Anniversary Unit Selector Tier List

Criteria for Anniversary Selector #

All units are evaluated at A0. Notable A4 accessories of certain units are mentioned. 

DPS: Overall damage potential of the unit.

Offensive Support/Debuffer: Considers ally damage buffs, enemy stats and resistance debuffs, and status ailments. 

Defensive Supports: Considers healing, BP recovery, status ailment cures, provoke, revive and defensive stat buffs.

Breaker: How well the unit can break shields.

NameMax RaritySpriteJobElementDPSOff. Support/ DebufferDef. SupportBreakerA4Meow Notes
Lynette5★⠀S+⠀ⁿ/ₐBHas the best Lv 10 ultimate buffing skill. Pair her up with the Bravely Default Fan and you got yourself a monstrous support unit that's good for any team comp. She is also the best fire debuffer - Lower Fire Res of All Foes by 20%; 15% Fire Res Down to random foes; EDEF Down.
Therion5★⠀S+⠀⠀S⠀ⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀He continues to be a meta pick, used as the main DPS and shield breaker in any content weak to Dagger or Fire. Off weakness, he's still an incredibly strong flex pick for his AOE shield breaking capabilities, PATK/PDEF debuff, and paralysis. All Lv 100 NPCs except the Adventurer can be paralyzed.
Alfyn5★⠀S+⠀S⠀S⠀A+Supercharges any BP hungry DPS team with his pomegranate showers. Can 4-hit ice and axe. Regen. Revive. Is a key component in high level cheese strats.
Cyrus5★, Ice, Lgtning⠀S+⠀Dⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀The unit to use when you go into content blind. His "reveal one weakness at the beginning of battle" is still a major Quality of Life feature that even veterans players adore. Incredibly versatile with 3 elemental coverage that hit hard. Well built Cyrus can one-shot all regular enemies for material farming.
Lars5★⠀S+⠀Aⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀Insane priority move passive to break enemy with 5-hit sword attacks; also has the strongest AOE sword nuke in the game.
Falco5★⠀S+⠀ⁿ/ₐAThe best support unit for your dagger hyper carries like Therion, A2, and Bargello. Has 20% PDEF/EDEF down to single foe; 20% PATK down to single foe.
Ophilia5★ⁿ/ₐ⠀S+⠀AThe best healer, reviver, stats and status ailment cleanser.
Eleonora5★⠀S+⠀AABStrongest ice DPS and has Ice debuffs. She can cap or extend passive PATK/PDEF.
W'ludai5★⠀S⠀Bⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀The best spear DPS unit right now. Insane 1-hit AOE spear attack at the beginning of every turn; strongest move also heals herself; up to 8 attacks in one turn.
Hayes5★⠀S⠀AThe best axe support unit for your A2 and 2B.
Z'aanta5★⠀S+⠀Dⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀⠀S⠀Still the best bow breaker with a 5-hit attack that often breaks 100k total damage. In the far future, once pets system is introduced, we need to acquire him to get his pet. His pet stands out among others.
Kersjes5★⠀S⠀⠀S⠀ⁿ/ₐBThe best bow resistance debuffing unit. Supercharges your Z'aanta and Herminia. 15% Bow Res Down to single foe and 10% Bow Res Down to all foes; 20% EATK Down to single foe.
Olberic5★⠀S⠀EOne strong sword nuke and top two strongest spear DPS; severely lacking multi-hit sword skills. Can debuff lightning. Has the unique passive of tanking for allies and taking reduced damage.
Chloe5★ versatile bow unit that can heal front row while doing decent damage. The best healing option in Hunter Tower.
Molu5★⠀S⠀Bⁿ/ₐA⠀S⠀Our overall strongest fire DPS but quite comparable to Cyrus in that department. Can act faster at max BP to break enemy.
Tressa5★⠀S⠀BA+Tressa's sidestep + provoke combo has been the key to clearing several tough Lv 100 NPC content.
Viola5★⠀S+⠀ⁿ/ₐAHas the strongest single-target debuff at 25% PDEF/EDEF Down; 20% PATK/EATK Down; 10% PDEF Down to all foes; all debuffs last an extra turn.
Primrose5★⠀S⠀AAThe best dark elemental option. Her raw average stats are the highest out of all units. Amazing 4-hit Fan and 3-hit Dark for breaking enemies.
Soleil5★⠀S⠀AGood front row regen with status cleanse and 20% EATK buff.
Kouren5★⠀S⠀ⁿ/ₐⁿ/ₐACan only do damage and offers no utility.
Hasumi5★ⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀B⠀S+⠀The only unit that can cast SP Regen for the front row with a skill. Amazing defensive buffer with burst healing. Has one of the best A4 accessory in the game.
H'aanit5★ⁿ/ₐⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀3-5 hit aoe with a guaranteed crit attack, good against Tikilen.
Eliza5★⠀S⠀ABA+The best Elemental DPS backpack. Put her behind Cyrus, Eleonora, Sofia, Molu, Primrose... and watch them blow things up. Is our best Warrior healing option for Warrior Tower.
Fiore5★⠀S⠀Aⁿ/ₐBShe needs to be at max HP all the time for maximum DPS. Strong nuke with PDEF down; 2nd strongest AOE sword nuke.
Nona5★ⁿ/ₐASeveral guaranteed Crit attacks + the fastest ultimate in the game. She is the absolute GOAT of infinite material farming as she uses no SP to clear up the field with her ultimate.
Jillmeila5★⠀S⠀Bⁿ/ₐBNeeds enemy to be bleeding to be really effective. Unfortunately, several arena bosses and end game enemies are immune to bleed.
Sofia5★⠀S⠀Aⁿ/ₐB2nd best Ice DPS enabler and one of the best unit for long term general material farming. Her SP pool is effectively doubled while at max health.
Stead5★ enemy to be bleeding to be really effective. Unfortunately, several arena bosses and end game enemies are immune to bleed.
Theo5★ⁿ/ₐABHas regen and an AOE Axe attack.
Nicola5★ battery bank that is often seen in material farm team comps. Can give SP to other allies and self restore SP.
Scarecrow5★ⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀Our ol' reliable for 4-hit aoe bow shield break.
Molrusso5★ⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀BA+Tons of AOE healing options.
Therese5★ⁿ/ₐB⠀S⠀Has a really good A4 accessory that debuffs enemy lightning resistance.
Lumis5★ⁿ/ₐAABest regen backpack.
Cardona5★ⁿ/ₐAAOne of the go-to unit for spear teams... which in part is largely due to a lack of spear DPS. Can cast provoke on an ally like Tressa.
Harley5★ the best wind debuffing unit. 15% PATK Down to all foes; 20% Wind Res Down to all foes
Joshua5★ⁿ/ₐAHas a 20% chance of DPS going from A to S+.
Lionel5★ only used in the Warrior job tower.
Gilderoy5★ the last unit to fall on the team. Can provoke + heal self with his spear nuke.
Heathcote5★ⁿ/ₐⁿ/ₐ⠀S⠀Still one of the best unit for farming Caits.
Millard5★ ha don't pick him.