Hunter Job Tower Guide

octopath traveler cotc hunter job tower guide

The Hunter Job Tower is a recurring Tower that resets every 4 weeks. 

All job towers open for 3 weeks, and close for 1 week. The job shop also opens for 4 weeks and resets with Tower.

Rewards (Fragments) earned from clearing job floors do not carry over after a reset; use it or lose it.

How to Unlock Job Tower #

You must clear at least Chapter 1 of Master of All. Then clear Kota’s quest to unlock the Tower in the Nameless Town.

Available Units #

Each job tower imposes a restriction that only permits units with certain jobs to participate.
At the time of writing, the following hunters are available for the Hunter Job Tower:
Available hunters

Enemy Overview #

There are 5 normal floors and 5 EX floors.

There is a single enemy on each floor and 3 enemies on the 5th floor. 

Enemy Weakness Cheat Sheet  #


The most common elements are Ice, Fire and Light.

You might be wondering why enemies have physical weaknesses other than Bow in this tower.

For some fun reason, we have a few hunters with multi-damage type skills.

  • Sword/Spear: Yunnie and H’aanit
  • Dagger: Z’aanta
  • Axe: Yunnie
  • Staff: NOBODY LOL!

Best Units #

This section will also cover the EX 4 floor enemy.

The Lizard enemy (Tryannodrake) increases it’s shield count by 8 after almost every break, so it’s important to defeat it with as few breaks as possible. 

12 -> 20 -> 28, capping at 28 shields. The lizard will charge it’s super attack after coming out of a break.

Once it reaches shield cap at 28, it’ll start using AoE blind and gives itself PATK/EATK Up and PDEF/EDEF down.

It has 702845 HP, 394 SPD, 112 PDEF and 30 EDEF.

  • It mainly uses physical attacks, so give every unit the latest physical defensive armor with the highest Grade.
  • Top Multi-hit Units: Z’aanta (5-hit), Scarecrow, Jillmeila (4-hit), H’aanit (3-5 hit), Yunnie, Kersjes, Lucetta, Bertrand, Vivan (3-hit).
  • Top DPS Units: Jillmeila if you can make the boss bleed, Kersjes, Z’aanta, and H’aanit.
  • Top Debuffing Units: Kersjes can inflict Bow Res down, Lucetta can inflict 15% PDEF down, Yunnie can inflict Paralysis/poison/blind.
    • None of the enemies in this Job Tower are immune to status ailments
  • Top Buffing Unit: Backpack Ashlan for 20% Crit DMG Up to front ally, good for Yunnie/H’aanit/Kersjes.
  • Only Healer: Camilla, can also inflict bleed to support Jillmeila.
Healing is a major issue, as we don’t have a strong Hunter healer or tank.

HP regen accessories are critical here.


EX 5 Floor Guide (Lv 100) #

Unlike Warrior Job Tower EX 5, you have no 15 turn limit for this stage.
  • Trial Great Hunter Stats: 882849 HP, 187 PDEF, 228 EDEF, 404 SPD
  • Hunter Mobs Stats: 28942 HP, 206 PDEF, 155 EDEF, 381 SPD
  • Hunter Mobs Part 2: 26942 HP, 206 PDEF, 125 EDEF, 363 SPD
  • Hunter Mobs Part 3: 14442 HP, 206 PDEF, 125 EDEF, 406 SPD
What’s extremely important to take note of is the enemy’s SPD. 
You’ll want as many units on your team to have SPD greater than 406. This helps you break the enemy without taking more damage.
The hunter boss has several powerful physical attacks and one fire attack. 
He can blind your units and randomly lock 3 of his weaknesses every turn. If blinded, you can use elemental attacks.
The hunter mobs can paralyze you. They’ll constantly revive on the next turn, so AoE skills are your friends. 
Your top recommended AoE DPS units:
  • Scarecrow: 4-hit
  • H’aanit: 3-5 hit 
  • Yunnie: 4-hit, Sword, Spear, Axe and Bow (Boss weak to 3 of these); 2-hit bow + 1-hit fire AoE
What makes this stage so difficult is the barrage of status ailments and infinite revival of the mobs. You may even need to bring blind/paralysis resist accessories for this fight.

Hunter Job Shop #

The amount of fragments you get from completing each floor: 
Lv1 – 100 
Lv 2 – 200 
Lv 3 – 300 
Lv 4 – 400 
Lv 5 – 500 
EX 1 – 600 
EX 2 – 700 
EX 3 – 800 
EX 4 – 900 
EX 5 – 3000
Total: 7500 fragments
Exchange List: 
5000 fragments – 30% Bow damage up accessory (once)
2500 fragments – Yunnie’s awakening orb (1 per reset) 
200 fragments – Lv 50 Bow that gives 30% EXP up (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – traveler seal (1 per reset) 
1000 fragments – gold hunter seal (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – silver hunter seal (3 per reset) 
800 fragments – one gold wisdom orb (3 per reset) 
40 fragments – one silver wisdom orb (no limit) 
20 fragments – one copper wisdom orb (no limit) 
10 fragments – 50k exp nut (no limit)
*New items will appear in the shop once we get Soul weapons.
Your highest priority item is going to be the 30% Bow Damage accessory, followed by Yunnie’s Awakening Orb.
30% Bow DMG > Yunnie Orb > Gold Hunter Seal > Traveler Seal > Gold Wisdom Nut > Everything Else
However, you can only purchase the 30% Hunter accessory if you clear EX 5. If you’re not able to, forget about the accessory and buy Yunnie’s awakening orb. 
You only need to clear up to EX 2 to have enough fragments for Yunnie’s orb.
No, you cannot convert Yunnie’s awakening orb into other character’s awakening orb.
Any unused fragments do not carry over to the next Tower reset. Use it or lose it.
With 3 job tower resets, you will have enough to A4 Yunnie.

Yunnie’s A4 Accessory #

60 PATK, 40 EATK, 40 CRIT
Bow DMG + 15%
When breaking an enemy, high chance to inflict paralysis.
This is a B tier accessory, as most of our best Bow units already have maxed out DMG passives. The paralysis is not guaranteed, and requires the holder to be the one breaking. 
Credit much of the information from the Game8 article.