Skill Firepower “Damage” Rankings

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by Meow

Using what I know about the damage formula, I’ve compiled a massive spreadsheet to calculate the “firepower” of all unit skills.

Firepower is now the actual damage in game (for Arena only).

Notes on Firepower Calculations (My controls) #

  • Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out the probability of Crit, nor how weapon grade affects damage.
  • Skills used at max boost and potency.
  • All units are equipped with their appropriate Origin Weapon (IV).
  • All units A4, Max Level.
  • No accessories are equipped, except arena units have their arena exclusive accessories equipped.
  • Unit passive 1 and passive 2 are considered for applicable skills, and applicable conditional passives are always “active” (E.g 30% Bleed damage passive is assumed active for all skills, but 20% EATK passive is only active for elemental skills).
  • Buffs/Debuffs from skills are not considered in the calculation, therefore this is a standalone unit Firepower ranking.
  • I use 128 DEF in my calculations (Lv 100 NPCs have ~200 DEF, Arena Bosses have ~128DEF).
    • The firepower rankings shift slightly based on the DEF. You can make a copy of my spreadsheet, to play around with it.
  • The final damage calculates damage inside Arena, as it does not consider weapon grade.
NameSkill DescriptionTypeTargetHit(s)Max Boost PotencyDamage in ArenaDamage in Arena w/ WeaknessDamage in Arena w/ Weakness and Break
A21-hit Axe to single target (berserk mode)AxeST29005,27626,38052,760
A21-hit Dagger to single target + Pdef Down (berserk mode)DaggerST28004,69023,44946,898
A21-hit Sword to single target + Speed Down (berserk mode)SwordST28004,69023,44946,898
2BUltimate: 1-hit Sword to single target, Guarantee CritSwordST16004,60823,03846,076
AlfynUltimate: 1-hit Axe to single target, up to x2 if at <10%HP (Low HP)AxeST112004,36421,81843,637
A23-hit Dagger to single target (berserk mode)DaggerST67204,22121,10442,208
A23-hit Axe to single target (berserk mode)AxeST67204,22121,10442,208
A23-hit Sword to single target (berserk mode)SwordST67204,22121,10442,208
CyrusUltimate: 3-hit Fire, Ice, and Lgtning to all targetMixed-EAoE36754,19320,96641,933
JillmeilaUltimate: 1-hit Bow to single target + 1.2x potency if bleeding (Active)BowST17203,84519,22738,454
OlbericUltimate: 1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST16003,68618,43136,861
FioreUltimate: 1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST16003,65518,27736,554
2B1-hit Sword to single target + Max Boost Guarantee CritSwordST14503,45617,27934,557
2B1-hit Axe to single target + Max Boost Guarantee CritAxeST14503,45617,27934,557
OdetteUltimate: 1-hit Wind to single targetWindST16003,43817,19234,383
Alfyn1-hit Axe to single target, up to x2 if at <10%HP (Low HP)AxeST19003,27316,36432,728
W'ludai1-hit Spear to single target, Self Heal + 1-hit Spear to all target at start of turnSpearST, AoE25803,23016,15032,299
JillmeilaUltimate: 1-hit Bow to single target + 1.2x potency if bleedingBowST16003,20516,02332,045
Therion1-hit Dagger to single target + Chance to Paralyze (x2)DaggerST29003,14715,73431,469
W'ludaiUltimate: 8-hit Spear to random targetSpearRT85603,11915,59331,186
Olberic1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST15003,07215,35930,718
LarsUltimate: 1-hit Sword, gain priority + Pdef DownSwordST15253,05415,27130,543
A22-hit Dagger to all target + Shield Shave (berserk mode)DaggerAoE45203,04815,24230,484
W'ludai2-hit Spear to single target + 1-hit Spear to all target at start of turnSpearST, AoE35403,00715,03630,072
W'ludai4-hit Spear to single target + 1-hit Spear to all target at start of turnSpearST, AoE55403,00715,03630,072
W'ludai1-hit Spear to single target, Priority next turn + 1-hit Spear to all target at start of turnSpearST, AoE25302,95214,75829,515
Gertrude1-hit Axe to single target + Guarantee CritAxeST14002,94114,70429,408
Therion3-hit Dagger on single target (x2)DaggerST68402,93714,68529,371
Lars5-hit Sword to random targetSwordRT55002,90914,54429,088
TressaUltimate: 4-hit Sword, Dagger, Axe and Light to random targetMixed-PRT47602,89814,49128,981
Jillmeila1-hit Bow to single target + 1.2x potency if bleeding (Active)BowST15402,88414,42028,841
Adelle1-hit Dagger to single target + Max Boost Guarantee CritDaggerST14502,77313,86527,729
W'ludaiUltimate: 7-hit Spear to random targetSpearRT74902,72913,64427,287
ScarecrowUltimate: 1-hit Bow to all target + guarantee critBowAoE14502,71113,55427,109
Falco1-hit Dagger to single target + 1.5x potency if break (Active)DaggerST16752,69713,48726,974
W'ludai1-hit Spear to all target + 1-hit Spear to all target at start of turnSpearAoE24802,67313,36526,731
Kersjes1-hit Bow to single targetBowST15002,63213,16226,324
Molu1-hit Fire to single targetFireST14502,62713,13526,271
Lars1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST14502,61813,09026,180
Z'aanta5-hit Bow to random targetBowRT55002,60913,04626,092
Olberic3-5-hit Spear to random target (5 hit)SpearRT55502,59912,99625,992
DorotheaUltimate: 1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST16002,57912,89425,788
Odette1-hit Light to single targetLightST14502,57912,89425,787
Odette1-hit Wind to single targetWindST14502,57912,89425,787
Varkyn3-hit Light to single targetLightST33602,56912,84425,688
H'aanitUltimate: 3-hit Sword, Spear, Bow to all targetMixed-PAoE36502,51812,59225,185
Therion2-hit Dagger to single target + Shield Shave (x2)DaggerST47202,51712,58725,175
Therion2-hit Dagger to single target + Restore SP (x2)DaggerST47202,51712,58725,175
Varkyn1-hit Light on single targetLightST13502,49712,48724,974
Cyrus1-hit Fire to single targetFireST14002,48512,42424,849
Cyrus1-hit Ice to single targetIceST14002,48512,42424,849
Cyrus1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST14002,48512,42424,849
Gertrude3-hit Axe to random targetAxeRT34202,47012,35124,702
Olberic1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST14002,45712,28724,574
W'ludai1-hit Spear to all target, Chance to Blind + 1-hit Spear to all target at start of turnSpearAoE14402,45012,25224,503
Therion1-hit Dagger to single target + Shield Shave (x2)DaggerST27002,44812,23824,476
Fiore1-hit Sword to single target + Pdef DownSwordST14002,43712,18524,369
Cyrus3-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE33902,42312,11424,228
Cyrus3-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE33902,42312,11424,228
Cyrus3-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE33902,42312,11424,228
Jillmeila1-hit Bow to single target + 1.2x potency if bleedingBowST14502,40312,01724,034
SofiaUltimate: 1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE14502,38911,94723,894
Ri'tu1-hit Dagger to single target + Prevent Recover BP for 3 turnsDaggerST15002,38811,93923,878
Ri'tu2-5-hit Dagger to random target + Shave Shield (5 hit)DaggerRT55002,38811,93923,878
Ri'tu1-hit Dagger to single target + Power Doubled if 10+ Shield (Active)DaggerST15002,38811,93911,939
Gertrude1-hit Axe to single target + Speed DownAxeST14002,35311,76323,526
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target, 1.2x potency if move before enemy (Active)SwordST16002,34911,74423,488
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target + Power doubled if +10 Shield (Active)SwordST16002,34911,74411,744
Therese2-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST23602,34211,70923,418
W'ludaiUltimate: 6-hit Spear to random targetSpearRT64202,33911,69523,389
A2Ultimate: 1-hit Dagger to single target + Pdef DownDaggerST15252,32711,63623,272
PrimroseUltimate: 2-hit Dark to single target + BP recovery to front rowDarkST25002,32111,60323,205
Stead1-hit Dark to single target (bleed active)DarkST14502,27811,39222,783
Yan Long1-hit Staff to single targetStaffST15002,27711,38522,770
Yan Longn-hit Staff to random target + Pdef DownStaffRTn5002,27711,38522,770
Molu3-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE33902,27711,38422,768
Therese1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13502,27711,38422,767
Lars3-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE33902,26911,34522,689
Sofia3-hit Ice to single targetIceST34202,23011,15122,301
W'ludai1-hit Spear to single target, Self HealSpearST14002,22811,13822,276
Fiore3-hit Sword to single targetSwordST33602,19310,96621,932
AlfynUltimate: 1-hit Axe to single target, up to x2 if at <10%HPAxeST16002,18210,90921,818
Elvis1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST14502,16510,82621,651
Dorothea1-hit Spear to single target + Chance to Lose 20% of Max HPSpearST15002,14910,74521,490
Varkyn1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE13002,14110,70321,407
Varkyn3-hit Light to random target + Light Res DownLightRT33002,14110,70321,407
Fiore1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST13502,13210,66221,323
Sofia1-hit Ice to single targetIceST14002,12410,62021,239
Kersjes1-hit Bow to single targetBowST14002,10610,52921,059
Kersjes1-hit Bow to single target + Patk UpBowST14002,10610,52921,059
FalcoUltimate: 1-hit Dagger + boost dagger dmg of front rowDaggerST15252,09810,49020,980
Therion2-hit Dagger to single target + Restore HP (x2)DaggerST46002,09810,49020,979
Lars3-hit Sword to single targetSwordST33602,09410,47220,944
Z'aanta1-hit Bow to single targetBowST14002,08710,43720,873
Olberic3-5-hit Spear to random target (4 hit)SpearRT44402,07910,39720,793
Gertrude1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST13502,05910,29320,585
Molu1-hit Fire to single target + Patk DownFireST13502,04310,21620,433
Kouren4-hit Sword to random targetSwordRT45202,03610,17820,356
Edea2-hit Sword to single target + Pdef UpSwordST24202,01210,06120,123
Edea3-hit Sword to single targetSwordST34202,01210,06120,123
Odette1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13502,00610,02820,057
W'ludai2-hit Spear to single targetSpearST23602,00510,02420,048
W'ludai4-hit Spear to single targetSpearST43602,00510,02420,048
A21-hit Axe to single targetAxeST14501,9959,97419,947
Cecily3-hit Axe to all target (upgraded version)AxeAoE34351,9919,95319,906
Adelle1-hit Dagger to single target + Chance to PoisonDaggerST14001,9729,85919,719
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target, 1.2x potency if move before enemySwordST15001,9579,78719,573
Therese1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE13001,9519,75719,515
Therese3-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE33001,9519,75719,515
W'ludaiUltimate: 5-hit Spear to random targetSpearRT53501,9499,74619,491
W'ludai1-hit Spear to single target, Priority next turnSpearST13501,9499,74619,491
H'aanit1-hit Bow to single target + Guarantee CritBowST14001,9379,68719,373
Dorothea1-hit Spear to single target + Chance to Lose 15% Max HPSpearST14501,9349,67019,341
Yunnie1-hit Bow to single target. 1.2x power if enemy paralyzed (Active)BowST14201,9279,63719,273
Jillmeila2-hit Bow to single targetBowST23601,9239,61419,227
Edea1-hit Sword to single target + Self HealSwordST14001,9169,58219,165
Sofia2-hit Ice to single targetIceST23601,9129,55819,115
Ri'tu2-5-hit Dagger to random target + Shave Shield (4 hit)DaggerRT44001,9109,55119,102
Z'aanta2-hit Bow to single targetBowST23601,8799,39318,786
Z'aanta3-hit Bow to random targetBowRT33601,8799,39318,786
Therion1-hit Fire to single target + Patk Down (x2)FireST27001,8729,36118,721
Jillmeila1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to BleedBowST13501,8699,34718,693
Sofia1-hit Ice to single targetIceST13501,8589,29218,584
Varkyn1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12601,8559,27618,552
Kersjes1-hit Bow to single target + Patk UpBowST13501,8439,21318,426
Kersjes1-hit Bow to single target + Bow Res DownBowST13501,8439,21318,426
Jillmeila3-hit Bow to all target + Chance to BleedBowAoE33451,8439,21318,426
TherionUltimate: 1-hit Dagger to single target + recover BPDaggerST15251,8369,17818,357
Cecily1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST14001,8309,15218,304
Cecily1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST14001,8309,15218,304
Cecily1-hit Tome to single targetTomeST14001,8309,15218,304
Fiore2-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE23001,8289,13818,277
Stead2-hit Dark to single target (bleed active)DarkST23601,8239,11318,227
Falco1-hit Dagger to single target + 1.5x potency if breakDaggerST14501,7988,99117,983
ViolaUltimate: 1-hit Dagger to single target + Patk and Eatk downDaggerST15251,7988,98917,978
Cecily3-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE33901,7858,92317,846
Cecily3-hit Tome to all targetTomeAoE33901,7858,92317,846
Hasumi3-hit Light to single targetLightST34201,7788,89117,782
Lionel2-hit Sword to single target + Self Pdef UpSwordST24201,7778,88517,769
Adelle2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST23601,7758,87317,747
Adelle3-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST33601,7758,87317,747
A21-hit Dagger to single target + Pdef DownDaggerST14001,7738,86517,731
A21-hit Sword to single target + Speed DownSwordST14001,7738,86517,731
Stead1-hit Dark to single target + Chance to Bleed (bleed active)DarkST13501,7728,86017,720
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target, 1.2x potency if move before enemySwordST14501,7628,80817,616
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target + Restore BP (Power UP)SwordST14501,7628,80817,616
Agnes1-hit Light to single targetLightST14501,7538,76317,526
Molu2-hit Fire to single targetFireST23001,7518,75717,514
Molu3-hit Fire to random target + Fire Res DownFireRT33001,7518,75717,514
H'aanit3-5-hit Bow to random target (5 hit)BowRT54501,7448,71817,436
Lynette3-hit Fire to random targetFireRT33601,7418,70717,414
Scarecrow2-hit Bow to single targetBowST23601,7358,67517,350
Adelle1-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST13501,7258,62717,254
Adelle1-hit Dagger to single target + Chance to PoisonDaggerST13501,7258,62717,254
Edea2-hit Sword to single targetSwordST23601,7258,62417,248
Tikilen4-hit Wind to random targetWindRT44201,7228,60917,218
Dorothea1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST14001,7198,59617,192
Odette3-hit Light to random target + Light Res DownLightRT33001,7198,59617,192
Odette3-hit Wind to random target + Wind Res DownWindRT33001,7198,59617,192
2B3-hit Sword to single targetSwordST33601,7018,50617,013
2B3-hit Axe to single targetAxeST33601,7018,50617,013
H'aanit1-hit Bow to single target + Guarantee CritBowST13501,6958,47616,951
Lynette1-hit Fire to single targetFireST13501,6938,46516,930
Lionel1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST14001,6928,46216,923
Therese1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE12601,6918,45616,913
Therese2-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE22601,6918,45616,913
Scarecrow1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to BleedBowST13501,6878,43416,868
Elvis1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13501,6848,42016,840
Primrose3-hit Dark to random target + Dark Res DownDarkRT33601,6718,35416,708
W'ludai1-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE13001,6718,35316,707
Heathcote1-hit Dagger to single target + Act EarlyDaggerST14501,6608,30016,600
Olberic1-hit Spear to single target + Priority on next turnSpearST13501,6548,27016,540
Yunnie3-hit Bow to random targetBowRT33601,6528,26016,520
Tikilen1-hit Wind to single targetWindST14001,6408,19916,398
Yan Long2-hit Staff to single targetStaffST23601,6398,19716,394
Yan Long4-hit Staff to random targetStaffRT43601,6398,19716,394
Alfyn1-hit Axe to single target, up to x2 if at <10%HPAxeST14501,6368,18216,364
Primrose1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST13501,6248,12216,244
Yunnie1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to PoisonBowST13501,6068,03116,061
Yunnie1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to BlindBowST13501,6068,03116,061
Yunnie1-hit Bow to single target. 1.2x power if enemy paralyzedBowST13501,6068,03116,061
Yunnie1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to Blind, Poison, and ParalyzeBowST13501,6068,03116,061
Therion2-hit Fire to all target + Shield Shave (x2)FireAoE46001,6058,02316,047
Tressa3-hit Spear to single target + Act EarlySpearST34201,6028,00816,016
Falco1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST14001,5987,99215,985
Olberic1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12601,5977,98715,973
Lynette2-hit Fire to all target + Fire Res DownFireAoE23301,5967,98115,963
A23-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST33601,5967,97915,958
A23-hit Axe to single targetAxeST33601,5967,97915,958
A23-hit Sword to single targetSwordST33601,5967,97915,958
Sofia1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE13001,5937,96515,930
Sofia2-hit Ice to random target + Ice Res DownIceRT23001,5937,96515,930
Sofia3-hit Ice to random target + Ice Res DownIceRT33001,5937,96515,930
Fiore1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12601,5847,92015,840
Kersjes1-hit Bow to single target + Bow Res DownBowST13001,5797,89715,794
Primrose2-hit Dark to all target + Defense DownDarkAoE23401,5787,89015,779
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target + Restore BPSwordST14001,5667,82915,659
Kouren4-hit Sword to random targetSwordRT44001,5667,82915,659
Z'aanta2-hit Dagger to single target (Hägen)DaggerST23901,5667,82815,655
Olberic3-5-hit Spear to random target (3 hit)SpearRT33301,5607,79815,595
H'aanit3-5-hit Bow to all target (5 hit)BowAoE54001,5507,74915,498
Dorothea2-hit Spear to single targetSpearST23601,5477,73615,473
Dorothea3-hit Spear to single targetSpearST33601,5477,73615,473
Gertrude1-hit Axe to all target + Self HealAxeAoE12601,5297,64615,292
Lionel2-hit Sword to single target + Self Pdef UpSwordST23601,5237,61515,231
Lars1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12601,5137,56315,126
H'aanit1-hit Spear to single target (Linde)SpearST13901,5117,55515,111
Ophilia1-hit Light to single targetLightST14001,4977,48414,968
9SUltimate: 1-hit Lgtning to single target + Patk and Pdef Down + Shield shave + Reveal weaknessLgtningST15251,4927,46014,920
Odette2-hit Light to all targetLightAoE22601,4907,45014,899
Odette2-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE22601,4907,45014,899
Hasumi1-hit Light to single targetLightST13501,4827,40914,818
Lionel1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST13501,4817,40414,808
Tikilen3-hit Wind to random targetWindRT33601,4767,37914,758
Yunnie2-hit Bow to all target (Bow+Fire)BowAoE23201,4687,34214,685
W'ludai1-hit Spear to all target, Chance to BlindSpearAoE12601,4487,24014,479
Elvis1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE13001,4437,21714,434
Lionel1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE13401,4387,19214,385
Tikilen1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13501,4357,17414,348
Eliza1-hit Sword to single target (Sword+Light)SwordST12601,4347,16914,339
Ri'tu2-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST23001,4337,16314,327
Ri'tu2-5-hit Dagger to random target + Shave Shield (3 hit)DaggerRT33001,4337,16314,327
Cardona3-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE33901,4287,14114,282
Kouren2-hit Sword to single targetSwordST23601,4097,04614,093
Agnes2-hit Wind to single targetWindST23601,4027,01014,021
Falco1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST13501,3996,99313,987
Falco1-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST13501,3996,99313,987
Falco1-hit Dagger to single target + Patk Down + Patk UpDaggerST13501,3996,99313,987
H'aanit3-5-hit Bow to random target (4 hit)BowRT43601,3956,97413,949
Primrose1-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE13001,3926,96213,923
Jillmeila2-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE22601,3896,94313,886
Sofia1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12601,3816,90313,806
Edean-hit Light to random target based on BoostLightRTn6001,3806,89913,799
Tressa3-hit Spear to single targetSpearST33601,3736,86413,728
Soleil3-hit Axe to single targetAxeST34201,3686,83813,676
Lumis4-hit Axe to random targetAxeRT44001,3676,83413,667
Yan Long1-hit Staff to all targetStaffAoE13001,3666,83113,662
Jillmeila4-hit Dark to random targetDarkRT44401,3526,75813,516
Scarecrow4-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE42801,3496,74713,494
Gilderoy1-hit Spear to single target + Self HealSpearST14001,3476,73613,472
Ophilia2-hit Light to single targetLightST23601,3476,73613,471
Ophilia4-hit Light to random targetLightRT43601,3476,73613,471
Lianna3-hit Ice to all target + Attack DownIceAoE33901,3446,71813,436
Heathcote2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST23601,3286,64013,280
Heathcote3-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST33601,3286,64013,280
Harley4-hit Wind to single targetWindST43601,3196,59313,186
Cardona2-hit Spear to random targetSpearRT23601,3186,59213,184
Eliza1-hit Light to single target + Matk UpLightST14501,3186,59213,183
H'aanit1-hit Bow to all target (Power UP)BowAoE13401,3176,58713,174
Alfyn4-hit Axe to single targetAxeST43601,3096,54613,091
Glossom2-hit Fan to single targetFanST24201,3006,49812,995
Heathcote1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST13501,2916,45512,911
Adelle2-hit Light to single targetLightST23601,2886,44112,883
Harley1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13501,2826,41012,820
Alfyn1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST13501,2736,36412,727
Lionel3-hit Sword to single target + Pdef DownSwordST33001,2696,34612,692
Lynette1-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE12601,2586,28812,577
Scarecrow1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE12601,2536,26512,530
Scarecrow2-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE22601,2536,26512,530
Edea1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12601,2466,22912,457
Ri'tu2-hit Dagger to all targetDaggerAoE22601,2426,20812,416
Ri'tu2-hit Dagger to all target + Shave ShieldDaggerAoE22601,2426,20812,416
Lianna2-hit Ice to single targetIceST23601,2406,20112,402
H'aanit3-5-hit Bow to all target (4 hit)BowAoE43201,2406,19912,399
Glossom1-hit Fan to single targetFanST14001,2386,18812,376
Eliza1-hit Sword to single target + Matk DownSwordST13501,2376,18712,373
Cyrus2-hit Tome to single targetTomeST24201,2346,17012,340
Kersjes1-hit Ice to single target + Matk DownIceST14501,2336,16412,328
Viola3-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST33601,2336,16412,328
Millard1-hit Light to single targetLightST13501,2316,15712,314
Eliza3-hit Light to single targetLightST34201,2306,15212,304
Lumis2-hit Axe to single targetAxeST23601,2306,15012,301
Lumis3-hit Axe to single targetAxeST33601,2306,15012,301
SoleilUltimate: 4-hit Light to Single FoeLightST44601,2256,12312,247
Gilderoy2-hit Spear to single targetSpearST23601,2126,06212,125
Harley2-hit Wind to all target + Patk DownWindAoE23301,2096,04412,087
Yan Long2-hit Ice to random target + Staff Res DownIceRT23601,1995,99311,986
Viola1-hit Dagger to single target + Absorb HPDaggerST13501,1995,99311,985
9S4-hit Spear to random targetSpearRT43601,1945,97211,943
Ri'tu1-hit Dagger to single target + Power Doubled if 10+ ShieldDaggerST12501,1945,9695,969
Yunnie2-hit Bow to all target + Chance to ParalyzeBowAoE22601,1935,96611,931
Molrusso3-hit Wind to single targetWindST33601,1885,94111,883
Nicola4-hit Dagger to random targetDaggerRT43601,1885,94011,879
Nicola3-hit Dagger to single target + Shield BreakDaggerST33601,1885,94011,879
Gilderoy1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST13501,1795,89411,788
Kouren1-hit Sword to single target + Power doubled if +10 ShieldSwordST13001,1745,8725,872
Soleil2-hit Axe to single targetAxeST23601,1725,86111,722
Glossom3-hit Lgtning to random targetLgtningRT33601,1725,86111,722
H'aanit1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE13001,1625,81211,624
Molrusso1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13501,1555,77611,552
Nicola1-hit Dagger to single target + Speed DownDaggerST13501,1555,77511,549
Nicola1-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST13501,1555,77511,549
Nicola1-hit Dagger to single target + Absorb HP and SPDaggerST13501,1555,77511,549
Theo3-hit Axe to random targetAxeRT33601,1535,76611,533
A22-hit Dagger to all target + Shield ShaveDaggerAoE22601,1525,76211,525
Z'aanta1-hit Fan to all target (Hägen)FanAoE12861,1485,74011,480
9S1-hit Lgtning to single target + Shield Shave + Patk/Pdef DownLgtningST14001,1375,68411,367
Heathcote1-hit Wind to single targetWindST14001,1325,65811,316
Viola1-hit Dagger to single target + Absorb SPDaggerST13301,1305,65011,300
Hasumi3-hit Fan to random targetFanRT34201,1245,61811,236
Theo1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST13501,1215,60611,212
Dorothea1-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE12601,1175,58711,175
Glossom3-hit Fan to random targetFanRT33601,1145,56911,139
Glossom4-hit Fan to random target + Chance to Pdef DownFanRT43601,1145,56911,139
Stead1-hit Staff to single target + Chance to Bleed (bleed active)StaffST13501,1125,55811,117
9S3-hit Fire to all target + Shield Shave + Drop HP to 1FireAoE33901,1085,54211,083
H'aanit1-hit Sword to all target (Linde)SwordAoE12861,1085,54111,081
Ri'tu3-hit Lgtning to random target + Chance to Pdef DownLgtningRT33901,1055,52311,045
Hasumi1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12601,1015,50411,008
Nicola1-hit Dagger to single target + Absorb SPDaggerST13301,0895,44510,889
Molu3-hit Tome to single targetTomeST34201,0835,41510,830
Tikilen3-hit Sword to random targetSwordRT33001,0825,40910,818
Noelle1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13501,0785,39210,785
Jillmeila1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST13501,0755,37510,751
Gertrude1-hit Dark to single target + Speed DownDarkST13701,0725,35810,716
Laura1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13201,0605,30210,604
Primrose4-hit Fan to random targetFanAoE43601,0605,30010,600
Lumis3-hit Wind to single targetWindST34201,0595,29610,591
Fabio3-hit Wind to random targetWindRT33301,0585,28810,575
Millard1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE13001,0555,27710,555
Heinz1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST13201,0495,24710,493
Barrad1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST13501,0495,24410,488
H'aanit3-5-hit Bow to random target (3 hit)BowRT32701,0465,23110,461
Falco2-hit Dagger to all target + Shave ShieldDaggerAoE22601,0395,19510,390
Lynette2-hit Fan to single targetFanST23601,0295,14510,290
Lynette3-hit Fan to single target + Mdef DownFanST33601,0295,14510,290
Viola2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST23001,0275,13710,273
Eliza1-hit Light to single targetLightST13501,0255,12710,254
Sigrid3-hit Sword to single targetSwordST33301,0235,11410,228
W'ludai1-hit Spear to all target at start of each turnSpearAoE11801,0025,01210,024
Yan Long1-hit Ice to all target + Staff Res DownIceAoE13009994,9949,988
Olberic1-hit Lgtning to single target + Chance to Paralyze + Lgtning Res DownLgtningST14509954,9759,949
Barrad3-hit Spear to single targetSpearST33309894,9449,889
Kersjes3-hit Ice to single targetIceST33609864,9319,862
Noelle1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13209864,9309,860
2B3-hit Fire to all target + Shield Shave + Drop HP to 1FireAoE34359864,9309,860
W'ludai3-hit Dark to random target, Chance to BlindDarkRT33609854,9239,845
Tikilen2-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE22409844,9199,839
Dorothea1-hit Fire to single targetFireST14009794,8939,786
Falco3-hit Ice to single target + Shave ShieldIceST33609684,8429,685
Ashlan1-hit Bow to single target + Guarantee CritBowST13209684,8429,683
Hasumi2-hit Fan to single targetFanST23609634,8169,631
Theo2-hit Axe to all targetAxeAoE23009614,8059,610
Heathcote2-hit Dagger to all targetDaggerAoE22609594,7959,591
Heathcote2-hit Dagger to all target + Shave ShieldDaggerAoE22609594,7959,591
Barrad1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST13209594,7959,589
Theo1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST14009594,7939,586
Soleil3-hit Light to single targetLightST33609584,7929,585
W'ludai1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST13509574,7869,572
Ri'tu2-5-hit Dagger to random target + Shave Shield (2 hit)DaggerRT22009554,7769,551
Harley1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12609524,7629,523
Cardona1-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE12609524,7619,521
Cardona1-hit Spear to all target + Self HealSpearAoE12609524,7619,521
Rodion1-hit Axe to single target + Chance to BleedAxeST13209474,7349,468
Tressa1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13509464,7329,463
Alfyn4-hit Ice to single targetIceST43609384,6929,385
Tikilen1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12609384,6889,375
Hasumi1-hit Fan to single target + Matk DownFanST13509364,6829,364
Varkyn2-hit Tome to single targetTomeST23609344,6699,337
Soleil1-hit Light to single targetLightST13509324,6599,318
Lionel1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12209314,6549,308
Adelle2-hit Light to all targetLightAoE22609304,6529,304
H'aanit3-5-hit Bow to all target (3 hit)BowAoE32409304,6509,299
Kouren1-hit Light to single target (Power UP)LightST14509214,6079,215
Tressa2-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE23409194,5969,193
Millard1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12609154,5749,147
Alfyn1-hit Ice to single targetIceST13509124,5629,124
Lars3-hit Wind to random target + Wind Res DownWindRT34209004,4998,997
Fabio1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12808974,4868,973
Odette3-hit Tome to random targetTomeRT33608964,4798,959
Laura1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12708954,4748,947
Laura2-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST22708954,4748,947
Viola2-hit Dagger to all target + Shave ShieldDaggerAoE22608904,4528,903
Heinz1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12708854,4278,854
Heinz2-hit Dark to single targetDarkST22708854,4278,854
Cardona4-hit Ice to random targetIceRT43608814,4048,807
Tahir2-hit Sword to single targetSwordST23308764,3828,764
Gilderoy1-hit Spear to all target + Chance to ParalyzeSpearAoE12608764,3788,757
Cecily2-hit Light to single targetLightST23608754,3778,754
Scarecrow4-hit Wind to random targetWindRT43608724,3618,722
Cedric1-hit Fire to single target + Pdef DownFireST13208654,3268,653
Fabio1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12708654,3268,652
9S2-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE22608634,3138,626
Dorothea1-hit Fire to single targetFireST13508564,2818,563
Tahir1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST13208504,2498,498
Glossom1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE12608474,2338,466
Agnes1-hit Staff to single target + Mdef DownStaffST13508454,2248,448
Theo1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13508394,1948,388
Sigrid1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12708374,1848,368
Sigrid2-hit Sword to single targetSwordST22708374,1848,368
H'aanit1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13508334,1658,331
Ophilia3-hit Staff to single targetStaffST33608324,1628,324
Trish1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST13208294,1458,290
Edea2-hit Fire to single targetFireST23608284,1408,279
Miles2-hit Sword to single target + Pdef UpSwordST23308214,1058,211
Kouren1-hit Light to single targetLightST14008194,0958,191
Mabel2-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST23808194,0948,187
Sofia1-hit Tome to single target + Mdef DownTomeST13508154,0738,147
Laura1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE12458124,0608,119
Tressa1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE13008114,0568,111
Cless2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST23308074,0368,072
Elvis2-hit Tome to single targetTomeST23608074,0368,071
Glossom1-hit Fan to all target + Pdef DownFanAoE12608044,0228,045
Heinz1-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE12458034,0178,034
Peredir1-hit Fire to single targetFireST12708034,0148,027
Peredir2-hit Fire to single targetFireST22708034,0148,027
Rodion1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12707993,9947,989
Lucetta3-hit Bow to single targetBowST33307993,9947,989
Ashlan2-hit Bow to random target + Chance to PoisonBowRT23307993,9947,989
Jillmeila2-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE22607993,9937,986
Gilderoy3-hit Lgtning to random target + Chance to ParalyzeLgtningRT33607933,9637,926
Therese2-hit Tome to single targetTomeST23607873,9347,869
Fabio1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12457853,9267,851
Cless1-hit Dagger to single target + Pdef DownDaggerST13207833,9147,828
Menno1-hit Wind to single target (Power UP)WindST13307813,9037,805
LiannaUltimate: 4-hit Staff to all target + Patk down and Spd down StaffAoE43607773,8837,766
Lianna2-hit Staff to single target + Ice Res DownStaffST23607773,8837,766
Lianna3-hit Staff to all target + Speed DownStaffAoE33607773,8837,766
Lucetta1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to BleedBowST13207753,8737,747
Molu3-hit Tome to random targetTomeRT33007743,8687,736
Meena1-hit Light to single targetLightST12707723,8617,722
Gilderoy1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13507713,8537,706
Primrose1-hit Fan to all targetFanST12607663,8287,655
Millard1-hit Staff to single targetStaffST13507653,8247,647
Eliza1-hit Light to single target (Sword+Light)LightST12607623,8097,617
Eliza2-hit Light to all targetLightAoE22607623,8097,617
Wingate1-hit Dagger to single target + Speed DownDaggerST13207603,7997,599
Sigrid1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12457593,7977,594
Menno1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13207573,7847,569
Noelle1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12457553,7757,549
Molrusso3-hit Staff to single targetStaffST33607523,7597,518
Viola2-hit Fire to single target + Shave ShieldFireST23007433,7147,428
Ashlan1-hit Bow to all target + Guaranteee CritBowAoE12457413,7077,414
9S2-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE22607393,6947,389
Kouren2-hit Light to single targetLightST23607373,6867,372
Ri'tu1-hit Lgtning to all target + Chance to ParalyzeLgtningAoE12607363,6827,363
Heathcote2-hit Wind to all target + Shave ShieldWindAoE22607363,6787,355
Barrad1-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE12457343,6717,342
Cedric1-hit Fire to single targetFireST12707303,6507,301
Cecily2-hit Light to all targetLightAoE23007303,6487,295
Rodion1-hit Axe to all targetAxeAoE12457253,6257,249
Tahir1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12707173,5857,171
H'aanit1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE13007143,5707,140
Lionel3-hit Ice to single targetIceST33607093,5437,087
Z'aanta1-hit Light to all target + Chance to BlindLightAoE13007053,5277,054
Nicola1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE13007033,5147,029
Iris3-hit Fan to random targetFanRT33307023,5107,021
Meena1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12457013,5047,007
Trish3-hit Sword to single targetSwordST32706993,4976,995
Falco1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12606993,4976,994
Laura1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE12106963,4806,959
Helga2-hit Spear to random target + Speed DownSpearRT23306933,4636,926
Eunice2-hit Light to single targetLightST23006903,4526,904
Edea2-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE23006903,4506,899
Mabel1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13206893,4476,895
Lionel1-hit Ice to single targetIceST13506893,4456,890
Fiore1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST13506893,4456,890
Heinz1-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE12106893,4436,886
Pia2-hit Spear to single targetSpearST23306813,4056,810
Madelaine1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13206813,4036,806
2B2-hit Dark to all target + Pdef DownDarkAoE23006803,4006,800
Noelle2-hit Wind to all targetWindST22206783,3906,779
Miles1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12706723,3596,718
Cless1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12706603,3026,605
Cless2-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST22706603,3026,605
Kersjes2-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE22406573,2876,575
Yunnie2-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE22606563,2816,561
Lumis1-hit Wind to all target + Chance to BleedWindAoE12606563,2786,557
Lucetta2-hit Bow to single targetBowST22706543,2686,536
Tahir1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12456513,2536,507
Devin2-hit Spear to single targetSpearST23306513,2536,506
Iris1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12706473,2346,468
Wingate1-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST12706413,2066,412
Wingate2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST22706413,2066,412
Menno1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12706393,1936,386
Menno2-hit Wind to random target + Speed DownWindRT22706393,1936,386
Eliza2-hit Sword to single targetSwordST11806363,1826,363
Cardona2-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE22606363,1806,361
Dorothea1-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE12606363,1806,361
Trish1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12456353,1746,347
Aslyte2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST23306353,1736,346
Scarecrow1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12606303,1506,299
Harley1-hit Fan to all targetFanAoE12606303,1486,296
Agnes2-hit Staff to all targetStaffAoE22606283,1386,276
Molrusso2-hit Staff to single targetStaffST23006263,1326,265
Kurtz1-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST13206263,1306,261
Ramona1-hit Ice to single targetIceST13206253,1256,250
Peredir1-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE12106243,1226,244
Shelby2-hit Axe to single targetAxeST23306223,1106,221
Shelby3-hit Axe to single targetAxeST33306223,1106,221
Eunice1-hit Light to single targetLightST12706213,1076,213
Camilla1-hit Bow to single targetBowST13206203,1006,199
Camilla1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to BleedBowST13206203,1006,199
Z'aanta1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12606113,0576,113
Miles1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12456103,0486,096
Merrit1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST13206013,0076,015
Cless1-hit Dagger to all targetDaggerAoE12455992,9975,993
Iris1-hit Fan to all targetFanAoE12805962,9785,957
Iris1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12455872,9355,869
Eunice2-hit Light to single targetLightST22505752,8775,753
Olberic1-hit Lgtning to all target + Lgtning Res DownLgtningAoE12605752,8745,749
Meena2-hit Fan to single targetFanST23805712,8575,715
Therese1-hit Tome to all target + Lgtning Res DownTomeAoE12605682,8425,683
Helga1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12705672,8335,667
Bertrand1-hit Bow to single targetBowST12705672,8335,667
Bertrand3-hit Bow to random targetBowRT32705672,8335,667
Rodion2-hit Dark to single target + Chance to BleedDarkST23805622,8115,621
Tahir1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12105582,7895,577
Pia1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12705572,7865,572
Lars1-hit Wind to all target + Wind Res DownWindAoE12605572,7855,570
Eunice1-hit Light to single targetLightST12405522,7625,523
Aslyte3-hit Ice to random targetIceRT33305472,7365,471
Viola1-hit Fire to all target + Pdef DownFireAoE12205452,7245,447
Kurtz1-hit Wind to single target + Wind Res DownWindST13205442,7195,438
Cedric1-hit Staff to single target + Chance to BleedStaffST13205372,6845,367
Kouren1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12605322,6625,324
Devin1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12705322,6615,323
Aslyte1-hit Ice to single target + Absorb HPIceST13205312,6535,305
Kurtz1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12705282,6415,283
Mabel1-hit Lgtning to all targetLgtningAoE12455282,6395,279
Barrad1-hit Fire to single targetFireST13205222,6095,217
Iris1-hit Fan to all targetFanAoE12455212,6065,212
Yugo1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST13205192,5965,192
Aslyte1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12705192,5965,192
Aslyte1-hit Dagger to single target + Shave ShieldDaggerST12705192,5965,192
Helga1-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE12455142,5715,142
Fiore1-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE12605122,5595,118
Shelby1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12705092,5455,090
Lucetta1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE12105082,5425,084
Lucetta1-hit Bow to all target + Pdef DownBowAoE12105082,5425,084
Ashlan1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE12105082,5425,084
Menno1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12104972,4834,967
Merrit1-hit Light to single targetLightST13504942,4714,943
Fabio2-hit Fan to single targetFanST23304912,4544,909
Camilla2-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE22504842,4224,843
Meena1-hit Fan to single targetFanST13204812,4064,813
Kurtz1-hit Dagger to all target + Speed DownDaggerAoE12454792,3974,793
Ramona1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12454792,3934,785
Wingate1-hit Dagger to all target + Shave ShieldDaggerAoE12004752,3754,749
Rodion1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST13204732,3674,734
Wingate2-hit Dark to single targetDarkST22704722,3624,724
Merrit1-hit Axe to all targetAxeAoE12454612,3034,605
Kurtz1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12704592,2944,589
Nanna2-hit Sword to single targetSwordST23004552,2764,552
Bertrand1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST13504532,2664,531
Merrit1-hit Light to single targetLightST13204522,2594,519
Aslyte1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12704482,2384,476
Shelby1-hit Ice to single targetIceST13204452,2274,453
Madelaine3-hit Staff to single targetStaffST33304452,2234,446
Wingate2-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE22504372,1874,374
Pia1-hit Spear to all target + Spear Res DownSpearAoE12104332,1674,334
Helga2-hit Ice to single targetIceST23304322,1594,318
Menny1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12704242,1194,238
Laura1-hit Tome to single target + Chance to ParalyzeTomeST13204222,1114,222
Cedric1-hit Staff to all target + Chance to BleedStaffAoE12454112,0554,109
Cless1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12704082,0384,076
Camilla1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE12104072,0344,068
Yunnie1-hit Fire to all target (Bow+Fire)FireAoE11604042,0194,038
Dorrie1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12703971,9843,969
Rita1-hit Axe to single target + Guarantee CritAxeST12703931,9663,932
Trish1-hit Wind to single targetWindST13503921,9623,924
Yugo1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12403891,9473,894
Yugo1-hit Sword to single target + Patk DownSwordST12403891,9473,894
Menny1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12403771,8843,767
Menny1-hit Sword to single target + Speed DownSwordST12403771,8843,767
Diego1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST13203741,8723,744
Sigrid2-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST23303711,8573,713
Telly2-hit Ice to single targetIceST23003681,8383,675
Yunnie1-hit Sword to all target (4 Weapons)SwordAoE1803671,8363,671
Yunnie1-hit Spear to all target (4 Weapons)SpearAoE1803671,8363,671
Yunnie1-hit Axe to all target (4 Weapons)AxeAoE1803671,8363,671
Yunnie1-hit Bow to all target (4 Weapons)BowAoE1803671,8363,671
Nanna1-hit Sword to single targetSwordST12403641,8213,642
Nanna1-hit Sword to single target + Pdef DownSwordST12403641,8213,642
Madelaine2-hit Staff to single targetStaffST22703641,8193,637
Menny1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12303611,8053,610
Conny2-hit Spear to single targetSpearST23003601,8023,605
Laura2-hit Tome to single targetTomeST22703561,7813,563
Helga1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12703531,7673,533
Dorrie1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12403531,7643,528
Bertrand1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12703501,7483,495
Bertrand2-hit Lgtning to random target + Chance to ParalyzeLgtningRT22703501,7483,495
Pia1-hit Light to single targetLightST12703491,7463,492
Julio1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12403401,7023,404
Julio1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12403401,7023,404
Penny2-hit Axe to single targetAxeST23003391,6963,393
Billy2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST23003381,6883,376
Devin1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12703381,6883,376
Evelyn1-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE12403311,6543,309
Madelaine1-hit Staff to all targetStaffAoE12453301,6503,300
Peredir1-hit Tome to all targetTomeAoE12453271,6353,270
Julio1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12303261,6313,262
Miles1-hit Light to single targetLightST13203241,6183,237
Carroll1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12703191,5973,194
Harry1-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE12403191,5963,192
Harry1-hit Fire to single targetFireST12403191,5963,192
Sunny1-hit Bow to single targetBowST12703171,5843,169
Pia1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12453171,5843,169
Rita1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12703151,5733,145
Menny1-hit Sword to all targetSwordAoE12003141,5703,139
Vivian3-hit Bow to random targetBowRT33003111,5563,112
Manuel1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12403081,5393,077
Juan1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12403071,5333,066
Devin1-hit Wind to all targetWindAoE12453061,5323,063
Guti1-hit Bow to single targetBowST12703041,5223,044
Guti1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to PoisonBowST12703041,5223,044
Billy1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12703041,5193,038
Sigrid1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12703041,5193,038
Trish1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12703031,5143,027
Ramona1-hit Staff to all targetStaffAoE12452981,4922,983
Telly1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12402941,4702,940
Juan1-hit Spear to all targetSpearAoE12302941,4692,938
Tahir1-hit Fire to single targetFireST12702941,4692,937
Saria1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12702931,4662,933
Mabel1-hit Fan to all target + Mdef DownFanAoE12102921,4612,921
Conny1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12402881,4422,884
Rita1-hit Axe to all target + Self HealAxeAoE12452851,4272,854
Carroll1-hit Spear to single targetSpearST12402841,4202,839
Carroll1-hit Spear to single target + ProvokeSpearST12402841,4202,839
Carroll2-hit Spear to single target + ProvokeSpearST22402841,4202,839
Julio1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12002841,4182,837
Jose1-hit Light to single targetLightST12402831,4142,828
Lucetta1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12702831,4142,827
Jorge1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12402821,4122,823
Sunny1-hit Bow on single targetBowST12402821,4082,817
Billy2-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST22502811,4072,813
Diego1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12402811,4042,808
Ashlan1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12702801,4012,801
Vivian1-hit Bow to single targetBowST12702801,4002,801
Evelyn1-hit Dark to all targetDarkAoE12002761,3792,757
Penny1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12402711,3572,714
Guti1-hit Bow to single targetBowST12402711,3532,706
Guti1-hit Bow to single target + Chance to PoisonBowST12402711,3532,706
Jorge1-hit Axe to all targetAxeAoE12302711,3532,706
Billy1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12402701,3502,701
Sunny1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE12302701,3502,699
Saria1-hit Axe to single targetAxeST12402611,3042,607
Felline1-hit Dagger to single targetDaggerST12402601,2982,595
Pearl1-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE12002551,2732,545
Vivian1-hit Bow to single targetBowST12402491,2452,490
Vivian3-hit Bow to random targetBowRT32402491,2452,490
Felline1-hit Dagger to all targetDaggerAoE12302491,2442,487
Miles1-hit Light to all targetLightAoE12452481,2392,478
Camilla1-hit Fire to all targetFireAoE12452481,2382,476
Telly1-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE12002451,2252,450
Sunny1-hit Bow to all targetBowAoE12002351,1742,347
Lucetta2-hit Ice to all targetIceAoE22202301,1522,304
Rita1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12702261,1322,264
Dorrie2-hit Tome to single targetTomeST23002221,1122,224
Bertrand1-hit Lgtning to all target + Lgtning Res DownLgtningAoE11702201,1002,201
Manuel1-hit Fan to single targetFanST12702161,0782,156
Evelyn1-hit Fan to single targetFanST12402001,0012,001
Diego1-hit Fire to single targetFireST12401979861,972
Harry1-hit Fan to single targetFanST12401969791,959
Billy1-hit Light to single targetLightST12401939651,929
Jorge1-hit Fire to single targetFireST12401939631,927
Manuel1-hit Fan to single targetFanST12401929581,917
Felline1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12401919541,908
Penny1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12401889421,884
Saria1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12401849211,843
Juan1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12401809001,800
Dorrie1-hit Tome to single targetTomeST12401788901,779
Conny1-hit Lgtning to single targetLgtningST12401748681,736
Carroll1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12401728601,720
Pearl1-hit Staff to single targetStaffST12401718531,706
Pearl1-hit Staff to all targetStaffAoE12301638171,635
Yugo1-hit Ice to single targetIceST12401366801,360
Sunny1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12401366791,358
Menny1-hit Light to single targetLightST12401336631,326
Nanna1-hit Dark to single targetDarkST12401296471,293
Guti1-hit Wind to single targetWindST12401296451,290
Vivian1-hit Light to single targetLightST12401226121,224