octopath traveler cotc thief job tower guide

The Thief Job Tower is a recurring Tower that resets every 4 weeks. 

All job towers open for 3 weeks, and close for 1 week. The job shop also opens for 4 weeks and resets with Tower.

Rewards (Fragments) earned from clearing job floors do not carry over after a reset; use it or lose it.

How to Unlock Job Tower #

You must clear at least Chapter 1 of Master of All. Then clear Kota’s quest to unlock the Tower in the Nameless Town.

Available Units #

Each job tower imposes a restriction that only permits units with certain jobs to participate.
At the time of writing, the following units are available for the Thief Job Tower:
Available Thieves

Enemy Overview #

There are 5 normal floors and 5 EX floors.

There is a single enemy on each floor, 3 enemies on the 4th floor and 2 enemies on the 5th floor. 

Enemy Weakness Cheat Sheet  #

The most common and important elements are Wind, Ice and light.

EX4 Floor Guide #

There is a single enemy – you know what that means. You debuff their ass to kingdom come.

Viola/Falco/Therion can max debuff the enemy’s PATK/EATK and PDEF indefinitely.

After breaking the thief the first time, they’ll activate a shield guard for 5 turns. During this time, you can only remove one shield per character per attack.
They can paralyze you during this time.

EX 5 Floor Guide (Lv 100) #

Unlike Warrior Job Tower EX 5, there is no 15 turns limit for this stage.
The Thief boss acts twice per turn, inflicting status ailments. The damage isn’t very high, but Thieves are generally not great at healing. The boss can lock it’s dagger weakness after some time.
Both the Boss and the Minion gain extra shields after every break, so you don’t want to take too many breaks to beat them.
The Minion grants the boss a shield, preventing you from cutting more than 1 shield per turn. Prioritize defeating the minion, ideally breaking them on turn 2 or turn 4. 
The prevailing strategy appears to be to focus on the Boss and not defeat the Minion. This method prevents the boss from spamming status ailments on your team. 
Abilities and equipment that can recover HP is critical, as currently, there isn’t any thief unit that can heal allies.
Therion, Viola, and Nicola are the three best self-sustaining thieves with HP and SP recovery skills.
Place HP regen accessories on your other thieves that can’t self-heal, with Beast Scarves, Minotaur Scarves, and the 1st Yr Anniversary Scarf.

Recommended Units

  • Top tier debuffers: Viola, Therion, Falco, Nicola
  • Secondary debuffer: Kurtz
  • Top tier DPS: A2, Therion, Auguste, Adelle
  • Backpack your main DPS with Wingate for 20% break DMG
  • Utilize Billy’s incredible ultimate debuff skill
  • Bring guaranteed shield crack skills when the boss locks their dagger weakness

Thief Job Shop #

The amount of fragments you get from completing each floor: 
Lv1 – 100 
Lv 2 – 200 
Lv 3 – 300 
Lv 4 – 400 
Lv 5 – 500 
EX 1 – 600 
EX 2 – 700 
EX 3 – 800 
EX 4 – 900 
EX 5 – 3000
Total: 7500 fragments
Exchange List: 
5000 fragments – 30% Dagger damage up accessory (once)
2500 fragments – Ri’tu’s awakening orb (1 per reset) 
200 fragments – Lv 50 Dagger that gives 30% EXP up (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – traveler seal (1 per reset) 
1000 fragments – gold scholar seal (1 per reset) 
100 fragments – silver scholar seal (3 per reset) 
800 fragments – one gold wisdom orb (3 per reset) 
40 fragments – one silver wisdom orb (no limit) 
20 fragments – one copper wisdom orb (no limit) 
10 fragments – 50k exp nut (no limit)
*New items will appear in the shop once we get Soul weapons.
Your highest priority item is going to be the 30% Dagger Damage accessory, followed by Ri’tu’s Awakening Orb.
30% Dagger DMG > Ri’tu’s Orb > Gold Scholar Seal > Traveler Seal > Gold Wisdom Nut > Everything Else
However, you can only purchase the 30% Dagger accessory if you clear EX 5. If you’re not able to, forget about the accessory and buy Ri’tu’s awakening orb. 
You only need to clear up to EX 2 to have enough fragments for her orb.
No, you cannot convert her awakening orb into other character’s awakening orb.
Any unused fragments do not carry over to the next Tower reset. Use it or lose it.
With 3 job tower resets, you will have enough to A4 Ri’tu.

Ri’tu A4 Accessory #

40 PATK, 60 PDEF, 40 CRIT, 15% Dagger DMG
When using “Attack”, restore HP equal to 10% of damage dealt
This seems not very impressive. The healing from normal attacks might see some usage in long and drawn out battles. Keep in mind, you only heal from using normal attacks. Slap this on a Dagger DPS as a stat stick.
Credit much of the information from the Game8 article.