Guide – How to Get Tower of Fantasy Working on Emulator

Of course players can download the PC client.

But there will always be those who want to play ToF on emulators for multi-instance rerolling.

1. Download LD Player 9 #

The latest version of LDPlayer 9.0.14 has been configured to work with Tower of Fantasy.

You’ll need to manually set total disk size to at least 21GB. I set mine to 23GB for good measure.

If you’re using an older version of LDPlayer 9 and try to open ToF, you might get a popup asking you to download version compability. Do it.

2. Download Tower of Fantasy #

You can either download it from Google Play store.

OR you can download the APK file from a trusted site like APKPure and install by dragging the file into LD Player9.

3. Tower of Fantasy In-App Download #

Once installed, open the app and you should be quickly presented with additional in-app download.

This will take time depending on your internet connection.

Once it is done, do not sign in or create an account if you plan to create multiple instances. Close the emulator.

4. Clone Instances #

Open LDMultiPlayer and hit the New/Clone button. Then select the instance and clone it. You’re done!