Stillwater Subterrane

Includes Castle Riven.

Stillwater Subterrane Stillwater Subterrane1 Stillwater Subterrane2

Normal enemies: Remnant.

Elite Enemy (Top): Menacing Revenant Lv 70. Weakness: Sword, Dagger, Bow, Tome. 

Elite Enemy (Middle): Mighty Shadow Remnant Lv 60. Weakness: Sword, Spear, Fan, Light.

Castle Riven

Normal enemies: Guardian, Sentinel, Riven Soldier.

Elite Enemy: Mighty Riven Soldier Lv 60. Weakness: Knife, Axe, Bow, Fire, Lightning.

Elite Enemy: Menacing Guardian Mk.II Lv 70. Weakness: Sword, Knife, Staff, Fan.

Special thanks to this site for their Castle Riven diagram.

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