The Ultimate Cait Guide – Ads, Locations, Strategies, Best Units

There is a wealth of information on how to farm Caits, where to farm them, and who to use. This guide serves as the ultimate compilation of Cait resources.

Caits – Basic Characteristics #

  • Caits of all levels have 9999 PDEF/EDEF, meaning you deal 1 DMG per hit
  • Caits all have 9999 SPEED, meaning you’ll never outspeed a Cait unless you have an [Act-First] skill like Heathcote’s
  • Wild Caits have a high probability of running away after their first turn
  • Caits that appear in Hunts or through Ads do not run
  • Caits are immune to all status ailments (Sleep/Paralyze/Bleed/Poison) and can’t be taunted

Caits Weakness Table #

Cait Weakness Table

Compliments of this Reddit post.

Caits From Ads – Odds and Rerolling #

SQEX has “blessed?” us with 3 Caits from ads per day.

The Cait you encounter is based off of the max level unit in your account.

You do not need to have your highest unit on the field to encounter these following odds.

Thanks to datamined details from BoltGSR:

From levels 1-20:

  • 100% chance of encountering a Cait (1,000 EXP.) 

From levels 21-30: 

  • 50% chance of encountering a Cait (1,000 EXP.) 
  • 45% chance of encountering a Coy Cait (5,000 EXP.) 
  • 5% chance of encountering a Cultured Cait (10,000 EXP.) 

From levels 31-50: 

  • 50% chance of encountering a Coy Cait (5,000 EXP.) 
  • 45% chance of encountering a Cultured Cait (10,000 EXP.) 
  • 5% chance of encountering a Coy Cultured Cait (50,000 EXP.)

From levels 51-70: 

  • 50% chance of encountering a Cultured Cait (10,000 EXP.) 
  • 45% chance of encountering a Coy Cultured Cait (50,000 EXP.) 
  • 5% chance of encountering a Chubby Cait (100,000 EXP.) 

From levels 71 to 100: 

  • 50% chance of encountering a Coy Cultured Cait (50,000 EXP) 
  • 45% chance of encountering a Chubby Cait (100,000 EXP) 
  • 5% chance of encountering a Coy Chubby Cait (300,000 EXP)

If you watch an ad and get a Cait that you don’t want, you can reroll the ad Cait by closing the Octopath Traveler app and restarting the game. You can do this an infinite number of times, until you actually defeat 3 ad Caits.

This is particularly worth the time and effort once you reach Lv 51, as the difference between 10k EXP and 50k EXP is 5x.

Cait Locations in the Wild #

Permanent Elite Caits

There are 3 permanent Lv 1 Caits outside the three starting towns. They are considered elite enemies that respawn every 10 hours, and give 1k EXP. They do not run away.

  1. Theatropolis Plains
  2. Emberglow Wilds
  3. Valore Trail
  4. Valley of the Flame

Very early on, these 3 Caits can be a nice source of EXP.

At the end of the game, you’ll unlock Valley of the Flame where you can farm a 200k EXP Snow cait daily. This snow cait also appears in the Tower of Remembrance.

Random Caits in Hunts

Caits may randomly appear as an Elite enemy in Hunt. They do not run away. If you quick-clear Hunt, you still have a chance of gaining extra EXP from a Cait randomly appearing in the Hunt map.

1 Cait is guaranteed to appear in Expert Hunts. They are often used as a healing fountain.

Random Caits in the Wild

Every enemy map has a chance to randomly encounter a Cait. These Caits can run away after their first turn.

The level of the Cait corresponds to the level of the map.

For example, players will want to farm in maps labeled Lv 60+, as they give you a chance of encountering a Chubby Caits (100k) or Coy Chubby Cait (300k).

Best Maps to Farm Caits End Game #

The following is a list of Lv 60+ maps for farming Caits:

  • Subterranean Arena (My favorite map, with one swipe you run around infinitely until you get an encounter)

Cait EXP Map Farming

Best Multi-hit Units For Farming Caits #

  • 3-hit Guaranteed Shield Break: Heathcote, Adelle, Ri’Tu (2-5hit)
  • 2-hit Guaranteed Shield Break: Viola, Cless, Heathcote (AOE), Therion (also 4-hit AOE at max boost)
  • 3-hit Sword: Kouren (4-hit), Tikilen, Fiore, Edea, Sigrid, Trish
  • 3-hit Polearm: Tressa, Barrad
  • 3-hit Dagger: Viola, Heathcote, Therion (also 6-hit at max boost)
  • 3-hit Axe: Theo, Shelby, Lumis (4-hit), Alfyn (4-hit)
  • 3-hit Bow: H’aanit (3-5 hit, AOE), Bertrand, Lucetta, Vivian, Scarecrow (4-hit, AOE), Z’aanta (5-hit)
  • 3-hit Staff: Madelaine, Lianna
  • 2-hit Tome: Odette (3-hit), Therese, Laura, Dorrie
  • 3-hit Fan: Hasumi, Lynette, Primrose (4-hit), Glossom (4-hit), Iris

The following units have multi-hit elemental abilities. While these won’t remove shield points, they’ll shave a hefty amount of HP off the Cait.

  • 5-hit Elemental: Edea at max Boost
  • 4-hit Elemental: Tikilen, Scarecrow, Alfyn
  • 3-hit Elemental: Eliza, Tikilen, Hasumi, Gilderoy, Lynette, Primrose, Sofia, Therese (AOE), Aslyte, Cyrus (AOE)

How to Efficiently Kill the 100K and 300K EXP Caits #

300k Cait

Coy Chubby Cait gives a fat 300K EXP to the entire party. Make sure to equip your EXP boosting accessories.

The Chubby Cait and Coy Chubby Cait spawn in Lv 60+ areas. They share the same weaknesses (Sword, Dagger, Axe, Bow, Staff) and have 40HP and 45HP respectively.

—-Guarantee 100K and 300K EXP Caits with Heathcote—-

Heathcote has a skill that allows him to act first at the start of a turn, dealing 1-hit dagger damage.

Turn 1: For the Chubby Cait (100k), deal exactly 13 hits of damage.

Turn 1: For the Coy Chubby Cait (300k), deal exactly 14 hits of damage.

Turn 2: Heathcote uses his [Act First] skill to break the Cait immediately on the second turn, preventing either from running away.

Chubby has 26HP after being Broken. Coy Chubby has 30HP.

You’ll need to deal enough damage to shave these HP off on turn 2 and turn 3.

Make full use of recruitable allies – the best ones have 3-hit skills. Some of the best ones include:

  • Man Confronting Tyranny can 3-hit Wind damage to All Foes
  • Argumentative Man is a fan favorite, able to shave off 3 shield points from a Single Foe
  • Mont d’Or can 3-hit a Single Foe
  • Tottering Old Man (BT Bow NPC) has 4-hit bow to All Foes

The theoretical max damage one can guarantee on turn 2 and 3 with 3-hit allies is the following: (1 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3) on turn 2, and (4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3) on turn 3 for a total damage of 35.

35 + 13 or 14 is greater than the total HP of either Caits.

So, you don’t need to do that much damage to kill either Cait. Allies give you plenty of room to play around with your team comp.

Without Heathcote, a similar strategy will work but you require RNG for the Cait not to run away on the 2nd turn.

—-2x 100K EXP Caits Strategy—-

2x exp caits

The 100K EXP Cait appears twice on Lv 60+ maps.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no guaranteed method to kill both Caits without some RNG or giving one a chance to run away.

But it is possible to reduce the likelihood of the Caits running away if you have units like Scarecrow, H’aanit, Heathcote, Therese and Viola with the Tottering Old Man Ally (4-hit bow to all foes).

As long as the Caits don’t run away on the 2nd turn, you’re guaranteed to kill both with AOE multi-hit units.

A Collection of Cait Tips #

In no particular order of importance, I’m dumping a bunch of tips that you may find useful depending on the composition of your team and how far you’ve progressed in the game.

  • 5-star units unlock +1 BP upon reaching the 5th panel, and +1 BP node at Lv 90, allowing them to 3-hit or 4-hit with basic attacks immediately.
  • 4-star units unlock +1 BP node at Lv 70.
  • Theo’s passive gives him +1 BP per turn.
  • The accessory Pursuer’s Glove I gives a 5% chance to attack again.
  • Stamp Weapons give up to 25% chance to recover 1 BP at the start of a turn.
  • The expensive Ballen Weapons give a 50% chance to recover 1 BP at the start of a turn.
  • H’aanit’s passive gives her a chance to attack again, though some have cautioned unlocking this passive due to RNG.
  • Finally and possibly controversial, there is a small exploit that allows you to farm Caits from ads 6x in a day. Video here.
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