Fastest Reroll Method – Argent Twilight

Last Updated on July 21, 2022 by Meow

The goal is to collect at least 675 gems to purchase the 3 Gold Feathers item in the shop, and collect 1 Gold Feather from Chapter 1 of Story for a total of 4 pulls.

This data table contains all 5* units that can you pull during soft launch.

  1. Link your account to social media. This unlocks 300 gems. Do this because when you decide to reroll later, you can press the in-game “Reset” option to restart your account from scratch but continue to collect the 300 gems. You do not need to uninstall the app or use a different social media account.
    • To be able to Reset your account, you must not add any friends.
  2. Clear the entirety of Chapter 1 with full stars. This lets you redeem 1 Gold Feather from perfect clear achievement.
    • There is one optional side mission that is separate from Story. You can skip it.
  3. Once you’ve cleared Chapter 1-5, you can summon. Start with your White Feathers, then use the Soul Summon. Pulling new units gives you 15 free gems per unit via the Codex.
  4. By now, you should have little more than 675 gems. Buy the 3 Gold Feathers in shop.
  5. You can pull on the Gold Feather banner 4 times. 4* units drop at ~2.6% and 5* units drop at 0.5%.
  6. If your pulls suck, go to settings > account > reset account.

Each reroll takes about 20 mins. You might be interested with multi-instances on an emulator. Good luck!

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