All Lv 100 NPC Weakness Cheat Sheet

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All key stats, locations and weaknesses for the Lv 100 NPCs in Octopath Traveler: COTC. Good luck!

First clear (Except Adventurer which gives you 100 rubies) gets you 200 rubies and +100 influence to Power/Fame/Wealth.

There is a guide on reddit on which recruitable NPCs to bring to these battles.

Lv 100 npc weakness

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Old Storyteller Lv100 Guide #

This guide is written by: realniktrustme

The Old Storyteller in Victor’s Hollow (commonly referred to as VH100) is one of the first Level 100 NPCs you will encounter in Orsterra. Similar to the Battle-Tested NPCs, this is a high-level Power foe that you can take down for the sake of rubies, but Level 100 NPCs do not drop any upgrade materials required for powering up weapons. Additionally, these foes are much bulkier and deal higher damage, and they also must be defeated within 15 turns. Make sure to prepare well before tackling these foes.


VH100 can be encountered in the Old Quarter of Victor’s Hollow, found by accessing a secret passage at the top of the village. He has 23 shields and is weak to Fan and Light attacks.

Breaking his shields can be a little finicky if Odette has her Double Cast passive activated and Varkyn has his special Double Cast accessory equipped. However, since all 5* dancers and most 5* Light spellcasters have good multi-hit options, getting him broken in a short amount of time should not be very difficult, especially since dancers naturally have high speed.

SP restoration scarves are not necessary either, since VH100 has a soft 15-turn limit (this can be bypassed with Hang Tough passives and Sleep-inflicting allies) and most of your damage will come from Light spellcasters.

The primary mechanics that make VH100 unique are his reliance on inflicting status conditions (such as Sleep and Paralysis) on your frontrow and damaging your party with hard-hitting random-target attacks. The status conditions can become a major problem for your band if not properly dealt with, and provoking the Storyteller with a taunt will often lead to a unit falling. However, these can be easily mitigated with proper planning.

Best Units

These are some of the best units to use to fight the Old Storyteller. Limited units have their names italicized.

  • Agnes (Sacred Blaze) – Supports allies with defensive buffs and healing; can also debuff VH100’s speed upon getting hit by an attack and nuke the foe with Light if needed.
  • Alfyn – Completely nullifies most of VH100’s attacks with Rehabilitate at Max Boost. Alfyn also provides additional healing and offensive support with Rehabilitate and Pomegranate Panacea respectively.
  • Lynette – Nearly doubles your damage output with her buffs while debuffing and breaking VH100 with Bemusing Strut. Synergizes very well with Alfyn but may need additional healing in the form of Beastly Scarves to make up for a lack of regen.
  • Odette (Sacred Blaze) – Varkyn but better. Debuffs Light Res, hits very hard, and may have the chance to Double Cast. Bad timing may mess up breaks but good timing is more common than bad and may be very useful.
  • Ophilia – Best Healing support in the game; also provides great Light breaking and usable Light nuking as well as a full-party Revive and Heal with her Ultimate
  • Tithi (Sacred Blaze) – Dancer that specializes in BP management and buffing. Can buff offenses well, effectively break shields, and donate BP to allies, all of which are stronger at max Boost.
  • Varkyn (Arena) – A very useful Light DPS that inflicts Light Res Down, Varkyn is available to every player without needing to pull and compliments Odette well
  • Viola – As the best single-target debuffer in GL, Viola provides both long-term offensive and defensive debuffs. Her passive also allows her to extend Odette / Varkyn’s Light Res Down skills to last even longer, if necessary.

A few niche 5*s that you can slot into your VH100 team as well:

  • Alaune (Memory Traveler) – Practically useless in the CotC “metagame”, but her Light magic and healing can prove to be useful if available (albeit fairly weak, relative to the better healers and Light DPS units).
  • Edea (Bravely Default) – A tanky Warrior with very useful Light chip and lackluster Light damage. Her Light move increases in hits based on Boost, but unlike Tithi, Edea requires high BP consumption in order to be useful.
  • Eliza – Eliza is only meant to sit behind Light DPS units such as Odette and Varkyn in order to boost their damage output further with her +30% Magic passive, but this passive proves to be significant over the course of a battle.
  • Gilderoy – A pretty decent tank for VH100. Can sponge multihit attacks if given some help via defense buffs, defense-increasing passives, or is Awakened to increase his bulk.
  • Glossom (Arena) – The best Fan DPS unit in the roster as of First Anniversary, except Fan damage is nearly worthless. Glossom can also provide Phys. Defense buffs to the frontrow and helps break shields if necessary.
  • Hasumi – Hits fan and light, heals, and can restore SP. Basically a budget Alaune, who is a budget Ophilia, but Hasumi is the best at filling any holes one may have in their team comp. for VH100.
  • Olberic – One of the only units who can successfully tank VH100’s multihit random-target attacks with Defend. However, he cannot hit weakness for this fight, and Defend’s redirection effect only activates at max Boost.
  • Primrose – Provides strong Fan breaking, buffs with Verse of Valor, and debuffs with Spell Song. Basically a budget Lynette, but Primrose is worth bringing along regardless.
  • Richard (Memory Traveler) – Will provide very useful buffs for other soon-to-be-mentioned Memory Travelers.
  • Fiore EX (Seasonal Limited) – Provides Fan damage, inflicts a status condition that automatically chips shields at the end of a turn, nukes fan, and can perfectly block all incoming physical damage (or magic damage) with moves akin to Olberic’s Defend.

And some future 5*s who will be very useful for this fight but will likely not be needed by the time they release for Global (UNIT SPOILERS INBOUND):

  • Ditraina (Sacred Blaze) – Odette but cooler. Will have a 6-hit Light attack, a 2-hit Light nuke, and can crit with Magic attacks. Also has the damage cap raised by 60k by default. Also buffs herself to output maximum damage via side effects of her own moves without the assistance of other travelers’ passives or buffing moves. Also does the same thing for Dark damage, which isn’t relevant for this fight but is still worth mentioning.
  • Haanit EX – Dancer that can prevent VH100 from acting with a status condition, has a 50% chance to dodge some Physical attacks, and can debuff every single stat at once. Also has 4x Fan.
  • Rinyuu (Memory Traveler) – Alfyn’s max Boost Rehabilitate, but Rinyuu indefinitely casts it from the back row and also provides defense buffs and regen and lowers the frontrow’s SP costs at the same time. If that isn’t needed, Rinyuu can also indefinitely cast +15% Atk, Mag, and Dmg up at the same time while still lowering frontrow SP costs.
  • Rondo / Elrica / Sazantos (Memory Travelers) – For some reason there are three limited units that can hit Light weakness with physical Sword attacks. They will mitigate the need for Magic in this fight, they have good multi-hit attacks, and power creep is only as real as anyone wants it to be.
  • Signa (Memory Traveler) – Light dancer that debuffs Sword, Light resistance, can access 6-hit Light attacks, and can debuff Mag Res (not Light Res) to increase the amount of damage done in a single hit to astronomical levels.

Submitted Clears

If you would like extra help with this fight, here are a few VH100 clears on YouTube:

(July 2023 – RealNikTrustMe (author!! (so cool)))

(June 2023 – Finger Coy Cait)

(February 2023 – Momen02)

(November 2022 – DJ GriM)

(October 2022 – Chazhang)