Tutorial Reroll – Insights From CBT Beaters

There are 5 possible 3* units we can pull in the free tutorial banner. They are:
  • Lancelot: PDPS, Def Penetration
  • Amadeus: SDPS, Skill Bind, Debuffer
  • Asclepius: AoE and Single Target Healer
  • Hippocrates: Single Target Healer, DEF Buffer
  • Musashi: PDPS, Operation Time Buffer
As a CBT player and having discussed with the “beaters” of CBT, we’ve come to a consensus on the unit’s reroll priority at launch. Please note, we think all 5 units are useful and more approriate than others depending on the situation.
  1. Musashi. Her 3 second operation time buff for 3 turns is too powerful and unique to her. More operation time allows you to achieve crash skills multiple times over in a battle.
  2. Lancelot. Most players will go for her or Musashi because they’re the top DPS used to push content in PVE. Lancelot does massive damage because of DEF pen.
  3. Amadeus. Not only does is she an insane SDPS nuker, but she can skill bind and that’ll mess up the rhythm of many enemy teams in PVP. You may want to pick her over Musashi or Lancelot if you plan to go hard in PVP.
  4. Asclepius. Her AoE heal is crazy in PVP. As the PVP team size dropped from 6 to 4, Ascelpius can now heal everyone on the team. Her healing wasn’t critical in PVE, but might be key in Underground (aka Tower content where dying = unit stays dead until you reset).
  5. Hippocrates. She can prioritize healing the ally with the lowest HP and buff DEF.
View their individual skill kit here:
Alice Fiction: Global Database – Units
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