Viola is often voted the top 2 units for long term use by majority of the player base.

Is her debuff really that powerful? Let’s take a look at her kit and how she compares to other debuffers.

Tier List Overview of Viola #

In my role-based tier list of all units, I ranked Viola as an S+ debuffer.

She ranks quite high as a breaker, physical damage dealer, and her tankiness is relatively high thanks to being able to heal with damage dealt.

Weighted Average Stats #

Viola has very average weighted stats for a 5* unit. She’s #2 for SPD.

Her ultra high SPD stat easily allows her to act first, allowing you to debuff the enemy for immediate benefit.

Thieves use daggers and all daggers (and fans) come with a SPD substat, making her quite untouchable in SPD.

Best Skills #

Via the skill lookup table, the skill that makes Viola the debuff QUEEN is her 2★ Skill and 3★ Skill.

The 2★ Skill reduces a single enemy’s PATK/EATK stats by 20% for 3 turns (+1 turn from her passive).

  • 4★ Unit Kurtz has a skill that can do the same, but at 15% for 2 turns

The 3★ Skill reduces a single enemy’s PDEF/EDEF stats by 20% (25% when upgraded) for 3 turns.

  • No other unit has a skill that can debuff both DEF stat with one move at 25%
  • This is the highest debuff value ever at 25% from a single skill
  • And her passive increases debuff duration by 1

Both skills are the highest debuff values of it’s type. Again, no other unit can reach her depth and breadth.

Her 1★ Passive increases the duration of her debuffs and her paired ally debuffs by 1 turn.

Her 3★ Passive increases healing, so her initial skill heals for 30% of damage dealt. As well, she can absorb for 1.5% of damage dealt as SP with her 5★ Skill 1.

30% healing from damage is the highest, and she can heal to full during a Break.

Her 5★ Skill 1 is possibly the most budget friendly DPS skill in the game. It cost 28 SP, but you heal back for 1.5% of damage dealt in SP. If you do at least 1867, you get all of your SP back.

Finally, Viola has 2-hit skills that can guarantee removal of shields. Not as good as Heathcote’s, but still incredibly versatile early on.

Weakness #

Her SP pool isn’t the greatest, and her skills can be quite expensive. You may need to give her SP accessories or just heal up before a major boss fight.

Job Points Priority #

You’ll want to prioritize unlocking her 1★ passive, 2★ Skill, and 3★ Skill ASAP, taking the shortest route to get there.

Avoid spending points into raw stats until you’ve unlocked those.

Personally, I was able to unlock all three by Lv 25.

Afterwards, you can spend points into unlocking her other battle skills, or key stats like PATK, SPD, and SP.

Team Comps #

As a debuff damage dealer, her role is to debuff the enemy to buff up your main DPS like Therion, A2, 2B, Lars, Cyrus, Z’aanta, Fiore, Sofia or whomever you decided to build. The options are endless.

Her secondary role is ensuring the survival of your team, by lowering the enemy’s damage.

Along with Lynette, Viola fits into any team comp. 

The following contains a list of units that easily benefit from Viola’s debuff extension passive:

  • Sigrid’s Passive: Reduces all enemy Sword Res by 15% at start of battle. Good for Fiore.
  • Laura’s Passive: Reduces all enemy EDEF by 15% at start of battle. Good for Sofia/Lynette.
  • Menno’s Passive: Reduces all enemy Wind Res by 15% at start of battle. Good for Heathcote/Scarecrow/Tressa.
  • Asylte’s Passive & Skill: Increase his Ice Res debuffs duration. Good for Sofia.
  • Bertrand’s Passive: Reduce all enemy Lightning Res by 15% at start of battle. Good for Theo.
  • Helga’s Passive: Reduce all enemy PATK by 15% at start of battle. Good for survival.
  • Noelle’s Skill: Extend the duration of her powerful EATK/EDEF debuff skill.
If Viola is your team’s main source of damage, you can use the following units to support her:
  • Camilla (easiest), Merritt, Ramona can grant Viola Regen automatically.

Ultimate #

Her ultimate skill is a 1-hit nuke that inflicts PATK/EATK down by 10%. 

It’s not that impactful enough to save her stones, so you can quite safely awaken her if you pull dupes.

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