g Musashi’s crash skill can potentially one-shot most Wood units. Lancelot can potentially one-shot Water enemies like Archimedes, Hippocrates, Kojiro.

Attack Team Comps #

A general comp consists of:

  1. Single Target DPS: you want to take down high-priority targets on the enemy team immediately.
  2. AoE DPS: you need AoE to do greater total damage per turn because there is a turn limit.
    • Enemy DEF debuffer or ATK buffer: This falls under ST DPS or AoE DPS, as the goal is to nuke the enemy on the first turn.
  3. DPS debuffer or Healer or DEF buffer: if the enemy has a lot of damage, you’ll need to survive and tank some of their damage.
  4. Panel breaking time extender: extending panel time is your best friend, you’ll easily pull off Crash skills for your entire team.

Let’s take a look at some units that fit these titles.

Single Target DPS #

  • Musashi (Fire), Lancelot (Earth), Nietzsche (Light), Captain Drake (Water)

All four have crash skills that are single target nukes. Musashi will destroy Wood enemies and most other non-water enemies.

Lancelot will wipe out water enemies and buff-type enemies with her massive slayer.

Nietzsche can one-shot Ushiwakamaru, a high priority target.

Captain Drake, a crit-oriented 1* damage dealer, can one-shot the ever-so-popular Musashi, Antoinette, and Surtr.

You can view the skill kit of every unit in the Unit Database.


  • Ushiwakamaru (Dark), Surtr (Fire), Antoinette (Fire), Cleopatra (Earth)
  • Burn damage and Virus damage are also considered AOE DPS, even if they are DoT (damage over time)
    • Hannibal and Viviane are core to Virus teams

Ushi is the strongest pure AOE damage dealer. Since she’s dark, she’ll do at least normal elemental damage to all enemies. She can debuff enemy PDEF, dealing crazy total damage with her crash skill.

Surtr and Antoinette go hand in hand, both dealing AoE damage and applying burn DoT.

Cleopatra is a badass water killer and if the enemy has multiple water units, she’s a good option.

Hannibal and Viviane can apply Virus status and buff their Virus damage to mind-breaking numbers. Although, that might be because some of their skills are bugged and not reflective of their description.

Joan (Dark) and Antoinette (Fire) can buff their respective elements.

Visit the unit database to view the list of ATK buffers/DEF buffers

DPS debuffer or Healer or DEF buffer #

  • Qin Shi Huang can mitigate enemy PATK
  • Himiko and Asclepius can AoE heal your team
  • Antoinette can boost PDEF of all fires allies by A LOT
  • Bismarck, Ushi and Andersen can decrease multiple enemy damage
  • Andersen, aka GODANDERSEN, can buff team PATK/SATK while debuffing enemy PDEF/SDEF
  • Scipio can decrease PATK, cast barrier on team, and boost PDEF and SDEF of all allies (insane coverage)

I won’t make individual comments here, but you should probably have some form of survival for your Attacking team in PVP. Many of these units play multiple roles.

Panel Breaking Time Extenders #

  • Musashi (3s for 3 turns)
  • Kojiro (1s for 2 turns)
  • Scipio (1s for 2 turns)

Elongating panel breaking time is so key to increasing total damage and ensuring every unit on the team achieves Crash. Musashi is the clear winner and GOAT. 3 seconds for 3 turns (most of PVP) is just too good. I would consider her to be the #1 most versatile PVP unit on any attack team.

Team Positioning #

Your team uses crash skills in order of their position. AoE Crash DPSers should be in front of the ST Crash DPSers.

High Priority Enemy Targets To Take Out First #

As the attacker, you have the benefit of targeting enemy units. Here’s my list of the top targets to erase from the field.

  1. Amadeus – her skill bind and high sdps nukes can ruin your team’s rhythm
  2. Low defense high DPS units like Musashi, Lancelot, Ushiwakamaru, Nietzsche
  3. Viviane in a virus team, Antoinette in a burn team
  4. An enemy where you have the elemental advantage

What about healers?

Healing in this game was nerfed compared to CBT, while damage across the board has been buffed. I wouldn’t necessarily target enemy healers first.

Be careful fighting against Himiko. If you’re team is pure SATK, you’ll want to avoid her as she has very high SDEF.

Defense Team Comps #

The goal of the defense team is to stall or wipe out the attacking team.

You don’t get to control the AI.

As such, there’s basically 2 team comps.

  1. Damage Team
  2. Stall Team

I think the stall team is stronger. You want to have units whose skills and passives allow them to not be one-shotted.

Stall Team Units #

  • Scipio can buff the entire team PDEF and SDEF and grant a barrier.
  • Healers like Himiko and Asclepius.
  • Benkei can taunt and seal enemy’s attacks. 
  • Amadeus can disrupt enemy skill (it’s a gamble) that can pay off especially if the enemy doesn’t target her first.
  • Kenshin is an amazing tank against physical attackers.
  • Bismarck can decrease enemy PATK.

World Memories #

As a side note, there are many World Memories viable for your team.

Go with PATK/SATK/Slayer DPS memories for your attacking team.

Damage reduction/HP/PDEF/SDEF memories for your defensive teams.

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