Souls Tier List and Skill Priority

This table highlights the best souls available in Octopath Traveler: COTC, and provides recommendations on the best Rainbow Soul skills for available units.
SlotNameBest OptionComment
Slot 1 (Silver or lower)Blissful Brutal Soul (Silver)DMG to Hellfiends +16%Best DPS slot 1 soul
Slot 1 (Silver or lower)Wrathful Steadfast Soul (Silver)DMG to Hellfiends +14%; DMG Reduction from Hellfiends +8%2nd best
Slot 1 (Silver or lower)Every other Slot 1 Silver soulDMG to Hellfiends +10%
Slot 2 (Gold or lower)Solid Speed Soul (Gold)SPD +30Best for controlling turn order
Slot 2 (Gold or lower)Mighty Magic Soul (Gold)EATK +30Best for EDPS
Slot 2 (Gold or lower)Void Power Soul (Gold)PATK +30Best for PDPS
Slot 2 (Gold or lower)Enduring Stamina Soul (Gold)HP +240Great option for support units
Slot 1 (Rainbow) – Fortune WeaponBrilliant Warrior’s Soul or Brilliant Sage’s SoulPATK +300 or EATK +300Don’t build Brilliant Master’s Soul (+240 ATK)
Slot 2/3 (Gold) – Fortune Weapon Bewitching SoulsPATK +150, EATK +150, or SPD +150 These are generally the three best options. For negative stats, aim for PDEF and maybe HP.
Slot 2/3 (Gold) – Fortune WeaponTainted SoulsPATK +150, EATK +150, or SPD +150 These are generally the three best options. For negative stats, aim for EDEF and maybe SPD for your too-fast units like Therion and A2. Try not to roll -SP.
Slot 2/3 (Gold) – Fortune WeaponLovely SoulsSPD +60 with HP; or +200 SPSPD and bulk for your supports like Lynette; SP for sp hungry units like Fiore EX
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)RichardRippling SliceHis best DPS/supportive skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)HayesDeclare over Rebut but both not badWhile both of these skills do the same amount of damage, the cheaper skill Declare is better used as a finisher move while Rebut is more of a breaker move
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)HasumiCelestial SongHer best light DPS skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)KersjesSturdy Peerless ShotHis best bow DPS skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)NicolaNo good or bad options She’s not a DPS, so there isn’t any good or bad options here
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)CardonaTriple Valiant ChargeHer best spear DPS is also AOE
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)SteadDuskfall (Single) IVHis best dark DPS nuke
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)LarsBrutal Blazing Blade AND Wild Blazing SlashYou’ll want to build two weapons for him, as both of these soul skills are so good based on the situation
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)LumisEsoteric SalveShe’s not a DPS, so boost her healing potency
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)HeathcoteNo good or bad options His DPS is on the lower side and his role is shield cracking
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)ThereseLightning Blast (Single) II or Tonitrus Canere (All)Her highest DPS skill is her 2-hit single target; her highest AOE DPS is 3-hit
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)Z’aantaWith the TideBest DPS skill is 5-hit
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)PrimroseDirge of Dusk IIHer best dark DPS skill is 3-hit random target
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)MolrussoEthereal Healing (All) IIIShe’s a healer, so boost her Regen potency
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)LynetteNo good or bad options She’s not a DPS; and you’ll generally have her equipped with Brave Fan which further reduces her DPS
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)TheoDuel HarvestDuel is good if he is your Axe DPS
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)ViolaTriple EdgeNot really any good options here, but Triple Edge is her best DPS skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)MillardNo good or bad options Don’t build a weapon for him TBH
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)GilderoyHealing ThrustHis highest DPS skill also heals him
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)ScarecrowDouble Sturdy Shot or Shower of ArrowsHis highest DPS skill is 2-hit; but his 4-hit AOE is also really good
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)FioreCrumbling Cut; rarely Double Arching BlowHer best DPS skill is single target; though her AOE skill is useful in niche scenarios; if you easily reach damage cap then go AOE
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)SofiaGlacies Claudere (Single) III or Icewind (All) IIIHer single target DPS is the best at nuking; but her AOE skill is best at speed farming mobs for materials
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)AlfynNo good or bad options He doesn’t do enough damage and his role is supporting/breaking.
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)TressaTrade Typhoon or Swift Trifold ThrustDepends if you need her as your wind DPS. If not, go Trifold Thrust.
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)H’aanitCripling Shot or ArrowstormGo with her strongest single target nuking option, or her best breaking option
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)Cyrus 1Ignis Ardere (All) IIIAlways go for his triple hit skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)Cyrus 2Glacies Claudere (All) IIIAlways go for his triple hit skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)Cyrus 3Tonitrus Canere (All) IIIAlways go for his triple hit skill
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)TherionParalyzing Tooth or Triple Bite or HellfireParalyzing Tooth is currently his strongest nuke – choose it if you’re nowhere close to reaching damage cap. Triple Bite is the best long term option, and Hellfire is the best fire DPS option when built with Fortune eatk dagger.
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)TikilenSlicing WindsHer strongest 4-hit wind attack on a single target
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)GlossomStout Twofold BlowThis is his strongest fan damage option; 2 hit, unlikely to hit damage cap.
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)2BTrifold Cleave or Trifold Slash2B is likely to ram damage cap, so go with her triple attack skills
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)A2 1Triple EdgeA2 is likely to ram damage cap, so go with her triple attack skills
Slot 3 (Rainbow or lower)9SA150: VoltHis strongest lightning attack; not on the same level as Millard but there’s not really good options here