Arguably the most popular unit and reroll target in global is Lynette, our gigachad party-wide buffer with insane utility that can fit in any team comp.

Let’s look at how to best take advantage of Lynette and who she works well with.

Tier List Overview of Lynette #

In my role-based tier list of all units, I evaluated every unit (ran some benchmark tests) and gave her the highest possible ranking as a buffer.

High Weighted Average Stats #

Out of all units in Global, has the 7th highest average stats across the board. 

Because Fan weapons (also daggers) come with the SPD substat, she can be the first to act on your team. 

This allows her to buff allies, debuff, or shave enemy shields with Fire AOE skills.

Best Skills #

Via the skill lookup table, the skill that makes Lynette the it girl is her 3★ Skill that buffs front row for 20% PATK and EATK for 2 turns. This is the highest front row buff that covers both types of damage.

Her 1★ passive, and both 5★ skills further solidify her status as a future-proof unit.

Buffs/debuffs in this game stack additively, up to a limit of 30%. 

She can buff 20% +10% to front row by herself with 1 skill and switching. (Her passive and her skill are considered different buff sources, so they have separate 30% caps, making her buffing potential even greater).

By switching rows, she can elongate the duration and increase the potency of other unit’s PATK/EATK passives. 

This has an immediate benefit for Fiore, who’s 20% PATK passive for 3 turns becomes 30% PATK for as long as you keep switching Lynette’s.

Units equipped with Kota’s Glove (30% PATK passive for 3 turns) can have extra long turn duration for as long as Lynette switches row.

Give Lynette the Brave Fan (Lv 50) to increase all her buffs by 1 turn. This is a game changer and another reason why Lynette is used so much in JP. Kota the blacksmith in nameless town can craft the Fan for you as you proceed through the Bravely Default collab story.

If you pair her up with a fast ally on your team and put Lynette in the back row, you can switch and use her front row buff to get 30% PATK/EATK on the very first turn of combat.

Job Points Priority #

You’ll want to prioritize unlocking her 1★ passive and  3★ Skill ASAP, taking the shortest route to get there.

Avoid spending points into raw stats until you’ve unlocked that 3★ party buff skill.

Personally, I was able to unlock her main party buff skill by Lv 25.

Afterwards, you can spend points into unlocking her other battle skills, or into key stats like Elemental Attack, SP, and Speed.

Team Comps #

As a support damage dealer, her role would be to buff up your main DPS like Therion, A2, Lars, Olberic, or whomever you decided to build. The options are endless.

Since healing in this game scales off of EATK, Lynette buffing EATK directly buffs heal (but not regen).

You could also use Lynette as your main fire and fan damager dealer, although this is not optimal in the long run.

Lucette or Mabel’s passive can extend the duration of Lynette’s ATK buffs.

Laura’s passive inflicts 15% EDEF down to all foes for 3 turns.

Sample Team 1: PDPS 

  • Front Row: Fiore, Lynette, Healer, Whoever
  • Back Row: Sigrid (for sword res debuff), Camilla/Merritt/Ramona (for regen), Lucetta or Mabel (extends duration of front or back row buffs)

Sample Team 2: EDPS

  • Front Row: Sofia, Lynette, Healer, Whoever
  • Back Row: Asylte to pair with Sofia, Camilla/Merritt/Ramona, Lucetta or Mabel

Ultimate Skill #

Absolutely save an awakening shard to level up Lynette’s ultimate to 10.

Her ultimate is arguably the strongest, most versatile buff in the game.

Buffs from ultimates are considered another different buffing source, so they have a different 30% buff cap. They stack multiplicatively with other buffing sources, like her 3★ Skill or switch row passive.

Prioritize her Ult Lv 10 over any awakening.