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The entire World Map of Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.

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Scroll below for Grandport and I’cirlo. Berecain maps can be found in the list on the left.

World Map #

Victors Hollow Trail Great Tree's Tears Victor's Hollow Arena Subterranean Arena Tower of Remembrance Cragspear Valore Flamesgrace Emberglow Nameless Town Theatropolis Clearbrook Shepherd's Rock Rippletide Sunshade Emberglow Laboratory Ceremonial Square/Cathedral of Tytos Emberglow Slopes Emberglow Wilds Snowbloom Ruins West Emberglow Wilds Snowshard Grotto Valore Trail Auguste's Villa Herminia's Manse Path to Herminia's Manse Forest Ruins West Valore Trail Cragspear Pass Gray Grotto Abandoned Mines Geist Canyon South Cragspear Pass Clearbrook Traverse Waterpool Caves Shadowflow Grotto East Clearbrook Traverse Sunshade Sands Eastern Sunshade Sands Valley of Death Shepherds Rock Pass North Shepherds Rock Pass Cavern of Mists Rippletide Coast Isle of Orsa Nameless Wasteland Amphitheatre: Rehearsal Room Amphitheatre: Backstage Theatropolis Plains Knights Ardante Garrison North Theatropolis Plains Serpent's Burrow Radiant Reefs North Rippletide Coast Cave of Laments Flamesgrace Wilds Stillwater Subterrane Finesand Ruins Castle Edoras Road to Castle Edoras Donescu Cyphlo Banks Misty Falls Donescu Traverse Cathedral of Tytos: Underground Sufrataljah Sufrataljah Sands Sufrataljah: Palace Whitesand Cave Valley of the Flame Path to the Cave of Origin Cave of Origin Atlasdam Fort Wold Ruins Atlasdam Flats West Theatropolois Plains Golden Palace Eternal Quicksand Middlesea: En Route to Orsa

Grandport #

I’cirlo #

Sea Cavern Grandport Coast Grandport Grandport Sewers

Hell #

Hell 2

Hell: Cragspear Hell: Cragspear Pass Hell: Geist Canyon Hell: South Cragspear Pass