Scholar Job Tower Guide

octopath traveler cotc scholar job tower guide

The Scholar Job Tower is a recurring Tower that resets every 4 weeks. 

All job towers open for 3 weeks, and close for 1 week. The job shop also opens for 4 weeks and resets with Tower.

Rewards (Fragments) earned from clearing job floors do not carry over after a reset; use it or lose it.

How to Unlock Job Tower #

You must clear at least Chapter 1 of Master of All. Then clear Kota’s quest to unlock the Tower in the Nameless Town.

Available Units #

Each job tower imposes a restriction that only permits units with certain jobs to participate.
At the time of writing, the following units are available for the Scholar Job Tower:

Enemy Overview #

There are 5 normal floors and 5 EX floors.

There is a single enemy on each floor and 3 enemies on the 4th floor. 

Enemy Weakness Cheat Sheet  #

Cheat Sheet

The most common and important elements are Fire, Ice, Wind and Light.

Best Units #

This section will cover the EX 4 floor enemy, as during the time of writing, there is an official event from COTC SQEX that offers up to 300 gems for video recording your EX 4 clear.

The three enemies are fairly easy for veteran players. Take out the lightning enemy (left most enemy) as it can debuff or paralyze your party. 

All three enemies are weak to Wind, so your best AoE Wind DPS will reign supreme. Odette is BIS; Cyrus, Sofia, and Noelle with their AOE spells can clear up the field in no time.

EX 5 Floor Guide (Lv 100) #

Unlike Warrior Job Tower EX 5, there is no 15 turns limit for this stage.
  • Trial Great Scholar Stats: 1038981HP, 127 PDEF, 178 EDEF, 304 SPD
You’ll want as many units on your team to have SPD greater than 304 to avoid his RNG silence/ailments. 
The scholar boss starts the battle by cutting all allies’ SP in half. This is unavoidable.
He can inflict weakness on allies, doubling SP consumption.
During his second half (after being broken), he’ll deal damage to your SP. He’ll also counter attack you if he’s hit by an elemental weakness (but not Tome), which reduces ally BP by 2.
You see the trend here. SP recovery is mission critical.
Key Tips
  • Load your team with Dragon Scarves and any other accessory that can recover SP.
  • Use multi-hit tome skills or boosted normal attacks to shave his shield during his 2nd half to avoid his counter attacks.
  • It’s best to break him just before he unleashes his ultimate attack (every 3 turns).
  • Elvis is the only scholar we have access to right now that can heal your team. Bring him.
  • Alternatively, global has access to several HP regen accessories and those take priority over most DPS accessories.
Since the boss has two phases with two sets of weaknesses, you’ll want to bring a variety of units.
Boss weaknesses
  • Cyrus/Odette: Hits weaknesses in both phases
  • Molu/Noelle: Phase 1
  • Sofia/Elvis/Therese/Varkyn: Phase 2

Scholar Job Shop #

The amount of fragments you get from completing each floor: 
Lv1 – 100 
Lv 2 – 200 
Lv 3 – 300 
Lv 4 – 400 
Lv 5 – 500 
EX 1 – 600 
EX 2 – 700 
EX 3 – 800 
EX 4 – 900 
EX 5 – 3000
Total: 7500 fragments
Exchange List: 
5000 fragments – 30% Tome damage up accessory (once)
2500 fragments – Varkyn’s awakening orb (1 per reset) 
200 fragments – Lv 50 Tome that gives 30% EXP up (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – traveler seal (1 per reset) 
1000 fragments – gold scholar seal (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – silver scholar seal (3 per reset) 
800 fragments – one gold wisdom orb (3 per reset) 
40 fragments – one silver wisdom orb (no limit) 
20 fragments – one copper wisdom orb (no limit) 
10 fragments – 50k exp nut (no limit)
*New items will appear in the shop once we get Soul weapons.
Your highest priority item is going to be the 30% Tome Damage accessory, followed by Varkyn’s Awakening Orb.
30% Tome DMG > Varkyn Orb > Gold Scholar Seal > Traveler Seal > Gold Wisdom Nut > Everything Else
However, you can only purchase the 30% Scholar accessory if you clear EX 5. If you’re not able to, forget about the accessory and buy Varkyn’s awakening orb. 
You only need to clear up to EX 2 to have enough fragments for Varkyn’s orb.
No, you cannot convert Varkyn’s awakening orb into other character’s awakening orb.
Any unused fragments do not carry over to the next Tower reset. Use it or lose it.
With 3 job tower resets, you will have enough to A4 Varkyn.

Varkyn’s A4 Accessory #

60 EATK, 40 EDEF, 60 SPD
Start of battle: Lower EDEF of all enemies by 15% for 6 turns.
This is an incredible accessory. Huge amount of speed, decent amount of EATK and the unique passive of debuffing all enemie’s EDEF for 6 turns. This makes grinding mobs for materials easier/faster.
Credit much of the information from the Game8 article.