octopath traveler champions of the continent fiore ex review guide

Normally, tanks aren’t that useful as the game prioritizes damage over drawn out battles. However, Fiore EX’s kit can change that notion. 

She is still considered the best tank in JP

  • Able to redirect all enemy single target attacks to herself, reducing but not eliminating the need to heal
  • Able to block/avoid all single target physical or magical attacks; and counterattack with Fan damage and Burning
  • Can act first to Break enemy with fan weakness, and inflict Burning
  • Generally strongest Fan DPS in global (Herminia is sometimes better, sometimes worse)
What is Burning? TLDR: It’s a status ailment that reduces target’s shield by 1 at the end of the turn, but will not break the target.
There are a couple special mechanics associated with Burning that I’ll address later on.

Tier List Overview of Fiore EX #

In my tier list of all units by roles, Fiore EX scores S+ in the Tankiness category.

She can redirect the most amount of team damage while taking zero damage in the process.

Now she cannot tank AOE damage for the team, but she will still be able to dodge the AOE damage dealt to herself.

She is the first unit with only 1 damage coverage – Fan!

Stats Comparison

Let’s compare Fiore EX stats to other tanks or tank-enablers in the game.
Her max HP is pretty average for a tank, but her SPD is significantly higher than her competitors. This is a good thing, allowing her to act before certain enemies. 
Her effective HP is the absolute highest, because she takes zero damage when blocking and there is no limit to the number of physical/elemental attacks she can block in one turn. She does not need Taunt/Provoke to protect her team.
Tank comparisons: Tressa, who needs provoke and Sidestep (which only dodges physical attack) has a dodge limit of 4 hits. Olberic’s Defend is another close comparison, but makes him take some damage. 
Fiore EX’s max SP is quite low, but that can be solved by giving her +200 SP from the Lovely Soul series on a Fortune fan weapon.

Unit Kit #


  1. Raise Phys. Atk. and Fan damage of Self by 20% when broken enemy is present.
    • Boosts her counter damage and makes her the strongest pure Fan damage dealer in global.
  2. When using the {Block} skills, redirects attacks targetting a single-ally to self until the end of the turn.
    • She has two skills that grant {Block}, 1 for physical and 1 for elemental. This passive replaces the need for provoke/taunt.

Best Skills

  • 2* skill [Super Priority] {Block} Physical or Elemental: Block either physical or elemental attacks from all enemies for 1 turn. Upon a successful block, counter with a 230 potency Fan attack, inflict Burning for 2 turns
    • Fiore EX’s bread and butter skills, synergizing with passive 2, and costing a whopping 85SP per use
    • She can counter once per enemy action; if an enemy takes three actions in a turn, then she can potentially counter three times on that enemy
    • She can shave one shield per counter if the enemy is weak to Fan
    • This is a super priority skill, meaning she gets to use it immediately at the start of the turn even if the enemy just got out of break state 
    • She can also block AOE damage dealt to herself, but won’t be able to block it for allies
  • 5* skill: 1-hit Fan nuke, 20% more potency if target is Burning, and inflict 20% PDEF down for 2 turns
    • Her strongest fan DPS skill
  • 3* skill: 3-hit Fan to single enemy, becoming 4-hit if enemy is Burning
    • Her best active shield shaving option
  • 4* skill [Priority]: 1-hit Fan to single foe, inflict Burning for 2 turns
    • If this skill is used on the very first turn in the battle, Burning increases to 6 turns
    • Is useful for breaking Fan-weak enemies at the start of the turn


  • Burning is considered a status ailment, and not a debuff. It can be extended by Cedric’s passive, but not by Viola’s passive.
  • Some enemies like Gertrude and Yan Long are immune to all status ailments, including Burn.
  • Burning can bypass n-shield removal limit per unit per turn if the enemy isn’t immune.

Most people can only bring 3 skills to battle.

Generally you’ll want to pick:

  1. Block physical AND/OR block elemental, depending on what kind of damage the enemy dishes out (requires studying)
  2. 4-hit fan when enemy is Burning
  3. 1-hit fan act first and inflict Burning
  4. 1-hit fan nuke if Fiore EX is meant to be DPS

Ultimate Skill

  • 1-hit single target Fan nuke, 20% more potent if enemy is Burning.
    • This is the strongest Fan damage skill in the game

Awakening 4 Accessory

  • 50 PATK, 500 HP, 40 SP
  • At full HP: Self gain 25% Damage Reduction
  • Survive an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP remaining once per battle

This is an A rank accessory and quite good on herself considering that she’s missing a guts passive. Requires Regen to maintain full HP.

Best Accessories #

  • SP Regen – she’s SP hungry AF
  • Accessories with flat SP
  • Maximum 10% PATK or Fan DMG accessory if she’s your main DPS for certain bosses

Team Comps #

You cannot have Fiore EX and Fiore on the same team. This rule applies to all EX units and their OG version.

  • Works as a tank on any difficult end game content
  • Pair with Glossom for fan DPS team comps
  • Should have one regen unit like Alfyn, Theo, Molrusso, Ophilia, Soleil, Sofia EX…
  • In the future, Rinyuu makes her (and the team) unkillable
  • Find other companions via the Buff/Debuff finder tool
  • Another useful resource is the recruitable allies table for multi-hit shield shaving and attack buffs

End Game Content Usage #

Honestly, she works in basically every end game Lv 90+ NPC fight. You do need to research to understand the boss’ attack patterns and damage types.

In addition, the following end game content npcs are weak to fan:

  • Tikilen
  • Yunnie
  • Old Storyteller (Victors Hollow)
  • Dancer Job Tower

Future – Side: Solistia #

In JP, there is a new content type called “Side: Solistia”. Existing units can unlock a new skill, passive, and stats. 
Fiore EX can unlock passive: Raise Phys. Atk. of Entire Front Row by 10% and increase their damage cap by 20000 when there is a Burning enemy.
  • This increases the versatility of Fiore EX, allowing her to both tank and provide DPS buffs
And unlock skillLower Fan Res. of Single Foe by 20% (turns: 2-5 based on Boost Lv.) and cause them to Burn for 2 turns
  • It’s nice to have to support Fan DPS teams

Should You Pull? #

Yes but really only if you can reach pity, requiring 6k free rubies.

In JP, the banner reran once a year, during summer time, so there is a good chance we won’t get to pull for her again once her banner ends this summer.

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