FF7: Ever Crisis Guide Compendium

This guide is written by Meeracoat and shared with permission.


A Collection of guides made by the wonderful Midgar Guides as well as Community Helpers at the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Unofficial Discord Server who have taken time out from playing to bring you these guides.

Emulator Set-Up #

There are two emulators that are confirmed working.

The most popular one is probably LD Player 9.

Once installed, the only setting you need to really make sure is that Root Permission is disabled (Settings > Other settings > Disable Root permission).

You can install Ever Crisis from the official Google Play Store, or through an APK. However, note that SQEX has banned VPN and those outside of FF7 EC servers are out of luck.

Rerolling #

Rerolling is super simple in this game. All you need to do is go through the tutorial mission once, do your pulls and if you’re not satisfied you can simply reset your game by:

Menu -> Title screen (All the way down) -> Menu again (Top right after the FF logo appears) -> Reset game data

You will then get an option to skip the tutorial and go straight to your first mandatory 10 pull and after a short tutorial of upgrading Cloud’s Buster Sword, the other reroll pulls. You can repeat this process as much as you want, although you might get a timeout if you do it too much.

If you’re satisfied with your account I highly suggest linking it so you don’t lose it. This is also done from the menu in game.

The amount of pulls for rerolling as well as best reroll process as of writing is:

Mandatory 10 pull -> Grab your pre-reg goodies -> Draw ticket summons (30 + 1 guaranteed) -> Setup your wishlist for featured banner and do 3x multi-summon (10 pulls) on it.

Now you can either reroll or if you’ve already got a few weapons you want you can keep the account or you can enhance your weapon  30-40-50 weapon enhancements, collect all your goodies everywhere and collect the completed guide missions to have enough gems for a 4th featured banner pull.

General Wishlist Guide #

I recommend at least to start off with Cloud’s Murasame (it is featured so you don’t have to wishlist it) since the banner is limited as well as one of Cloud’s weapons to pair with Murasame then you will want either Aerith’s Fairy Tale (one of the few AoE healing weapons in game) or Matt’s Prime Number (Also AoE healing).

The last 2 slots of the wishlist depends on which character you want to fill the third spot with.



  • Fairy Tale or Prime Number – Both should be in the wishlist until you get one, AoE healing is almost mandatory to have at least some of.
  • Tifa’s Lifeguard Wraps is also an amazing alternative and cheaper AoE healing option.
  • One of Cloud’s Weapons, can see the options below:
  • Cloud – (Murasame is featured), Apocalypse (Phys DMG nuke + PATK materia) / Hardedge (Solid dmg + PDEF break)
  • If going for Murasame definitely want either Hardedge for PDEF break or Apocalypse if you are getting a different PDEF break.
  • For the Last 2 Slots: Pick below depending on who you want.
  • Barret – Enemy Launcher (AoE non-el dmg), W Machine (PDEF break)
    • Enemy launcher is great for wave clear and has highest AOE non-elemental dmg in the game. W Machine is great for physical defense debuffing.
  • Tifa – Leather Gloves/Tiger Fangs (PATK/MATK debuff), Motor Drive (Strong ST Wind), maybe Crystal Gloves (AoE dmg)
    • Great attack debuff options to use just before a boss nukes your team. Crystal Gloves are a good option for AoE farming.
  • Zack – Falchion (AoE Phys wind dmg), Cutlass (ST phys dmg + DEF break), (Zweihander we get for free)
    • If not AoE farming, Zweihander is an incredible option to run with, we get it for free and it pairs nicely with Cutlass.
  • Glenn – Piece of Cake (PDEF break), Jiggy Fam (AoE earth dmg), (Apology in Hell we get for free)
    • Apology in Hell is the same as with Zack’s Zweihander, pairs nicely with Piece of Cake and can replace Jiggy Fam if you aren’t AoE farming.
  • Lucia and Red XIII aren’t recommended to roll weapons for in the current content we have as of now.

Although if you really want them, you can go for:

  • Red XIII – Gold Collar (AoE non-el dmg + MDEF break), Junk Collar (ST non-el dmg nuke + MATK debuff)
  • Lucia – Pulse Gun (ST water dmg), Serpent Gun (AoE wind dmg)

Chocobo Guide #

Each of the 3 areas per zone you can send to has specific rewards. If you click on the magnifying glass next to the exploration bar you can see what items you haven’t gotten yet. You must collect every item to 100% clear it. 

But the general advice is to reach 75%, then move on to the next area.

It is highly recommended to unlock all 3 Chocobo expedition slots early on. Expeditions give a lot of character EXP and other rewards.

Items that say exploration by them can drop from anywhere in that zone.

New zones will eventually require certain Chocobo types (Mountain/river) and those chocobos can only be sent to those areas. Wutai, for example, is mountains. There is an icon on Chocobos in the shop that corresponds to those zones. (See the icon on top left of the individual areas.)

Chocobo Screenshot 1

Chocobo Screenshot 2
One you’ve reached 75% Explored, feel free to explore the next area.

Criterion Dungeon Cactuars

Criterion Dungeons

The following images show the location of the hidden Cactuar in the Criterion Dungeons.

Mako Reactor:

mako reactor cactuar location

Fort Tamblin:

fort tamblin cactuar location

Rare item location:

fort tamblin rare item location

La’paina Coast

lapaina coast cactuar location

Rare item location:

lapaina coast chest location

Padapili Sea Cave

padapili sea cave cactuar location

Combat FAQ #

Q. What are the different Stances? (Attack/Defence)

A. There are 2 stances you can take while in combat, those are the Attack Stance and Defence Stance.

  • Attack Stance: Phys. and Mag. Damage Dealt +50% All Abilities can destroy Sigils, if Sigil Matches Ability then +2 Sigil Destruction
  • Defence Stance: Phys. and Mag. Damage Received -30% Healing Potency +50%
  • There is a charge up time for Stance change

Q. What is the difference between Manual/Semi/Auto Modes?

A. Those are the 3 Auto Modes you can switch between when battling.

  • Manual: All Actions are performed manually by the player.
  • Semi: The controlled character will use C.Abilities when the ATB Gauge is full. No Stance change or Limit Breaks.
  • Auto: Everything is done automatically except Limit Breaks.

Q. Do Buffs/Debuffs Stack?

A. Buff/Debuff Combat Mechanic is unique. They don’t stack on top of each other but can tier up and extend duration if the same one is applied.

There are 3 tiers known as Low, Medium and High Potency aka Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. The maximum tier and duration differs with each ability. The same is also true if you use 2 opposite Buffs/Debuffs, instead of cancelling out and negating, they will lower the tier and decrease the duration.

Then there are also some which have no tiers/cannot be removed however you can see which these are as the status symbol is a different colour and has a border around it.

You can turn on Buff/Debuff status symbols from within the Battle Settings. It is off by Default.

Side note: Some enemies have resistances to certain debuffs and if an enemy isn’t weak to a certain element then using a debuff which lowers their elemental resistance to that element won’t affect them at all.

Q. What are all these Abilities? C/A/L/R/S?

A. The Abilities are as follows:

  • C – Command Abilities are the abilities you cast during combat that are based on your PATK.
  • A – Ability/Area Abilities, a form of Command Ability which is MATK focused instead of PATK. Seen at the end of names such as Blizzaga A. Some can also affect AoE instead of ST.
  • L – Limit Abilities are those that consume the Limit Gauge to be used. These include Limit Breaks and Summons.
  • R – Reinforcement Abilities sometimes referred to as Rise Abilities are the passive effects of a character’s equipped gear.
  • S – Support Abilities affect the Materia paired with the Support Materia. Support Materia is determined based on the Support Abilities of the Primary Weapon.


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