A very strong physical damage dealer and boss killer – Fiore! If you love seeing BIG damage numbers on the screen, then she’s what you want.

Tier List Overview of Fiore #

As shown in my tier list of all units by roles, Fiore scores highly as a PDPS damage dealer. At the time of update, she has the 2nd strongest physical AOE sword attack. 

Weighted Average Stats #

Fiore has one of the highest PATK stat, 3rd highest HP, 3rd highest PDEF, 4th highest CRIT, and 6th highest speed.

That means she can be a juggernaut against physical attackers while dishing out insane PDPS.

Her weighted stats are below average for a 5* unit, mostly because of her low SP, EATK and EDEF stats.

Best Skills #

Via the skill lookup table, Fiore’s best skill is her boss-killing single-target nuke – 5★ Skill 1. Combined with her 1★ and 3★ passives, she’ll Truck-kun you to another world.

  • +20% PATK, up to 30% (capped) if you use any of her PATK buff skills
  • +20% Sword Damage
  • -20% Enemy PDEF
  • high chance to crit (25% extra damage)

You’ll see damage numbers soar to the moon.

Outside of boss fights, her 5★ Skill 2 can erase multiple mobs quickly.

Because of her high capacity for DPS, she’ll be relevant even if the enemy is not weak to Sword.

She is the strongest Sword user and arguably the 2nd strongest Dark damage dealer behind Heinz.

Job Points Priority #

Start by unlocking her 1★ and 3★ passives, taking the shortest routes to get there. I’d then recommend unlocking her 3-hit sword skill, and 15% self buff.

It will take a long time before you can unlock her best 5★ skills.

Team Comps #

As your main physical damage dealer, she needs support from the rest of the team to shine harder.

Lynette and Primrose are obvious choices here, boosting Fiore’s PATK so that she doesn’t need to spend 1 turn buffing herself.

Viola can debuff enemy PDEF with her 3★ Skill, which is useful until Fiore unlocks her own PDEF debuff skill.

Sigrid is the perfect companion (front or back row) because his passive can inflict 15% Sword Res Down to All Foes for 3 turns.

Tahir as a paired ally with Fiore, can buff her Sword attack by 20%. Keep in mind, this can stack with Fiore’s own Sword attack passive but is capped at 30%.

Camilla, Merritt, Ramona can grant Fiore regen, which is key to maintaining her passive that requires full HP.

Units that can provoke, to prevent Fiore from being damaged: Gilderoy, Tressa, Devin, Helga, Miles, Pia, and even Conny.

Last Bit of Advice #

Fiore does get powercrept in JP by stronger sword users, but we’re talking a timeline of maybe a year. Even if she does get powercrept, she’ll still be a core ally in Sword-oriented teams against difficult content.

Should you awaken Fiore? My advice – do it. 30% stats (capped at 50) will boost her PATK/CRIT/SPD to the extreme.

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