Literally a day after SQEX announced Primrose on a livestream, SQEX YouTube leaked a Therese unit trailer.

Therese is a student of our favorite GOD-Tier DPS unit Cyrus. Is this foreshadowing a Cyrus banner? 

Let’s see how our lightning Scholar fares with our current lineup of units in Global.

Tier List Overview of Therese #

In my role-based tier list of all units, Therese scores an S as an Elemental damage dealer, but an argument can be made for her being S+. She is a decent lightning breaker, and, well doesn’t stand out in any other role.

Weighted Average Stats #

Therese has the 4th highest average stats out of all units in Global. #1 for SP, #4 for EATK, #5 for EDEF and #8 for SPD.

Tome weapons have the highest EATK stats out of any weapon, so she’ll be a strong general magic damage dealer. 

Best Skills #

Via the skill lookup table, Therese’s best skill is her late game 5★ Skill 2, hitting all foes 3 times with a Lightning skill.

  • She is the only unit that has an AOE 3-hit lightning ability. Gilderoy has 3-hit lightning to random foes.
Early on, her best damaging move is 3★ Skill, hitting twice for 180 total power/potency. Her 4★ Skill is great for farming mobs for some EXP, crafting materials, or achievements.

Frankly, her somewhat boring kit is only saved by the two DPS passives. 30% EATK and 30% Lightning DMG up are the highest possible values for their category. 

This allows Therese to clear mobs lightning fast. She is the Queen of AOE.

Use the Enemy Weakness page and Enemy Stats page to find the mobs weak to lightning, and farm them.

Late game, I’d use this method to level up my 3* units for their Influence.

She is currently the 2nd strongest Tome damage dealer, and strongest Lightning damage dealer.

Job Points Priority #

You’ll want to prioritize unlocking her 1★ passive and  3★ Skill ASAP, taking the shortest route to get there.

Avoid spending points on raw stats until you’ve unlocked that 3★ DPS skill.

You’ll get both unlocked by Lv 25.

Afterwards spend points on unlocking her other battle skills, or key stats like EATK, SP, and Speed.

Therese vs Sofia #

It wouldn’t be a review without comparing the two magic powerhouses.

  • Sofia has greater single damage nuke potential, as her potencies go as high as 255
  • Sofia might have greater AOE damage potential over a longer battle
  • Sofia fits in more team comps, as she can debuff enemy’s EDEF
  • Therese has amazing initial burst AOE damage, excellent for farming small mobs
I think Sofia fits in more team comps than Therese. These two are still going to be your best Tome damage dealers.

Team Comps #

As a damage dealer, her role is to dish out as much early damage as possible.

Lynette’s switching rows can elongate the duration of Therese’s 30% EATK passive, but it won’t increase its potency.

Lynette and Primrose’s 20% EATK skill buff will work on Therese even when she has 30% EATK passive active.

Laura’s passive inflicts 15% EDEF down to all foes for 3 turns.

Bertrand’s passive inflicts 15% Lightning Res down to all foes for 3 turns.

  • If you had Laura and Bertrand on the team, Therese can probably one-shot every small mob on the field. That farm speed is OP.
Bertrand and Therese’s skill can both reduce the Lightning Res of all foes by 15% (stacks to 30%).

Viola’s skill for the absolute best in EDEF down (20%). Can work together with Laura’s passive.

Future #

Therese’s future Special is a 5-hit lightning attack towards all enemies. This is the only special that can guarantee a 5-hit to all mobs. It solidifies her nickname as the Queen of AOE, but it’s not a special that’s worth waiting for. 

If you get a copy, feel free to awaken her.

Therese will also be useful in clearing the mobs in the upcoming Tikilen Cup arena battle against Tikilen. Tikilen herself is not weak to lightning, but her dangerous companions are, so you want to eliminate them ASAP. Nobody does it better than Therese. (Credit /u/awayfromcanuck).

Should You Pull? #

Therese doesn’t offer much for your team in terms of utility, and she isn’t critical for any battles. 

The battle tested NPC that rewards you with a Dagger in Cragspear is weak to Swords and Lightning, so if you didn’t have any Sword or Lightning unit, maybe you can consider pulling for her.

With SQEX expediting banners, my suggestion is to wait. 
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