Octopath Triangle Strategy Collab Gameboard Guide

Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Meow

The following guide is written by Wigglytuff, and reviewed by Grape via discord and shared with permission.



I’m not a JP player, but this was reviewed by a JP player. All of this info is based on the Game8 page.

General Information #

  • 4 boards that are permanently available from the time the collab starts
  • Maxing out the free unit Serenoa is done completely within the TS Collab Gameboard Exchange
  • The table below
Name Cost Amount Total
Second Class Medal (Class up item) 1000 1 1000
First Class Medal (Class up item) 25000 1 25000
Serenoa’s Guide Stone 100 500 50000
Serenoa’s Guide Stone 500 1500 750000
Serenoa’s Awakening Stone 100000 1 100000
Serenoa’s Awakening Stone 200000 1 200000
Serenoa’s Awakening Stone 400000 1 400000
Serenoa’s Awakening Stone (Excluded*) 700000 1 700000
Serenoa’s Awakening Stone** 10000 1 10000
Total 1536000

* Excluded due to this being the stone for U10, which is not nearly as useful as everything else here

** Requires beating the “secret ending” (more on this later)

  • There are also three accessories from the event shop – they’re not that good for veteran players
  • Tickets are obtained through Memory Shard exchange (limit of 30/week), and most likely there’ll be a Special Task giving more
  • 200 Rubies and 20 Traveler’s Seals contained within clearing checkpoints and bosses in the gameboard
  • Game8 estimates that an 8 ticket run of max difficulty on the last board nets you 30-50k tokens per run

Recommended Approach #

  • Do 0 ticket runs for everything except the last board. The last board gives the most, so you’ll get the most out of using tickets there
  • There are 5 endings you need to complete to unlock the “secret ending,” which unlocks the 10000 token Serenoa Awakening stone in the exchange:
    • Ending A is on the second board
    • Endings B and C are on the third board
    • Endings D and E are on the fourth (and last) board
    • Ending B is easy to miss:
    • Ending B
  • At certain points on the boards, the board opens up to a “battlefield”:
  • battlefield
    • You’re able to freely move around in any direction, including tiles you’ve already been to.
    • Passing through any square with an enemy will trigger a battle. You get a small amount of tokens per battle, but nothing really worth doing every time.

Enemy Info #

The information on Game8 is not completely clear as to what Reward Spots correspond to what enemy, but this seems to be a list of the hardest enemies:

Chapter 1 boss

chap 3 final boss weakness

The weaknesses of the boss of the secret ending:

boss of secret ending

Access the secret stage by getting All Endings, then going to the Final Board, picking South on the first intersection, then continue to go until you get a popup message telling you’ve gained access to a new path.

Miscellaneous Details #

  • There are a lot more details on the Game8 page, so check it out if you’re interested. I just grabbed the details you might want to know before you start playing the gameboards.
  • Remember, you can always do 0 ticket runs, so if you’re really desperate for Serenoa A4…
  • You might end up using more SP than you’re used to due to the battlefield areas of the board having more enemies than the boards we have right now. Make sure to have ample SP recovery, or better yet, a character that can Share/Gift SP (Nicola).