octopath traveler champions of the continent hayes review guide

The apothecary class is filled with strong Regen casters but lacks damage.

Axe DPS was a major issue until we got Gertrude, and later A2 and 2B. 

And now we have Hayes. He has really high damage and (the weakest) Regen in one package.

Tier List Overview of Hayes #

In my tier list of all units by roles, Hayes scores S in the PDPS category, dealing really good Axe damage.

He’s one of a handful of units that has a role in every category.

His front row regen makes him innately tanky.

Unique 15% Axe DMG to front row passive can be taken advantage of by our top axe DPSers.

And 4-hit axe with priority move combined with his 20% PDEF Down debuff passive when breaking is simply amazing.

Stats #

Hayes has the highest PATK and the 2nd highest EATK among Apothecaries.
Regen scales off of a unit’s displayed EATK + equipment and accessories, so Hayes’ Regen can heal a wee bit harder than Alfyn, Theo, and Lumis.

Unit Kit #


  1. Full HP: Front Row Axe DMG +15%
    • Only unit that can raise passive Axe DMG to allies
    • Useful for A2, 2B, and Gertrude
  2. When Hayes break an enemy, inflict 20% PDEF down and grant self 20% PATK up for 2 turns

Best Skills

  • 5* skill: 4-hit Axe to random foes, and act first.
    • Use this specifically to initiate break on enemy; also useful to break the 100K and 300K EXP Caits
  • 4* skill: Front Row HP Regen for 2 – 5 turns.
    • The potency is equivalent to every other 5* apothecary’s Front Row regen 
  • 5* skill: 1-hit Axe and 1-hit Fire nuke to single foe, dealing 50% more damage if enemy is bleeding
    • Can become one of the strongest firepower skill in the game but comes with hefty pre-reqs (enemy must be weak to fire and axe and bleeding)
  • 2* skill: 3-hit Axe to random foes, moderate chance to inflict bleed
    • Generally wouldn’t use this unless you have 1 or more units that can take advantage of bleed (Stead, Jillmeila)
  • 3* skill: Heal single ally and cure some status ailments
    • His only burst heal skill is single target

Generally you’ll want to pick:

  1. 4-hit axe to random target with priority
  2. front row regen
  3. 1-hit axe and fire nuke
  4. 3-hit axe to random targets with chance to bleed

Ultimate Skill

Awakening 4 Accessory

  • 70 PATK, 70 EATK
  • Axe DMG +15%
  • When breaking an enemy, high chance to inflict bleeding (turns: 3)

This is an B rank accessory that provides a large amount of PATK and EATK. It will help any apothecary Regen harder with the 70 EATK. The bleed passive cannot be relied upon.

Best Accessories #

  • Any 15% Axe if using as DPS
  • Any EATK accessory if using as Regen
  • Accessories that provide raw HP; F2P can use Adventurer’s Emblem for 200HP and 200HP regen per turn

Skill Damage Rankings #

I assume all units at A4, Lv 100, with Berserk IV weapons.

Unit passives are generally active unless otherwise specified.

Click here to view the full skill firepower table and an explanation of how it’s made.

Top 25 damaging skills

So this damage chart assumes the enemy is broken by Hayes so that his 20% PATK + 20% PDEF debuff passive is active.
Hayes has the potential to do the biggest nuke in the game, easily reaching 99,999 with set up. Unfortunately it is 1-hit only. 

Top 20 Axe skills

Axe DPS is looking real good now with Hayes being able to support A2, 2B and Gertrude.

Healers Compared #

Hayes is considered the weakest 5* regen healer in my books. He lacks regen turn duration, front row burst healing, and revive. 

Team Comps #

  • Support your A2, 2B, Gertrude
  • TherionGOD will work well debuffing enemy PDEF, shield shaving, and complimenting any physical attacking team
  • Lynette/Primrose/Glossom/Tithi multiple other units that buff PATK 
  • Viola/Falco/Glossom/Tithi for PDEF debuff
  • Alfyn with Pomegranate Panacea is a DPS’ BFF 
  • Find other companions via the Buff/Debuff finder tool
  • Another useful resource is the recruitable allies table for multi-hit shield shaving and attack buffs

End Game Content Usage #

  • Glossom Cup (Axe weakness)
  • Yunnie Cup (Axe)
  • Yan Long Cup (Sword)
  • Lv 100 NPC: Once-famous Actress (Axe)
  • Apothecary Job Tower

Should You Pull? #

He is a very versatile unit that can take on many roles.

Assuming 2.4k to pity… I would pull if you’re lacking a front row regen apothecary or Axe DPS.

I would seriously pull if you have A2/2B and/or plan to pull for Cecily/Eltrix/Nephti as they all lack axe dmg passives. 

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