All Top Tier Weapon Series Compared

Let’s compare and contrast the current top tier weapons in Octopath: COTC.

What is grade? It’s a value used in the damage formula. Higher grade = higher damage.

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NameLvGradeSpecial EffectsMeow Notes
Brave Sword (III)503.2At the start of battle: Raise Phys. Atk by 15% for 3 turns.Best low level Sword. Powercrept by Lv 60+ series weapons.
Brave Lance (III)503.2At the end of a turn: 20% chance to recover from some of own status ailments.Not very useful.
Brave Dagger (III)503.2Raise own damage by 20% when enemy with certain status ailments is present.Situationally useful for Bleed teams.
Brave Axe (III)503.250% chance of resisting sleep and paralysis.Situationally useful against enemies like the BT Bow NPC that loves spamming paralysis.
Brave Bow (III)503.250% chance of resisting blindness. Start of battle: Raise Critical by 20% for 5 turns.Situationally useful against enemies that spam Blind.
Brave Staff (III)503.230% chance to recover 30% of damage taken when hit. Does not stack with effects of the same type.Unless they release a tanky Staff user, I don’t find this too useful.
E’s Journal (III)503.2Absorb 1% of damage dealt as SP when using Attack.Triggers once even during a Boost.Situationally useful if SP ever becomes an issue.
Brave Fan (III)503.2Extend duration of augmenting effect granted by self by 1 turn (does not stack).Best weapon for Dancers that play a supporting role. Lynette, Glossom, Hasumi, Iris, and Meena.
Ballen Weapon603.7Start of battle: 50% chance to recover 1 BP for 1 turn. EXP +10%.Best for farming EXP and Caits. Ballen Weapons powercreep Stamp Weapons.
Ballen Weapon (III)603.8Start of battle: 50% chance to recover 1 BP for 1 turn. EXP +10%.Best for farming EXP and Caits. Not yet available.
Feintz’s Beloved Blade604.1Trigger a follow-up strike when using Attack. *Effects do not stack. Triggers once even during a Boost.Powercrept by latest weapon but can be upgraded down the road to something super powerful.
Battle-tested Weapon603.7Drops from BT NPC and purchase in Shop.
Innocent Weapon (IV)603.8Powercrept by latest weapon.
Fenrir Weapon (IV)613.8Powercrept by latest weapon.
Tyrannical Weapon (IV)623.9Powercrept by latest weapon. The 30 crit isn’t impactful.
Sacred Weapon (IV)634Powercrept by latest weapon, unless you really need 30 SP.
Twilight Weapon (IV)644.1Powercrept by latest weapon.
Adamant Weapon (IV)654.2Powercrept by latest weapon.
Atlas Weapon (IV)664.3The strongest elemental weapon in Arena, except for Tome.
Ma’Dan Weapon (IV)664.4Powercrept by latest weapon, except for units that can synergize with Crit.
Origin Weapon (IV)674.5Basically the strongest physical weapon in and out of Arena. The strongest elemental weapon outside of Arena.
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