Reroll Guide – Alice Fiction – Saving Multiple Accounts

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by Meow

Alice Fiction is gearing up for a July 26 8PM PDT launch date. Predownload is already out in the West.

Upon logging in, you can click the settings button on the main screen to Delete Player Data, or Player Data Transfer.

Fastest Reroll Method

If you’re like me and plan to reroll the hell out of this game (and gacha games in general), then you’ll know how convenient it is to have a “Delete Player Data” option without having to uninstall/reinstall the app.

This setting exists in both iOS and Android.

3-Step Reroll Method

1. Go into game, pull on the tutorial banner, and then collect the pre-registration rewards to pull on the premium banner as many times as possible (we get at least 40 rolls from pre-reg rewards).

2. If you get a terrible roll, go delete your player data. If the game follows CBT, you can skip tutorial as the game will give you the option to reroll immediately.

3. If you get a so-so roll or amazing roll, you can choose to save this player account and come back to it in the end.

Data Transfer AKA Saving Accounts

You’ll definitely want to save your good rerolls to have a nice selection in the end.

The game uses the same data transfer system as Dragon Quest Dai and Slime Isekai Memories. This means you can save as many accounts as you want just by entering a password.

You don’t need to link to social media (Phew!).

So as a hypothetical example…

Reroll Account 1:

ID: Whatever the game gives you

Password: 12345678  (minimum password 8, something you’ll remember)

Reroll Account 2:

ID: Whatever the game gives you

Password: 12345678


Just be sure to document the IDs, screenshot and don’t lose them.

Have fun rerolling and make sure the salt the players on the official Alice Fiction discord server.

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  1. how to reroll again after saving a good roll ?
    i mean, after i Data Transfer 1 of my account it doesn’t log me out.. so how to log out from this account and keep rerolling again ?


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