Warrior Job Tower Guide

octopath traveler cotc warrior job tower guide

The Warrior Job Tower is a recurring Tower that resets every 4 weeks. 

All job towers open for 3 weeks, and close for 1 week. The job shop also opens for 4 weeks and resets with Tower.

Rewards (Fragments) earned from clearing job floors do not carry over after a reset; use it or lose it.

How to Unlock Job Tower #

You must clear at least Chapter 1 of Master of All. Then clear Kota’s quest to unlock the Tower in the Nameless Town.

Available Units #

Each job tower imposes a restriction that only permits units with certain jobs to participate.
At the time of writing, the following warriors are available for the Warrior Job Tower:
 – AND Richard/Joshua

Enemy Weakness Mechanics #

There are 5 normal floors and 5 EX floors.

There are two enemies on each floor: a swordsman and a sentinel.
The enemy swordman’s weakness is locked until you break the sentinel.
Enemy weaknesses can change after every break or when they use a randomize weakness skill.

In every floor, the Swordsman will charge up a super attack on their 3rd turn if not broken.

Enemy Weakness Cheat Sheet #

Please note that enemy weaknesses will follow one of the random patterns listed below.
warrior job tower weakness cheat sheet (1)
The most common elements are Ice, Wind, Light and Dark.
EX 4 and EX 5 will give people the most trouble, so let’s see who are the best units for those stages.

EX 4 Floor Guide (Lv 90) #

The Swordsman enemy deals only physical damage, with a chance to Poison random targets, reduce all units speed, and acts 3 times per turn.

  • Give every unit the latest physical defensive armor with the highest Grade.

The Sentinel enemy prevents Swordsman from losing any shields until it itself is broken. Even guaranteed shield shaving skills can’t bypass this effect.

Therefore, your priority is to break the Sentinel as quickly as possible. It’s 3 most common weaknesses are Ice, Light and Dark.

  • Top Ice Units: Lionel (3-hit), Yugo (1-hit but can debuff enemy PATK)
  • Top Light Units: Eliza (3-hit), Kouren (2-hit)
  • Top Dark Units: 2B (2-hit), Fiore (1-hit)
  • Arrange your party such that no paired units share the same elemental skills

Once the Sentinel is broken, you can go HAM on the Swordsman’s shields with your multi-hit Sword skills.

Top Healing Unit: 

  • Eliza is currently the only Warrior that can heal the front row. She’s your best healing option.
  • Those without Eliza, can try out Trish who can heal a single ally, equip HP Regen accessories and practice good unit switching.
  • You can also try out Edea, who can provoke and self-heal.
Top Support Units:
  • Fiore 20% PDEF Down
  • 2B 15% PDEF Down
  • Lar’s ultimate 10% PDEF Down
  • Lionel 10% PDEF Down
  • Nanna 15% PDEF Down and ultimate 10% PDEF Down
  • Tahir: When switching, give paired ally 20% Sword DMG Up

EX 5 Floor (Lv 100) #

Unlike EX 4, you have a strict 15 turn limit for this stage.
It is therefore imperative to break the enemies as quickly as possible.
The Sentinel shares the same weakness as EX 4, so the same recommended units from EX 4 will work.
  • One “kamikaze” tactic you can try is 2B’s 3-hit fire skill that guarantees shield shave. This will drop her HP to 1 though, so heal her up with Eliza/Trish.
The Swordsman can act twice in a turn. He has powerful physical attacks, self buffs, but no poison or debuffs. At the end of every 3 turns, he can unleash a single target nuke that deals 3-4k damage. Olberic’s Defend skill can protect your team. Eliza is pretty much critical to ensure team’s survival.
Healing is going to be crucial here, as your team will be subject to a constant barrage of high physical damage.

Warrior Tower EX5 Guide by Wigglytuff  #

 Warrior Tower EX5 is an interesting but annoying fight. Luckily, you only really have to do it once in your life (unless you really need Wisdom Orbs or something), so this will be a guide on taking the Swordsman down with as minimal headache as possible. 
  • Swordsman: – Shields: 19 – HP: 689784 – Bulk: good amount higher than Largo’s (178/128 P.Def/E.Def) – Speed: 304, 364 when buffed 
  • Sentinel: – Shields: 5 – Weakness sets: -> Dark/Ice -> Light/Dark -> Light/Ice -> Wind/Lightning – everything else doesn’t matter
The Swordsman/Sentinel work the same as in EX4, where you need to break the Sentinel in order to shave shields on the Swordsman.
However, the difference is that the Swordsman now unleashes a very powerful single target attack at the end of every third turn of action that you probably won’t survive without some extreme tanking, so you are placed on a timer.
First, let’s look at the DPS requirements, since it would really suck to do everything to find out that you don’t have enough DPS to kill within 15 turns.
DPS Requirements
At the moment, Sword DPS is the only viable option. Along those lines, you’re going to need the following:
P.Def Down debuffers (need 2/4) – Richard, Fiore, 2B, Lionel, Nanna if you don’t have 2 of the above 4. The ideal is Fiore + Richard, because they are strong nukers on top of debuffing P. Def, but Richard and anyone works. With the release of Richard, the DPS requirement is a lot lower now that he can buf your entire team.
Nukers (need 4/8) – Fiore, 2B, Olberic, Kouren (preferably Level 100), Richard 
These characters don’t do as much DPS as the above, but can work as a substitute for 1, maybe 2 at the most: – Joshua – Lars – Edea – Lionel Fiore/2B/Lionel can simultaneously nuke and debuff P.Def.
As for Weapons, you want Berserk IV on all of your nukers. Origin doesn’t really work (I tried).
Defensive Requirements:
The defensive requirements are quite low, because the idea is to build a comp that will Taunt Tank or Olberic Cover the Swordsman’s mostly ST/RT attacks and then break him before he does anything really bad.
Theoretically, you wouldn’t need a healer at all! However, it’s nice to have Eliza in case he does his rare AOE attack on the turn you’re Taunt Tanking and need an emergency top up, and Eliza is one of the best Sentinel breakers anyway.
Since we’re on the topic of Taunt Tankers, you need one of them. Excluding really niche situations like putting Edea A4 on 2B so she can sidestep attacks, you need one of the following:
  • Edea
  • Olberic
If you don’t have either, you need Miles.
Taunt Tanks can’t serve as DPS, so keep this in mind when looking at your nukers.
You want your tank to have above 3.7k HP and preferably some HP Regen – Edea can make do without thanks to Miracle Blade, but Olberic needs quite a lot in order to survive and heal up to do it again 4 turns later.
Berserk armor is a must for your tank – for everyone else, Origin is fine (and likely you’ll be running King Chomper’s on a lot of people anyway). ‎
Sentinel Shieldshaving Requirements In short, you need 4 people that can break the Sentinel on Turn 1 or the beginning of Turn 2 for at least 3/4 of the sets of weaknesses.
As a reminder for what those are: -> Dark/Ice -> Light/Dark -> Light/Ice -> Wind/Lightning For example, Eliza + 2B + Lionel can break 3/4 weaknesses on Turn 1, and then Tikilen Ult has a 2/3 chance of breaking on Turn 2 if it’s Wind/Lightning.
Your Sentinel Shieldshavers can also be your nukers, but be sure to watch their SP (2B burns through SP very quickly using her 2x Dark AOE skill).
Building a team out of this:
First, place your 4 nukers on each row.
They all need to be able to nuke down the Swordsman while he’s broken.
Next, put your Tank behind someone. If you’re using Olberic as your tank, you should put him behind someone that isn’t important for shaving shields on the Swordsman on Turn 2, because he’ll be covering then.
If you’re using Edea as your tank, you should try to put her behind someone that isn’t important for shaving shields on the Swordsman on Turn 2 AND isn’t important for breaking the Sentinel on Turn 1, since she’ll probably be on the field both turns.
Third is the placement of your second P.Def debuffer if they’re not already a nuker. I placed mine (Nanna) behind Fiore.
Last is the placement of your Sentinel shieldshavers. This will depend heavily on what units you have, but remember that you want to be able to Turn 1 or start of Turn 2 break the Sentinel for at least 3/4 weakness sets. Position them accordingly. ‎
How the fight usually goes
The fight works in 4 turn cycles based around the Swordsman’s actions:
  • Turn 1: Swordsman doesn’t attack you -> break Sentinel
  • Turn 2: Swordsman attacks you with 2/3 of the actions being ST or RT, the last one being an AOE -> soak up the hits with your Tank, finish breaking Sentinel if you haven’t, start shaving down his 19 shields
  • Turn 3: Swordsman attacks you -> break him before he moves to avoid any risks of dying
  • Turn 4: Nuke swordsman Repeat until dead.
 Some helpful tips
  • In order to break on that Turn 3 before he moves, you’ll probably need some King Chomper’s Vests.
  • Tikilen can singlehandedly break a Wind/Lightning with her Ult once per battle.
  • Don’t use BP with your Sentinel Shieldbreakers when breaking the sentinel, since you’ll want to save them to shave shields on the Swordsman with Max Boosted Auto Attacks
  • Feintz Blade is amazing to use on Sentinel Shieldbreakers since they’re not there to do DPS
  • On Turn 3 of each cycle if you break the Sentinel on Turn 1 (or Turn 4 if break on Turn 2), the Sentinel will acquire new weaknesses. Depending on what your situation is, you can try to scout those weaknesses using your Sentinel Shieldbreakers’ AOEs and also shield shave on the Swordsman. For example, the Swordsman is always weak to Wind, so Tikilen’s Chain Windblade can shave 2 shields on him and scout to see if the Sentinel is weak to Wind.
  • Be patient. There is currently no way to guarantee being able to break the Sentinel every time, even with all the best units, so there’s no way to guarantee being able to do this fight every time.

Warrior Job Shop #

The amount of fragments you get from completing each floor: 
Lv1 – 100 
Lv 2 – 200 
Lv 3 – 300 
Lv 4 – 400 
Lv 5 – 500 
EX 1 – 600 
EX 2 – 700 
EX 3 – 800 
EX 4 – 900 
EX 5 – 3000
Total: 7500 fragments
Exchange List: 
5000 fragments – 30% Sword damage up accessory (once)
2500 fragments – Tikilen’s awakening orb (1 per reset) 
200 fragments – Lv 50 Sword that gives 30% EXP up (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – traveler seal (1 per reset) 
1000 fragments – gold warrior seal (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – silver warrior seal (3 per reset) 
800 fragments – one gold wisdom orb (3 per reset) 
40 fragments – one silver wisdom orb (no limit) 
20 fragments – one copper wisdom orb (no limit) 
10 fragments – 50k exp nut (no limit)
*New items will appear in the shop once we get Soul weapons.
Your highest priority item is going to be the 30% Sword Damage accessory, followed by Tikilen’s Awakening Orb.
30% Sword DMG > Tikilen Orb > Gold Warrior Seal > Traveler Seal > Gold Wisdom Nut > Everything Else
However, you can only purchase the 30% Sword accessory if you clear EX 5. If you’re not able to, forget about the accessory and buy Tikilen’s awakening orb. 
You only need to clear up to EX 2 to have enough fragments for Tikilen’s orb.
No, you cannot convert Tikilen’s awakening orb into other character’s awakening orb.
Any unused fragments do not carry over to the next Tower reset. Use it or lose it.
With 3 job tower resets, you will have enough to A4 Tikilen.

Tikilen’s A4 Accessory #

60 PATK, 60 EATK, 40 SPD
Wind DMG + 10%
When breaking an enemy, reduce their Wind Res by 20% for 3 turns.
This is an S tier accessory, offering one of the most important stats (speed). The wind damage up and wind res debuff during break is amazing on any of your multi-hit wind units like Tikilen, Scarecrow, and Harley for the purpose of supporting your Wind DPS (ahem Odette).
Credit much of the information from the Game8 article.