Road to Castle Edoras

Road to Castle Edoras Road to Castle Edoras2

Normal enemies: Birdian, Snake.

Elite Enemy (Bottom): Menacing Dreadwing Lv 70. Weakness: Sword, Spear, Bow, Wind, Light.

Elite Enemy (Top): Mighty Ettin Snake Lv 65. Weakness: Spear, Dagger, Axe, Fire.


This map is important for farming Lv 60 Meteorite equipment.

  • Cliff Birdkin I: Drops Meteorite
  • Cliff Birdkin II: Drops Log of Life
  • Cliff Birdkin III: Drops Starfall Grass
  • Ettin Snake: Drops Dragonbone Shard
  • Menacing Dreadwing: Drops Rare Bronze Stone (M)
  • Mighty Ettin Snake: Drops Crystal Horn

Additionally, the 300K EXP Cait can appear randomly here.

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