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It seems like I say this every cup, but Largo is by far the hardest Arena cup to date.

Whereas the completion rate for Yan Long is around 50% for active players in JP, Largo’s at ~30%.

Largo has 53% more HP than Yan Long.

Weakness Cheat Sheet #

largo cup enemy weakness cheatsheet

largo stats

Bleed teams will be crying even harder because the Ads in this fight are almost all immune to it.

Full Largo Guide #

Credit Wigglytuff on the COTC Fan Discord.


  • Normally, PDEF and EDEF from armor is “almost” useless and armor grade is what matters. But Largo inflicts Poison and Bleed, which gets mitigated largely by your PDEF/EDEF.
  • Equip your best armor, Origin or higher.


  • Varies, but for nukers, you want Berserk IV for Phys DPS units that have above 3.5k health; Origin IV for everyone else. 

Largo’s Battle Mechanic

  • Can inflict Poison, Bleed, and Paralysis
  • Click here to view his action pattern
  • His speed is 374, and this remains unchanged until you reach wave 4 or when HP is below 25%.
    • Make sure your DPS have 375+ SPD. If using two healers, have one healer faster and one slower than Largo.
    • DO use King Chomper Vest (+38 Speed), as SPD is way more important than PDEF/EDEF
  • Information is a little unclear, but when
    • Largo hits 25% HP OR
    • One of his ads from Wave 4 dies
    • He enters Berserk mode where he acts 3 times per turn 
    • There’s some confusion with how this works if you skip Ad thresholds, but something to keep in mind (and avoid) 
  • Every so often, he’ll charge up his Ult, which is a Single Target Lightning Nuke that will probably kill you without some debuffs on him and some buffs on you

Largo’s Ads Mechanics

  • 4 different waves
    • Wave 1: start of the battle
    • Wave 2: summoned when Largo is at 85% HP
    • Wave 3: 65% HP
    • Wave 4: 45% HP
  • The ads more or less do the same thing as Largo: hit you and hit you hard
  • The bottom ad will cover Largo immediately the turn it’s summoned, preventing you from shaving shields on Largo.
    • However, Largo can still get hit by status moves (e.g. Anti Attack)
  • Cover doesn’t apply starting from the action after the bottom ad is broken. This means that it’ll still cover if the first hit of a multi hit AOE breaks it.
  • There might be a 1 turn gap between Largo coming out of break and summoning ad wave. I’d have to watch more videos of clears to be sure. 
  • Cardona taunting onto Ophilia using her Magic Attack dodge can cheese Largo’s Ult.
  • There’s some funny behavior with Largo simultaneously hitting below 25% and the threshold for Wave 4, but I’m not too sure.

How to deal with the Ads?

  • Funny quirk about Largo: if you skip an HP threshold, he’ll summon the wave for the skipped threshold at the start of a turn and then kill it at the end of the turn
  • So you can kind of choose which waves you want to deal with: 1 and 3, or 1, 2, and 4
  • 1 and 3 is the recommendation, as each wave has a shared weakness (Wave 1: Ice/Lightning, Wave 3: Wind) 

Approaches to this fight:

  • 1 break:
    • Kill Wave 1, shave Largo shields while getting him down to as close as 85% HP as possible, break, nuke him in 1 break – nuke cycle
    • Needs a ton of high powered units
  • 2 break:
    • Kill Wave 1, shave Largo shields while getting him down to as close to 85% HP as possible, break, nuke, nuke below 65% HP, Kill Wave 3, shave Largo shields down while getting him down to as close to 45% HP as possible, break, nuke, nuke the rest of his HP there
    • A lot more accessible
  • 3+ break
    • Hard to think of because it means you’re probably dealing with Wave 4 of ads, which is where the fight gets very difficult
    • We’ll try to come up with something for this once the fight comes out

Approaches to Teambuilding

  • Generally, you’ll want:
    • 3 nukers of a single damage type (Dagger/Ice/Bow) 
    • 4 nukers if you mix and match damage types
    • 1, preferably 2 Regen casters
    • 1 burst healer
    • 1 extendable Anti Attacker
    • Another Anti Attacker (extendable or not)
    • An offensive buffer
    • A defensive buffer
  • One unit can fill multiple roles at once! Ophilia can be a Regen caster, a burst healer, and a defensive buffer all in one

Top Units #

So you’ll want to have DPS from one damage type (Dagger, Ice or Bow) to maximize damage and reduce the amount of buff/debuff management.

For Ice teams, you absolutely need to have Cyrus, Sofia and Aslyte. Lianna is optional.

Dagger teams are quite flexible, several great options. Bow teams as well.

tier 1

Global Video Guides #

I wanted to share some resources by our amazing COTC EN Content creators.

This one by Dreamt is really well made and goes in-depth into the enemy’s turn-by-turn action.