Wuthering Wave – Database and Release Date

Last Updated on August 12, 2022 by Meow

This game has been compared to the likes of Genshin Impact and Punishing: Gray Raven in terms of combat.

The game had it’s technical test a few days ago, and footage of early stage combat is already on youtube.

This video shows all the playable characters and their skill during this closed technical test (not CBT).

Available Characters #

  • Rover Female, a ninja with a sword.
  • Yanyan, sword user that can summon a tornado.
  • Maxiaofang, dual pistol user, possibly fire element.
  • Shanhua, speedy magic sword user, can summon ice.
  • Bailian, a summoner that uses a dragon to attack enemies, possibly ice element. (I LOVE HER KIT).
  • Anke, uses like drones to attack.
  • Jueyuan, fist melee attacker that uses the power of nature.
  • Taohua, great sword user. Big ass sword.
  • Micai, fire swordsman, kinda looks like blood arts.

Release Date #

Apparently, launch date was leaked to be sometimes in March 2023. There may be a CBT during August/Sept of 2022.

I’ll update this article once we have more information.