Special thanks to the COTC god of wisdom Shizukatz for his notes on useful 4*. He made a fantastic video on reviewing all 4* units here.

During the global launch, most players won’t have a full roster of 5* units to use. You’ll need to raise 4*, and probably 3* units to supplement your team to take advantage of different weapon/element types.

I want to stress that all 4 star units are useful because of weapon and elemental advantages. The list below is therefore subjective but educational.


  • Sigrid, Trish

  • Pia, Barrad, Devin

  • Kurtz, Asylte, Wingate

  • Shelby, Merrit

  • Lucetta

  • Any Cleric

  • Peredir

  • Any Dancer

Best 4 Star Warriors #


  • 3-star passive reduces Sword resistance of all foes for 3 turns, complimenting heavy DPS sword users like Lars, Olberic, Fiore, 2B, even A2

  • Has 3-hit Sword skill to help break fast (breakfast is yummy)


  • Can restore HP to an ally; is one of the only warriors that can heal allies

  • Pretty tanky, gives self Regen and absorbs 10% of all damage dealt when attacking

  • 3-hit Sword skill for breaking

Best 4 Star Merchants #


  • Incredible 15% Physical Attack buff to front row ally while taunting all the enemies

  • 3% leaves bonus – farming OP

  • Is the only unit that can debuff Spear Res of all foes


  • Often used as a backpack to give paired ally 15% Phys. Atk Up for 3 turns

  • Can self buff ATK, Spear damage, and Regen


  • Can taunt all foes and counter physical attacks

  • Self buff DEF and Regen; one tanky mofo, can be used in certain difficult end game LV 100 NPC battles

Best 4 Star Thieves #


  • Can debuff enemy ATK, Wind Res, and Speed (considered a budget Viola)

  • Can heal ally


  • Can debuff Ice Res of all foes and raise Ice Damage of paired allies (great pairing with Sofia, but be warned, Asylte won’t increase Sofia’s Ice Damage up any further)

  • Multi-hit Ice and Dagger attacks for breaking

And last but most importantly Wingate, a dark Thief who is considered the most versatile backpack. He can raise paired ally’s damage to broken enemies by 20% and lower any enemy’s shield points.

Best 4 Star Apothecaries #


  • Put her on the back of your team to raise Ailment Res of front row by 50% (4 star Rita has the same passive)

  • 3-hit Axe skill for breaking

  • Can cure paralysis and weakness, granting immunity


  • Put her in the back row and give Regen to your front paired ally (hp battery bank)

  • Can heal ally

  • Cute as hell

Best 4 Star Hunters #


  • 3-hit Bow and 2-hit Ice attacks for easy breaking

  • Debuff all enemy Physical Def and this duration is extended by passive

Best 4 Star Clerics #

So all of them are great even if you have 5 Star Cleric Millard. Ramona for pure healing and regen, Cedric for healing and bleed passives, Menno for healing and to support your wind DPS units.

Best 4 Star Scholars #


  • Can reveal weak points of foes, great if you don’t want to memorize their weak points or follow a guide

  • Put him on the back row and let him stay there to use that 1* passive

Other notable ones include Laura (lightning DPS), Noelle (10% EXP bonus and debuff EATK/EDEF), and Heinz (dark DPS).

Best 4 Star Dancers #

All of them are useful for their buffs/debuffs and utility. You can’t go wrong with pulling Dancers!

For a list of the best 3 star units, click here.

And for the best 5 stars units, click here.



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