Team Building Guide

A Guide on the basic concept of Team Building in Alice Fiction.
– Main author: Ren#8748. 

Team Synergy Introduction #

Q: What is team synergy? And why is it important?

A: Team synergy is a measure of how well the four units in your team enhance each other’s performance with their skills, effects, and passives.

Examples: Lancelot’s passive ATK buff requires 3 Earth Units

Lancelot Passive lv 60 (Knight of the Lake): When there are 3 or more Earth allies, boost own Phys.ATK by 1794

Explanation: In order to activate Lancelot’s passive, You would need 2 more Earth Allies.

Q: But the description said 3 or more earth-type allies, why do you only add 2 more Earth Allies?

A: Lancelot herself counts as an ally, therefore you just need 2 more Earth allies to make her passive work.

Caution: Earth allies must be in the main party. Being in the sub party does not count.

Another example: Musashi as the Solo Attacker and Phys.Buffers allies

Musashi Passive lv 60 (A Never Ending Sky): When there is 1 or less Attack-type Ally, boost self Phys.ATK by 1560

Explanation: Due to Musashi’s passive requiring her to be the only Attack-type, her passive has negative synergy with other Attackers like Ushiwakamaru and Surtr.

Therefore one strategy is to make Musashi your main DPS, and bring units that buff Phys.ATK to further increase her damage.

That is not to say you cannot run Musashi with other Attackers! She’s still a great unit to run even without her passive.

The Basis of Team Synergy in Alice Fiction #

There are three types of Team Building synergies in Alice Fiction so far: Elemental/Types/Universal

Elemental: The basic team building revolving around passives/skills related to elemental types. Doesn’t restrict any unit types but restricts elemental characters allowed to be used.

  • Examples: Kojiro, Lancelot, Antoinette etc

Types: Instead of building a team around elements, unit types are the second and more versatile type of team-building mainly due to being unrestricted to elemental types.

  • Example: Joan, Hannibal, Salieri

Universal: Probably the most versatile when it comes to team-building. Instead of focusing on team units, universal synergies focus on the quantity of the enemies/allies, element or types of enemies.

Quantity types: Passive activates based on the number of enemies/allies in the battle, in some cases their passive are unable to activate due to not reaching its requirement

Ushiwakamaru: When there are 4 enemies, boost self Phys.ATK by 1170

Neu: When there are 4 allies, boost self Phys.ATK by 900

Asclepius: When there are 4 enemies, boost allies HP recovery rate of recovery type by 18.72%

Enemy Element Types: Passive activates based on the enemy elemental type, as previously mentioned, passive cannot be activated if it doesn’t reach it’s condition. It’s recommended to check the enemy info beforehand.

Surtr: When there are 1 or more wood enemies, increase self Phys.ATK by 936

Amadeus: When there are 1 or more dark enemies, increase self Spec.ATK by 546

Achilles: When there are 1 or more wood enemies, increase self Phys.ATK by 414 and Phys.DEF by 138

No Requirements: Straight up free passive/gameplay related, these units are extremely effective at not only guaranteeing 1 passive activated, but also help other units elements/types to activate their passives too. Very flexible units in Team-building!

Archimedes: Boost self Spec.ATK by 5538

Longinus: Buff self Crash Damage by 4.63% per self skill panel broken (Up to 12 Panels)

Team Positioning #

By Reanimu.

Moving on from the Team Building, we will now be talking about more advanced settings in the team building – Unit Positioning. There are priorities when it comes to unit positioning in the team.

To make the most of your units’ crash skills: Order them in this priority from left to right.

  1. Cleanse – removes attack debuffs from your team (Asclepius).
  2. Damage buffs/debuffs/status effects – increases damage done to enemies by raising your stats, lowering theirs, or inflict Virus/Burn/Oil (e.g Rousseau, Salieri, Antoinette, Bismarck, Wang).
  3. AOE Damage – hitting multiple enemies, this should come before single target damage.
  4. Single Target Damage – if the unit’s crash is pure single target damage, they should occupy the last spot on the main team.

Team Comp in PVE Content  #

While the Team Comp isn’t as important early on, it is advised to still make your PVE content team as efficient as possible.

As PVE content gets increasingly harder to complete over time, it is recommended to build a good team for a variety of situations. 

(Note: Difficulty of content increases significantly between chapters 5-7)

Here are a list of Priorities in Team Comp when you do PVE Contents 

  1. Survivability – The basic requirement for ensuring your team will survive and complete the node. Make sure your units can survive till the end of the level (don’t worry about 3-starring a stage).

    As a player, you want to push story content as much as possible to unlock different features like PVP, World Memory search slots, and Team (guilds).

    This can be just raising the stats of your units via raising their levels/grades or running a Tank and/or Healer! 

  2. Damage – As they say, the best defense is a great offense. That holds true in Alice Fiction as well.

    The harder your team hits, the faster you can make it through content and also take less damage. Do NOT neglect your damage.

    The game has several ways to make your team skyrocket in damage and nuke enemies on the first turn of battle. 

  3. Skills – Healing, Buffs and Debuffs are heavily favored especially in boss fights and late PVE content such as the Underground.

    Understanding what a skill can do, and when to use it can lead to insane combos and damage figures.

    Skills lead to nuanced team-building where you set up a team to do one thing extremely well or to counter stage conditions.

    Some options include Phys.ATK teams or Sp.ATK teams, teams that have elemental advantage, or bringing an unit that buffs team defenses because a stage is particularly damaging.

Budget Team-Building #

By Ureki.

Not sure what to build without specific 3 star units? This section will include some units that can be obtained through rerolling in Alice Fiction. 1 and 2 star units should not be neglected despite their rarity!

Asclepius – Salieri – Wang – Cleopatra 

Very good Spec.Atk team possible to build right now with the current units in game, this team is probably the highest AOE dmg that we have right now because of Wang+Cleopatra and it also has sustain: Asclepius healing + cleaning your team debuffs. 

The weakest part of this team is Salieri because unfortunately she is the best option for this team synergy (It can be upgraded later on if you manage to get Rousseau to use over Asclepius for more dmg).

Kojiro – Musashi – Hannibal – Viviane  

Very good single target dmg team that will always nuke at least 2 or more enemies, and against boss stage this can probably nuke the boss turn 1 if the boss doesn’t resist Musashi. 

Viviane’s passive team virus killer and inflict virus x2 random enemies and Hannibal’s Passive virus damage increase will help do extra damage.

The weakest part about this team is that this team doesn’t have any damage mitigation or sustain.

Gilles – Kojiro – Lancelot – Perseus

This team has the same play style as the Musashi team but the dmg will probably be lower unless you manage well the 4 type slayers that this team offer to your dps and Kojiro too.

Perseus will most of the time mitigate all the dmg per 1 or 2 turns without dying, and Kojiro can be replaced for someone else like a healer or another tank.

Giles’ skills can help increase damage against Recovery, Debuffs type units for her Skills and Defender type to her teammates for her Crash skill.

The weakest part about this team that this team is that you will have problem to kill more than 2 enemy in 1 turn and the slayer buffs that this team gives none of then are for help you to kill the enemy both Spec.ATK and Phys.ATK.

Nightingale – Nietzsche – Amadeus – Benkei

Nietzsche isn’t the 3 star unit of this team but she is the unit who will do the most in the team with her strong sp.atk dmg. She has good sustain and strong self Spec.ATK and Crash Skill Dmg buff.

Nightingale is a good healer that can every turn heal 1 ally and also dispel enemy annoying buffs with both skill 2 and crash skill, Benkei is a nice tank that have taunt so she pair well with the healer and Amadeus can help with Bind and decent single target dmg.

The weakest part of this team is that we don’t have a good support for Nietzsche so it ended up making this team doing less single target dmg like the other teams.

Benkei and Amadeus both have a chance for their Bind skill to miss.

Afterword #

This Guide teaches merely the basics of Team Synergy. The minimum requirement for Passive Team-building is unit Grade 5 (So grinding is expected). There are a lot of team comps you can explore/test if you are willing to explore each unit. Hope you continue enjoying Alice Fiction!


Wang Gang Guild (Beaters)

Ren – Alice Fiction: Team Synergy 101 (Main Author)

Reanimu – Team Positioning

Ureki – Budget Team-Building

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