Herminia’s Manse (Herminia’s Former Manse)

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Herminia’s Manse becomes Herminia’s Former Manse once you start Bestower of Wealth Chp III.

Elite enemies in Herminia’s Manse gets transported to Herminia’s Manse: Cellars.

Herminias Manse Herminias Manse2

Normal enemies: Herminia’s Soldiers, Sentinel.

Herminia Manse Cellars

Normal enemies: Herminia’s Soldiers, Bat.

Elite Enemy (Room H1): Shield Wielder Lv 35.

Elite Enemy (Cellars, Left Room): Menacing Sticky Slug Lv 35.

Elite Enemy (Cellars, Right): Mighty Shadow Bat Lv 23.

Elite Enemy (Room H2): Herminia’s Mighty Soldier II Lv 23.

Credit /u/molecularmadness for annotations.

Herminia’s Former Manse #

herminias former manse

Herminia's former manse

Normal enemies: Bodyguard, Sentinel, Thieves.

Elite Enemy: Sentinel MK. III. Weakness: Spear, Axe, Staff, Fire, Light.

Elite Enemy: Master Thief III. Weakness: Sword, Spear, Fan, Fire, Wind.

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