Ebony Dragon Board Guide

Article largely written by Wigglytuff; Oct 31, 2023

Information largely based on this Game8 article

Feel free to ask them questions at https://discord.gg/cotc

What is the Dragon Board? #

  • Most recent board to come to EN, and you can earn all of Fame, Wealth, and Power tokens from it.
  • Unlock it by doing the quest that pops up in Nameless Town, probably requires you to clear all previous F/W/P boards.
  • The board is much simpler and shorter to clear than the F/W/P boards; there are only token squares and Reward Spots. 
  • You choose the difficulty level at the beginning, so you don’t have to worry about landing on those squares. 
  • The fights on the Reward Spots are rematches against various opponents from Arena preliminaries, with the Sable Shadow Dragon being the last fight.

How many tokens can I earn from the Dragon Board? #

It depends mostly on the difficulty you play at.

+10 difficulty is likely to be impossible for most accounts at this point in time, but at +10, you could expect around ~40k tokens of each of Wealth, Power, and Fame tokens on average.

Provided you have the roster strength, this is much more time efficient than doing the P/W/F boards individually.

What else can I earn from the Dragon Board? #

A lot. The rewards are divided into hitting different Reward Spots and completing the board at different difficulty levels.

Reward Spots:

  • 1 through 6: Traveler’s Sacred Seal x2 each (for a total of 12)
  • 7: Physical Belt IV (40 P. Atk and P. Def)
  • 8: Energy Belt IV (400 HP and 40 SP)
  • 9: Mental Belt IV (40 E. Atk and E. Def)
  • 10: What seems to be Defensive Speed Belt IV (40 E. Def or Crit (?) and 40 Speed)
  • 11, 12: 100 Awakening Shards (for a total of 200)
    Goal: 50 Rubies

Difficulty Levels:

  • +1: 30 Rubies
  • +2: 30 Rubies
  • +3: 60 Rubies
  • +4: 60 Rubies
  • +5: 90 Rubies
  • +6: 200 Awakening Shards
  • +7: 300 Awakening Shards
  • +8: 1000 Awakening Shards
  • +9: 1500 Awakening Shards
  • +10: “Black Dragon Amulet” (Speed -70, 10% Passive P. Def and E. Def if the translation isn’t off)

Reward Spot Clear Tips #

Start off with 0 or 1 tickets at zero difficulty to see if your roster is strong enough to clear the Game Board. You will hardly earn any tokens unless you can full clear it.

You should only roll single dice, because there aren’t any “negative” squares on the board. 

Set enemy strengths to +0 on every Reward Spot to clear them easier for the first time to get first clear rewards.

The final boss is the Sable Shadow Dragon (Lv 90), and we recommend you select the dragon from the lower left branch / bottom left of the map.

Enemy Weakness Cheatsheet #

Enemy Weakness Dragon Board

Recommended Units #

Spear, Axe, Tome, Fire, Light, and Dark are the best attack types for the gameboard. Any built up unit with those damage types can work well here.

The best units for defeating Ebony Shadow Dragon:

Weaknesses: Sword, Axe, Bow, Ice, Light

Ebony Shadow Dragon will lock two weak points at the start of battle (Axe and Bow), and two adjacent weak points will be locked after every break (including Sword and Light).

The Dragon can force units to change rows, so units like Rinyuu or Tanks could be made less effective.

  1. Rondo: he’ll clap the dragon with his superior sword/light DPS
  2. Rinyuu: infinite sustain for the team, really needs to be behind Fiore EX for reliable healing
  3. Lars/Richard: 5-hit sword and sword buffs for easy breaking
    1. A2: She could do a godly amount of damage with Sword and Axe with the right support
  4. Z’aanta: 5-hit bow DPS
  5. Cyrus/Eleonora/Sofia: Ice DPS
  6. Alfyn: 4-hit Ice/Axe and can pomegranate shower or revive
  7. PATK/EATK debuffers are almost mandatory: Viola, Kurtz, Tithi, Lianna
  8. Front Row PDEF/EDEF buffers are almost mandatory: Hasumi, Ophilia, Harley 
  9. Giga Tanks with provoke, dodge or ally guard make the clear easier: Fiore EX, Olberic, Gilderoy, Lionel, Tressa
  10. Ophilia for emergency AOE revive, because the Ebony Dragon can one shot your entire front line for 5k damage