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The warrior class is well known for having the highest physical attack units in the game. The Sword weapon (currently Origin IV Sword) has the highest PATK.

This trend will continue for every new weapon series down the road.

We have several DPS powerhouses in the Warrior category.
Olberic is a 1-hit nuking machine with a unique cover gimmick.
Lars, a 5-hit wrathfulless warrior with priority attacks.
2B sits somewhere between Olberic and Lars in damage and multi-hitting.
She has strong single target nukes like Olberic, and three 3-hit skills.

Tier List Overview of 2B #

In my tier list of all units by roles, 2B scores S+ in the PDPS category, just like her collab companion A2.

Her one-hit nukes with guaranteed crit at max boost are some of the most devastating moves in the game. Unlike A2, 2B requires no set up to start “nukin” away at the enemy.

Her ultimate is the easily top 3 strongest damage in the game, reaching the 99,999 damage cap with some buffs and debuffs. 

Her elemental damage is mediocre, but at least it’s a multi-hit dark attack that can debuff. Dark attacks are still rare in this game.

Stats #

Currently, 2B shares the highest PATK amongst Warriors and have the second highest PATK amongst all units. 
With Origin IV weapon equipped, she has the highest PATK period, along with Olberic.
This high base PATK stat combined with guaranteed crit is the main reason her nukes hurt.
She has the highest SPD for a Warrior; which is nice in the Warrior Job Tower (future content) because you can use her to act first and debuff all enemy PDEF by 15%.

Unit Kit #


  1. 15% chance to dodge certain attacks; if successful, Self BP Regen for 1 turn.
    • This passive is amplified with her active physical dodge skill
    • Whales can equip her with Edea’s A4 accessory to turn herself into a Dodge Tank BP machine
    • Dodge granted to 2B from other unit’s skills do not proc this passive (e.g Lianna)
  2. Self 30% Critical Hit Damage Up.
    • This passive is strong because her kit contains 3 skills that guarantee critical hits at max boost
    • She’ll benefit from having Crit stats, just like Lars

Best Skills

  • 5* skills: 1-hit Axe or Sword to single enemy, guaranteed to crit at max boost.
    • Truck-kun your enemies into another world
  • 4* skill: 2-hit Dark to all enemies, inflict 15% PDEF down for 2 turns.
    • This skill is nice because it’s Dark and every physical attacker can benefit from 15% PDEF down
  • 2* & Initial skill: 3-hit Axe or Sword to single enemy.
    • No crit guaranteed, but nice to shave down enemy shields; Olberic wish he had these multi-hit skills
  • 1* skill: Impart Entire Front Row with Phys. Def Up 15% (turns: 2-5 based on Boost Lv.)
    • Honorable mention because she is the only Warrior to have a front row PDEF buff; useful for Warrior Job Tower down the road 
  • 2* skill: Grant Self the ability to dodge physical attacks (times: 1-4 based on Boost Lv.). [50 SP]
    • So this skill is rather difficult to use properly and you’re better off not picking it; the exception is if you have Edea’s A4 accessory that grants provoke to self

Finally I need to make a comment on her 3* fire skill that shaves shields, but reduces own HP to 1. On paper, it sounds ludicrous: Why would I want to lose all my HP for such a weak 3-hit shield shave? 

Well you’re right – it is ludicrous. The only niche use I can think of for this self-harming skill is to synergize with accessories that reward you for being less than 100% HP. E.g Alfyn’s A4 (Grant 15% PATK when HP is less than 75%). You’ll still need to Regen yourself up afterwards.

Generally you’ll want to pick:

  1. 1-hit axe or sword nuke based on enemy weakness
  2. 3-hit axe or sword nuke based on enemy weakness
  3. 2-hit dark AOE with PDEF debuff
  4. Front Row PDEF Up

Ultimate Skill

  • 1-hit single target sword nuke and guaranteed to crit.
    • Strongest pure raw damage ult in the game… able to reach damage cap
    • Prioritize Awakening 1, 2, 3, 4 over Lv 10

The Problem with 2B #

Unlike Therion and A2, her strongest skills and ultimate are all 1-hit.

This nerfs her damage output tremendously in the future, where we’ll get better weapons, buffs and debuffs stacking to reach the damage cap.

Therion and A2 can both potentially reach 99,999 x 6 in one turn with the right team comp and set up.

2B’s absolute best might be 99,999 x 3 but this is very difficult to set up given the low potency of her 3-hit skills. You might get lucky with something like 50,000 x 3 in one turn from her.

Awakening 4 Accessory
  • 100 PATK, 40 SPD
  • Start of battle: Impart Self with Phys. Atk. Up 10% (turns: 5)
  • Raise BP recovery amount of Self by 1 when broken enemy is present (turns: 1)

This is an A rank accessory that provides a huge amount of PATK and SPD. You gain 1 BP any time an enemy on the field is broken, once max per turn.

Exclusive Accessory from Exchange
  • 20 PATK, 200 HP
  • Grant self SP Regen (amount: 10) per turn
This is an great accessory, providing her with the most important stat for her survival: HP. SP regen is useful in longer battles.

Best Accessories #

  • Kota’s Glove for 30% PATK passive buff is the best universal damage accessory for her
  • Any 15% Axe/Sword, depending on the enemy weakness
  • Edea’s A4 if you plan to use her as a dodge tank
  • Accessories that provide raw HP; F2P can use Adventurer’s Emblem for 200HP and 200HP regen per turn

Skill Damage Rankings #

I assume all units at A4, Lv 100, with Origin IV weapons.

Unit passives are generally active unless otherwise specified.

Important to note that unless you got the luck of gods or are a mega whale, you won’t be getting 2B to Awaken 4. She is a limited time collab unit that’ll disappear once collab ends. In JP, they did have one Nier rerun.

Click here to view the full skill firepower table and an explanation of how it’s made.

Top 25 damaging skills

2B’s ultimate actually ended up being the highest damage in my firepower table.

Against enemies with higher DEF, she’ll do an even better job than other units given that her base PATK is one of the highest.

Top 20 Sword skills
Important to note that 2B’s 3-hit Sword skill is so much weaker than her 1-hit nuke.
Top 20 Axe skills
Axe DPS is feeling the love with the appearance of A2 and 2B.

Team Comps #

  • Sigrid for Sword damage res debuff
  • You could backpack Barrad for 15% PATK 
  • TherionGOD and A2 will work well debuffing enemy PDEF, shield shaving, and complimenting 2B’s total damage
  • Lynette/Primrose/Glossom multiple other units that buff PATK 
  • Viola/Falco/Glossom for PDEF debuff
  • Regen so she can focus on doing damage: Alfyn, Theo, Molrusso, Ophilia, Agnes, Soleil, etc.
  • Alfyn with Pomegranate Panacea is a DPS’ BFF 
  • Find other companions via the Buff/Debuff finder tool
  • Another useful resource is the recruitable allies table for multi-hit shield shaving and attack buffs

End Game Content Usage #

  • Glossom Cup (Axe and Sword weakness)
  • Varkyn Cup (Varkyn and one add weak to Sword)
  • Yunnie Cup (Sword and Axe)
  • Yan Long Cup (Sword)
  • Lv 100 NPC: Doddering Mercenary (Dark), Taciturn Housewife (Sword), Once-famous Actress (Axe), Bladed Wings Master (Dark), Adventurer (Sword)
  • The cup after Yan Long (spoiler)
  • One add in the 2nd cup after Yan Long (spoiler)
  • Warrior Job Tower (spoiler)

Should You Pull? #

Yes but only if you can reach pity…. and you’ll likely be aiming for A2, as they share the same banner. 

For most people, 2B will be an amazing consolation prize in their quest to summon A2. 

Assuming we get JP’s rate of (0.26% for 4-star) (0.40% for 5-star)… then in 200 pulls we have a 73.4% chance of pulling at least one copy.

You’ll probably need at least 5700 gems to reach pity.

If you pull her once, you can spend $$$ to buy her awakening pack for a stone.