Wrath was renamed in the global version of Octopath Traveler: COTC to “Lars“. 

During the Tavern Talk on Twitch, the reason given was that his new name fits his persona and character story better.

Regardless, he is a much anticipated unit and let’s see why he’s still considered meta in JP.

Tier List Overview of Lars #

In my tier list of all units by roles, Lars is given the highest score in the Physical damage category. His single target, random target, and AOE sword skills are so strong that he deserves this rank. 

He also scores highly as a Breaker for being the only other unit (Z’aanta) with a 5-hit non-boosted skill.

His wind attacks are quite average.

Stats #

Lars currently has the 3rd highest physical attack stat, only behind Olberic and Kersjes.
This allows him to deal some crazy amounts of damage, as shown in the skill damage rankings below.

Unit Kit #


  1. Self 15% Sword Damage Up, 15% Damage Up when dealing Critical Hits.
    • Permanent sword dmg up with a conditional 15% if he crits.
    • Give him Ma Dan Sword (IV) both in and outside of Arena for the crit bonus.
    • You can also give him Ballen Vest +15% Crit for 3 turns.
  2. When using Boost MAX, that action gains [Priority].
    • Replaces Heathcote’s role in securing a Cait kill.
    • Break an enemy with 5 shields or less immediately.
    • Especially powerful if you do this when you have 5 BP and his BP+1 skill is active.

Best Skills

  • 5* skill: 5-hit random target sword has a max potency of 5×100 (500).
    • God tier boss shield breaker.
    • Is basically the 3rd hardest hitting non-ultimate skill in the game (after Therion and Olberic).
  • 5* skill: 3-hit Sword to all targets.
    • This is the strongest Physical AOE skill in the game, and stronger than the 2nd strongest Sword AOE by ~24% (Fiore’s).
  • 4* skill: 3-hit Wind to random targets, inflict 15% Wind res debuff per hit.
    • This will stack lovely with Odette/Noelle/Harley/Menno skills to reach 30% debuff for a plethora of turns.
  • 3* skill: Self BP Regen (1 BP/turn) for (3-6 turns at Lv 88), based on Boost.
    • Use this skill when you have 5 BP to max boost twice in a row.
  • 2* skill: a 1-hit sword nuke that is actually his 2nd hardest hitting skill (and far lower SP cost).

Ultimate Skill

  • 1-hit single target sword nuke that can inflict 10% PDEF down.
    • Can stack with Billy’s ult to increase debuff potency and duration.
    • Prioritize Awakening 1 over Lv 10 Ultimate. Then make a decision: either Lv 10 ult at A1, or Lv 10 ult at A4 for that beautiful accessory (60 patk, 40 spd, 40 crit, 15% Sword/Wind dmg up).

Skill Damage Rankings #

I assumed all units A4, Lv 100, with Ma Dan IV weapons.

Unit passives are generally active unless otherwise specified.

These numbers and ranking will change slightly based on weapon (Atlas IV / Adamant IV) but I won’t be showing these in this post.

Click here to view the full skill firepower table and an explanation of how it’s made.

Top 20 AOE damaging skillsr/OctopathCotC - Review of Lars (Wrath) - Meow's unit review
Lars has the highest physical AOE skill currently. Disclaimer: Elemental damage will be even higher with Atlas IV.

Top 20 damaging skill in the gamer/OctopathCotC - Review of Lars (Wrath) - Meow's unit review
Lars has the 3rd highest non-conditional + non-ult max boost skill.

Top 20 Sword skills
r/OctopathCotC - Review of Lars (Wrath) - Meow's unit review
Lars is 2nd after Olberic, but is the best sword breaker by far.
Top 20 Wind skills
r/OctopathCotC - Review of Lars (Wrath) - Meow's unit review
Lars is fairly average. Great wind debuff synergy with Odette though.

Team Comps #

  • Sigrid for that sword dmg res debuff passive
  • Lynette/Primrose/Glossom for 20% PATK
  • Viola/Falco for PDEF debuffs
  • Tahir/Wingate as backpack so you don’t need to rely on Crits
  • Odette/Scarecrow/Tikilen/Menno/Noelle in Wind teams
  • Olberic/Fiore/Kouren/Lionel in Sword teams
  • Find other companions via the Buff/Debuff finder tool
  • Another useful resource is the recruitable allies table for multi-hit shield shaving

End Game Content Usage #

  • Yan Long Cup (Sword weakness)
  • Glossom Cup (the two adds are weak to Sword and Wind)
  • Varkyn Cup (Sword)
  • Yunnie Cup (Sword)
  • Muttering Codger (Wind), Taciturn Housewife (Sword), Adventurer (Sword)
  • The cup after Yan Long (spoiler)

Should You Pull? #

Solid yes if you don’t have any strong sword unit (Olberic/Kouren/Fiore/Edea).

Moderate yes if you have Odette, to compliment wind teams.

Yes if you need help to clear all the cups mentioned above.

No if you think Therion is the one true damage god and will wait to pull for Falco next week.

No if you’re waiting for A2 (Nier), who is a stronger Sword/Axe/Dagger DPS during Berserk mode.

If you do pull, F2P should aim for A1. Lars is a major DPS unit and will benefit from higher base stats.

3k free rubies to pity him at 5*. You have a 70.1% chance to pull at least another copy of him in 100 pulls.

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