The long awaited Tikilen Cup is here! This is Global’s first permanent content where completion gets you a free 5-star unit: Tikilen!

There are 8 battles, with the last battle against Tikilen and her two adds.

How to Unlock Tikilen Cup #

You must have completely cleared Master of All and then the 1st chapter of Bestower of Wealth in Victors Hollow.

Afterwards, a side quest “Invitation to the Tourney” will appear in the Arena inside Victors Hollow. Talk to the NPC to participate in the tournament.

Keep in mind, you’ll participate in the qualifying rounds immediately, so have your party ready before talking to the NPC.

Your party should also be at minimum Lv 60.

Tikilen Cup: Rules & Qualifying Rounds #

There are 4 rounds of battle in the qualifiers.

Your HP and SP recover to full each round.

There is no penalty for losing, so test out different strategies and team comps.

You can leave, then come back at any time and your round will be preserved. For example, you’ve cleared round 2 but couldn’t beat round 3. You leave to train your characters, then come back a few days later to resume round 3.

Weapon Grades do not matter in Arena, so your best weapons are going to be whatever have the highest stats. At the time of writing, they’ll be the 4 BT Weapons, Innocent for EDPS and Tyrant for your PDPS.

You may not use any Allies in Arena.

Tikilen Cup Weakness Cheatsheet #

This cheat sheet list out enemies in order from left to right as they appear on the field.

Tikilen Cup table of weaknesses

Round 1: Old Man #

Round 1 old man

Weakness: Sword, Bow, Wind, Darkness
Shields: 8
Reward: 30 Rubies, 110000 Leaves

This Old Man is the weakest of the bunch and easy to take down. 

Sword DPS: Fiore, Kouren, Sigrid, and Trish

Bow DPS: Scarecrow, Ashlan, Bertrand and Lucetta 

Wind & Darkness: Heathcote, Tressa, Primrose, Noelle.

Unless otherwise specified, universal buffers/debuffers like Lynette, Primrose, Viola, and Noelle are useful in every round.

Round 2: Gardeners #

Round 2
Enemy 1 (Boss) Weakness: Staff, Tome, Fan, Fire, Wind
Enemy 2 & 3 Weakness: Bow, Staff, Fan, Fire, Wind
Shields: 8 for all
Reward: 30 Rubies, 110000 Leaves
The boss uses single-target physical attacks, and fire elemental attacks with AOE. The two adds aren’t as strong, but can do AOE damage. 
It is recommended to bring a front-row Healer or Regen.

Top Front-Row Healers: Millard can heal, Theo can regen, and Cedric and do both with one skill. Meena can heal and provide PDEF buff.

Top DPS: Scarecrow, Lynette, Tressa, Heathcote, Viola, Noelle, Camilla, Noelle, Sofia.

Round 3: Knights Ardante #

Round 3 knights
Enemy 1 Weakness: Staff, Tome, Fire, Lightning
Enemy 1 Shields: 10
Enemy 2 Weakness: Axe, Bow, Fan, Ice, Wind
Enemy 2 Shields: 9
Rewards: 30 Rubies, 50 Silver Guidestones
The two knights are very tanky with moderate amount of damage. They don’t share any weakness, so you’ll want to bring units like Heathcote, Viola or even Cless that can shield break.
It’s recommended to take down Enemy 2 first, because she is easier to break and weak to Bow, Ice and Wind (Top DPS Scarecrow, Sofia, Heathcote).

Finally you’ll want a front-row healer, similar to the recommendations in Round 2: Millard, Theo, Cedric, or Meena.

Round 4: Dreadwing #

Weakness: Sword, Spear, Bow, Wind, Light
Shields: 11
Reward: 100 Rubies, 50 Silver Guidestones

Big Bird switches between Physical Resistance and Elemental Resistance on it’s first turn and immediately after every Break. 

You’ll want to bring a mix of Physical and Elemental DPS to juggle between resistances. 

It’s HP is quite high, so save SP by only using attacks that are effective against it.

Recommended PDPS: Fiore, Kouren, Sigrid, Gilderoy, Scarecrow, Lucetta, and Miles.

Recommended EDPS: Heathcote, Tressa, Millard, and Kouren.

Healers: Feel free to bring one Millard, Theo, Cedric, or Meena.

Tikilen Cup: Finals #

Congrats, you’re halfway there!

There are 4 rounds in the finals.

Again, your HP and SP recover to full after each round.

Finals 1: Audat Dudes #

Tikiren cup finals round 1

Enemy 1 (Audat) Weakness: Sword, Axe, Fan, Fire, Lightning, Light
Enemy 1 Shields: 9
Enemy 2 Weakness: Sword, Dagger, Bow, Fire, Lightning
Enemy 2 Shields: 8
Rewards: 30 Rubies, 50 Gold Soulstones

The two dudes share 3 weaknesses: Sword, Fire and Lightning.

Enemy 2 needs to be prioritized, as he will heal his team once his HP goes below 50%.

This heal amounts to 15000HP over 4 turns, so you’ll want to Break Enemy 2 before that 50% threshold, and take him out with your nukes.

Top DPS like Fiore, Kouren, Lynette, and especially Therese will make short work of them.

Finals 2: Dustin’s Gang #

tikiren cup finals 2 dustin gang

Dustin’s Weakness: Spear, Dagger, Axe, Wind, Light
D’s Shields: 10
Enemy 2 Weakness: Spear, Axe, Bow, Fan, Wind, Dark
Enemy 2 Shields: 8
Enemy 3 Weakness: Spear, Dagger, Bow, Wind, Dark
Enemy 3 Shields: 9

The shared weaknesses are Spear and Wind, so your best DPS units are going to be Tressa, Heathcote, Gilderoy, Devin and Barrad.

Dustin uses lightning elemental attacks, while his comrades can debuff your elemental defense. 

It’s recommended to take out Enemy 2 first as she’ll perform a single-target nuke once her HP reaches below 50%.

Enemy 2 and 3 are both weak to Bows.

A dedicated healer like Theo or Cedric is recommended.

Finals 3: Thurston #

Group 2 (8)
Weakness: Bow, Fan, Lightning, Light
Shields: 24
Rewards: 30 Rubies, Wind Rune III (15% Wind DMG Up Accessory)
Thurston is basically a stronger Battle-tested NPC. 
His cheat passive is that he can perform 2 or 3 actions per turn, and 3 actions once his HP is below 50%.
His first action can happen at the beginning or middle of a turn, and his last two actions always happen at the end.
Healing is critical here, as Thurston will constantly unleash a barrage of physical and elemental attacks on you. Use Theo or Cedric for front-row Regen, or Millard/Meena for burst healing.
Bring your best multi-hit shield breakers: Scarecrow, Lynette, Therese, Lucetta, Heathcote, and Viola.

Finals 4: Tikilen #

tikilen cup final round tikilen battle

Tikilen’s Weakness: Bow, Fan, Light
Tikilen’s Shields: 25
Enemy 2 Weakness: Spear, Bow, Lightning, Light
Enemy 2 Shields: 15
Enemy 3 Weakness: Spear, Bow, Lightning, Light
Enemy 3 Shields: 14
Reward: Tikilen 5-star unit

Tikilen uses a mix of Sword and Wind attacks. The following table lists out her possible actions:

Tikilen actions

Tikilen’s hardest hitting skills are Wind elemental attacks. Keep this in mind.

Enemy 2 actions:

Tikilen enemy 3 actions

Enemy 3 actions:

Tikilen enemy 2 actions

Tikilen General Tips #

  • This is going to be a long battle, so you might need SP recovery accessories.
  • Equip your highest level helmet and armor with balanced DEF or high EDEF.
  • Always debuff Tikilen’s PATK/EATK, Viola/Kurtz does this best.
  • Buff team with front-row EDEF (Millard, Mabel).
  • Be careful not to use physical attacks when Enemy 2 and Enemy 3 uses their Physical Counter buff. They will always use it when they have priority turn order. 
  • Take out Enemy 3 first, because Enemy 2 will waste their turn “shield-repairing” once Tikilen’s shield drops below 7. This basically negates the danger of Enemy 2.
    • Thus, always try to have Tikilen’s shield below 7.
  • Recommended to bring at least two Healers: Millard, Theo, Cedric… and alternate healing/regen duty to conserve SP.
  • Make your burst healer’s SPD between 239 – 294. This let’s them heal in between Tikilen’s damage and the two adds’ damage.
  • Cyrus’ AOE lightning skill can quickly take care of the two adds.

Once Tikilen activates her non-crit nullification passive, you’ll need Hunters like Ashlan, Scarecrow or H’aanit with high/guaranteed Crit rate to hit and break her shields.

Skills like Heathcote’s guaranteed shield break won’t do a thing unless he crits. 

Tikilen’s HP is 297,350 with a base SPD of 295.

The two adds have HP of 181,430 and base SPD of 238.

Top Units in Global #

DPS and Shield Breakers: Scarecrow, Cyrus, Millard, Nicola, Ashlan, Heathcote, Bertrand, and Cless.

TankGilderoy is the best option. He has innate 20% resistance to Wind and his provoke skill buffs his PDEF/EDEF. 

Tressa could also work, but needs insane healing support.

Pairing your Tank with Menno gives them a permanent 15% Wind Res passive.

Healers: Theo (Regen + Wind Res 20% buff), Millard (Heal), Cedric & Menno (Heal and Regen).

Buffers: Lynette is slightly better than Primrose here, as she can 3-hit target Tikilen with fan attacks whereas Primrose’s 4-hit fan is random. Mabel can grant front-row 15% Wind Res for 2 turns.

Debuffers: Viola on permanent DMG debuff or AOE shield breaking duty; Kurtz and Noelle are poorer alternatives.

The following units can have 20% innate resistance to wind: Gilderoy, Theo, Therese, Tressa, Bertrand, Cless, Laura, Mabel.

Reward – Tikilen 5-star Warrior #

Tikilen is a powerful Warrior that excels in Wind magic damage. She’ll be our strongest Wind damage dealer once we get her. In the far future once you get access to “Fortune” Weapons (1yr anniversary?), Tikilen becomes even stronger with elemental attack swords.
After your first clear of Tikilen, you’ll want to fight her again and again via Memoirs. 

Every additional win gives you fragments. 

1 fragment can be redeemed for 24 Tikilen guidestones, and 13 fragments can be exchanged for her exclusive accessory (+150 EATK). This exclusive accessory is extremely important for her wind damage.
And once Job Towers come to your game, you’ll be able to acquire Tikilen’s Awaken 4 accessory, which provides a hefty 40 PATK, 60 EATK, 40 SPD, 10% Wind Dmg Up, and inflicts 20% Wind Res debuff when Breaking an enemy for 3 turns. 

Global Video Clear #

Special thanks to the Game8 article for a lot of the information and images.