There is no question that 3 star units in Octopath Traveler: COTC lack the raw stats of 4 star and 5 star units.

The Problem With 3 Stars Units… #

Looking at just their average weighted stats

5-star rarity units have around 83% MORE stats than 3-stars at max level.

3-star units cap at Lv 60, meaning they cannot equip the game’s best armors and weapons.

That means we can’t rely on 3-star units to be our main DPS nor our Tank.

Rather, they’ll take on a more supportive role.

Top 3 Star Units With Great Utility (Early Gameplay) #

10% Bonus EXP Farming to Paired Ally: #

Dorrie, Menny, Sunny and Telly.

EXP is the lifeblood of the game and allows you to push content.

Physical Battle Supporters: #

Nanna can buff PATK of paired ally by 10% at start of battle, and reduce enemy PDEF by 15%.

Diego can buff speed of paired ally by 10% at start of battle, and reduce all enemies PDEF by 10% or a single enemy by 15%.

Yugo and Felline can inflict Physical Atk Down by 15% whenever you want it. No other units have this flexibility.

Best Ultimate Debuffer: #

Billy’s ultimate can debuff all enemy’s PDEF/SPD by 20%. With how ultimate buffs work in this game, this debuff is considered the strongest ultimate debuff of it’s kind. 
Dorrie’s ult reduces Dark Res by 10%; Eunice’s ult reduces Light Res by 10%.

Magical Battle Supporters: #

Jose can buff EDEF of paired ally by 10% at the start of battle, and reduce enemy EDEF by 15%. His ultimate further reduce enemy EDEF by 10%.

3-Hit Cait Killers #

Vivian is the only 3-star that has a 3-hit bow attack learned immediately. She can fit into a Cait hunting team if you don’t have better options. Her ultimate skill can hit 4 – 6 times.

Analyze Mules: #

Dorrie, Eunice, and Julio.

These are units who’s only job is to reveal the enemy’s weak point. They’re great early on, especially if you don’t have 4-star Peredir.

100 Influence Points: #

Finally, all 3* get a 100 influence bonus on their job board at lv 45. That alone, is worthy enough to raise 3* units early on for better Hunt rewards, influence perks, and rubies.

View the skills of these units via the Skill Database.

Last Bit of Advice #

You don’t want to be investing too much into 3-star units.

There are better alternatives out there for almost every unit listed above.

At the end of the day, the story is beatable with just a team of 4-star and 3-star units with the right synergy.

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