Best 5 Star Units (Reroll Tier List)

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Players are greeted with a single 5* pull immediately upon entering the game. We call these units, the COTC 8.

How To Reroll Fast in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

It takes about a minute to roll for the first guaranteed 5* unit. If you don’t get what you want, go to the Title Screen > Options > Delete account. Works on both Android/iOS.

If you do get what you want, proceed to the next step where it’ll take ~10mins before you get to pull your first 10x.

5* Starter Reroll Unit Tier List #

There are 8 jobs in this game, and we get to immediately roll for 1 of 8 possible 5* unit. You can further narrow which unit you obtain from picking among power/wealth/fame.

They are:

  1. Lynette (Dancer) (Power): amazing buffer, debuffer, breaker and fire DPS. 9.5/10.
  2. Viola (Thief) (Wealth): best debuffer, multi-hit attacker. 9.2/10.
  3. Theo (Apothecary) (Power): supporter with massive healing, regen and status cure. 8.5/10.
  4. Sofia (Scholar) (Wealth): amazing ice damage, massive SP pool. 8.5/10.
  5. Fiore (Warrior) (Fame): amazing selfish physical DPS. 8.4/10.
  6. Gilderoy (Merchant) (Power): the strongest tank, soaks up damage like a boss. 8/10.
  7. Scarecrow (Hunter) (Fame): one of the best breaker, decent damage. 7.5/10.
  8. Millard (Cleric) (Fame): massive healing, little damage. 5/10.

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And here’s a list of the top 3 star units.

Unit Reviews #

* Data taken from Character Index

Lynette #

  • Front row and single ally physical and elemental ATK up buffs
  • Can debuff enemy’s elemental DEF and Fire Res
  • 1-star passive can buff entire party
  • Huge SP pool to dish out skills
  • Has one of the highest elemental ATK
  • Strongest buffer for the longest time, still used in end game team comps in JP
  • Strong Fan and Fire breaker (break enemies quickly with multi-hit attacks)

I made an even more in-depth review of Lynette here.


  • 4 skills that can multi-hit, allowing you to break enemies faster
  • Can debuff enemy Physical ATK/DEF, Elemental ATK/DEF, and extend duration of stats debuffs of team
  • Very high ATK stats with the highest Speed stat
  • Best debuffer in the game for a long time
  • Is still used in end game team comps in JP
  • Strong Dagger and Fire breaker

Fiore #

  • Has one of the highest physical ATK stat, and her 1-star passive and initial skill boost it even more
  • Respectable HP (3rd highest) and physical DEF (3rd highest) stats
  • One man (woman) army DPS unit that can hit like a truck
  • Selfish, doesn’t offer much to the party aside from 5-star skill that can debuff enemy physical DEF
  • Strong Sword breaker, weak Dark breaker

Want to learn who she synergizes the best with? Read my in-depth review of Fiore here.

Gilderoy #

  • Gigachad tank with AOE taunt, and plenty of self buff physical DEF and elemental DEF
  • Can counter physical attacks, synergizes with his taunt skill
  • Has the highest HP and 2nd highest physical DEF stat
  • Rock bottom speed, but that’s fine because he’ll be taunting and countering
  • Has a chance to paralyze all enemies for 2 turns
  • Strong Lightning breaker, decent Spear breaker

Sofia #

  • Strongest Ice DPS that can debuff enemies to allow her to deal more damage
  • One of the highest elemental ATK stat, behind Lynette
  • 1-star passive reduces SP costs by 50%, useful if you can maintain her HP with the help of tanks that taunt or regen
    • However, she already has the highest SP stats, so she doesn’t need to save SP. Might be useful in battles of attrition.
  • Strong Ice breaker, weak Tome breaker

Theo #

  • Gives front row HP regen and can cure status ailments, key to sustaining team
  • Only unit that can recover extra BP automatically
  • Has the highest physical DEF and 2nd highest HP
  • Strong Axe breaker, weak Lightning breaker

Scarecrow #

  • Overshadowed almost immediately by the next 5* Hunter (H’aanit) gacha banner
  • Selfish DPS that wishes he could do more damage
  • Has one of the best AOE multi-hit skills (4 hits!); insane Wind and Bow breaker

Millard #

  • Strong healer with front row heal and front row elemental DEF buff
  • Can single target regen and DEF buff ally
  • Has the highest elemental DEF stat
  • Worst breaker, no multi-hit skills, pretty low damage

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