The second Arena Cup is here! Arena is permanent content and completion gets you a free 5-star unit: Glossom!

There are 8 battles, with the last battle against Glossom and his two adds.

How to Unlock Glossom Cup #

You must have completely cleared Master of All and then the 1st chapter of Bestower of Wealth in Victors Hollow.

Afterwards, accept the side quest “Invitation to the Tourney” in the Arena inside Victors Hollow. Talk to the NPC to participate in the tournament.

Keep in mind, you’ll participate in the qualifying rounds immediately, so have your party ready before talking to the NPC.

Your party should also be at minimum Lv 60.

Glossom Cup: Rules #

There are 8 rounds of battle.

Your HP and SP recover to full each round.

There is no penalty for losing, so test out different strategies and team comps.

You can leave and come back at any time to restart a round.

Weapon Grades do not matter in Arena, so your best weapons are going to be whatever have the highest stats. At the time of writing, they’ll be the 4 BT Weapons, Innocent for EDPS and Tyrant for your PDPS.

You may not use any Allies in Arena.

Glossom Cup Weakness Cheatsheet #

This cheat sheet list out enemies in order from left to right as they appear on the field.

Glossom Cup Cheat Sheet v2

Round 1: Mercenaries #

Reward: 30 Rubies, 135000 Leaves

The mercenaries can unleash several random 3-hit attacks and AOE attacks. Healing and Regen is recommended.

One big AOE from Sofia will make short work of them. Several units can work here.

Round 2: Generic People #

Reward: 30 Rubies, 135000 Leaves
The secretive Old Man uses powerful single-target attacks, random 3-hit magic attacks and probably an AOE.

The enemies can inflict Blind on the entire front row, so it’s recommended to bring Blind resistance accessories, general status ailment up, or status cure (Lumis/Theo).

Round 3: Gladiator #

Rewards: 30 Rubies, 50 Silver Guidestones

Possibly the easiest round. The gladiator has low physical damage and can attack 3 times at random. Break him and it’s over.

Primrose is the best unit here for breaking, and she’ll be the dps GOAT for every round after this.

Round 4: Froggen #

Reward: 100 Rubies, 50 Silver Guidestones

The frogs attack back to back, so do whatever it takes to get rid of one of them fast.

Fortunately they don’t have very high HP.

Round 5: Aztafa #

Rewards: 30 Rubies, 50 Gold Soulstones

The difficulty has gone up now. Aztafa’s subordinate can paralyze and poison you for 4 turns, so take them down first.

Alternatively, bring some Paralysis resistance accessories.

Round 6: Fridge #

Rewards: 30 Rubies, 50 Gold Soulstones

Prioritize taking out the Apothecary, as they can buff and heal their teammates.

Then take out the Hunter.

The enemies can inflict Sleep, but it’s not too big of a problem.

Round 7: Dulce #

Rewards: 30 Rubies, Accessory (15% Fan DMG Up)
Dulce is the real deal and he’ll unleash a barrage of elemental attacks. Prioritize the Mercenary, as they can protect Dulce.
This will be a long fight, so good SP management, EDEF buffs, and healing will be important.

Round 8: Glossom #

Reward: Glossom 5-star unit

Glossom Enemy Stats:

  • 314,160 HP
  • 311 SPD
  • 1352 PATK, 1431 EATK
  • 131 PDEF, 118 EDEF

Glossom uses a mix of Fan and Lightning attacks. The following table lists out his possible actions:

Glossom’s strongest attacks are physical. Keep this in mind.

Passionate Dancer’s actions:

HP: 213,360, SPD: 263

Dazzling Dancer’s actions:

HP: 193,200, SPD: 250

Glossom Cup General Tips #

  • This is going to be a long battle, so you’ll want SP recovery accessories.
  • Equip helmet and armor with balanced DEF or high PDEF.
  • Equip HP accessories for your squishies.
  • Debuff Glossom’s PATK/EATK.
  • Enemies can buff frequently – use this time to heal up your team.
  • You can take out either Dancer first, though I’d probably focus on Passionate Dancer because they have the least number of shields.
  • Recommended to bring at least two, if not three Healers: Millard, Theo, Cedric… and alternate healing/regen duty to conserve SP.
  • When Glossom’s HP drops below 20%, he loses all weakness except for Dark. Bring at least one Dark DPS unit; or a shield breaker like Heathcote, Viola, Cless to break and brute force him.

Top Units in Global #

DPS: Fiore, Kouren, Odette, Tikilen, Noelle, PRIMROSE, Lumis, Heinz, Stead.

Shield Breakers (if lacking Dark units): Heathcote, Viola, Nicola, Cless, Wingate.

TankTressa and Gilderoy both work amazingly here. Tressa can dodge physical attacks including Glossom’s ultimate, while Gilderoy has massive base HP and PDEF. 

Pairing your Tank with Miles gives them a permanent 15% PDEF passive.

Healers: Theo/Soleil (Regen + high innate PDEF), Millard/Molrusso (Burst Heal), & Menno (Wind, Heal and Regen).

Buffers: Primrose might be put on permanent DPS duty, so you could probably bring Lynette for buffing. Hasumi can buff PDEF/EDEF of front row and regen SP.

Meena can grant Front row 15% PDEF Up.

Debuffers: Viola on permanent DMG debuff or AOE shield breaking duty; Kurtz and Millard can also debuff PATK.

Reward – 5-Star Glossom Dancer #

Glossom is a powerful physical damage buffer with 4-hit fan attacks. He’s very versatile – great at DPS, breaking, buffing/debuffing.

After your first clear of Glossom, you’ll want to fight him again and again via Memoirs. 

Every additional win gives you fragments. 

1 fragment can be redeemed for 24 Glossom guidestones, and 13 fragments can be exchanged for his exclusive accessory (+150 PATK, +50 Crit Rate).
Glossom’s Awaken 4 accessory provides +400HP, +60PATK, +40 Crit Rate. Boost Fan DMG by 15%. When HP is less than 75%, boost PATK/EATK by 15%.
Special thanks to the Game8 article for a lot of the information.
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