Middlesea: En Route to Orsa

Middlesea world map

Yellow/red/blue dots are path action NPCS.

Purple dots are collection points.

middlesea off rippletide

Normal enemies: Birdian, Sailfish, Anemone, Crab.

Normal enemies inside caves (Lonely Isle: Off Rippletide): Birdian, Conch, Crab, Whale.

Elite Enemy: Mighty Killer Conch. Weakness: Sword, Axe, Tome, Lightning, Wind.

Elite Enemy: Menacing Treasure Bones. Weakness: Spear, Axe, Tome, Ice, Light.

middlesea off the isle of orsa

Normal enemies: Birdian, Sailfish.

Normal enemies inside caves (Lonely Isle: Off the Isle of Orsa): Birdian, Conch, Anemone, Whale.

Elite Enemy: Menacing Crested Portly Penguin. Weakness: Bow, Fan, Lightning, Wind.

Elite Enemy: Mighty Sea Anemone. Weakness: Sword, Bow, Staff, Fire, Ice.

Credit /u/Nypholis for annotations.

Isle of the Cats has Coy Chubby Cait.

Isle of the cats

Farming Berserk weapon series materials, credit Gramps:

farming middlesea

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