The Ultimate Guide to Farming Leaves (Money)

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Meow

We can now spend tens of millions per day in the Nameless Town Tavern.

Groha Crystal Skull

Those with 99 million leaves (like myself a few days ago…) will soon find their stash disappear into thin air.

This guide explores the best ways to farm leaves.

Achieving 50% Bonus Effect #

The easiest thing to “set and forget” is to gear one unit on your team with both Lavish Necklace and Wealthy Hunter’s Emblem III to raise leaves earned by 40%.

You get Lavish Necklace from clearing Rematch: Master of Wealth (Advanced).

  • FYI the enemy Herminia (Lv 90) is weak to Axe and Dark. Her attendant is weak to Fan and Wind.

Wealthy Hunter’s Emblem appears as a random drop from defeating Herminia a 2nd time, or via the Exchange Shop for 400 fragments of greed.

Wealthy Hunter's Necklace

For the remaining 10%…

  • Equip another Wealthy Hunter’s emblem,
  • Equip Extravagant Brooch I (5%),
  • Have Pia, Billy, Conny, Harry or Penny on team (3%).

Now you can earn up to 50% more leaves from defeating elite enemies, especially the super bosses in your daily grind.

Daily Grind – Bonfires of Battle I #

  • Defeat the 8 super bosses in each of the biomes. Their ashes sell for 100k each. The bosses can drop 20k-50k each, based on bonus.
  • Ignore the other Elite enemies, unless you need to farm them for Enemy Feats (here’s my enemy feat tracker to assist).
  • Optionally defeat the Shadow Dragon for EXP, 20k+ leaves and a chance at an accessory.

Daily Grind – Bonfires of Battle II #

This will take the bulk of your daily grind.

The goal is to farm the elites that drop “-stones” that sell for loads of money.

Stones drop

  1. Softenstones and Strengthstones are the most valuable drops. There are 7 elite enemies that are guaranteed to drop Soften/Strengthstones. There are 6 enemies that might drop Softenstones. You can “reset” your game to reroll the drop, but this is a massive time sink.
  2. Refinestones and Polishstones are a distant second.

Elites marked with blue squares are guaranteed to drop the most valuable stones.

Elites marked with a blue/green squares have a chance to drop the most valuable stones.

Elites marked with green squares are guaranteed to drop less valuable stones.

Credit u/VEGETKO via Reddit for the cheatsheet image below.

Bonfire 2 Farm

Bonfires of battle II_ Desert

  • Desert drops material for Twilight weapons
  • Gold Wind Curator drops Soften/Strengthstones
  • Gold Flame Guardian might drop Softenstones


  • River drops material for Tyrant weapons
  • Plains Drake drops Soften/Strengthstones
  • River Frogen II might drop Softenstones
  • Also defeat the superboss here for 100k item

Bonfires of battle II Forest

  • Forest drops material for Fenrir weapons
  • Icky Slug and Combatant (Warrior) drop Soften/Strengthstones
  • Forest Rakting I might drop Softenstones

Bonfires of battle II snow

  • Snow drops material for Innocent, Sacred, and Atlas weapons
  • Test Subject (Giant Beast), Reptalios, and Ice Guardian MK II drops Soften/Strengthstones
  • Test Subject (Beast) and Hoary Bear might drop Softenstones

Bonfires of battle II Sea

  • Sea drops material for Adamant weapons
  • Cleaving Armor drops Soften/Strengthstones
  • Ice Remnant Mk II might drop Softenstones

Farming Elites in World Map #

If you REALLY have time to spare, then you can manually find all the elites that drop “-stones” in the World Map. Enemies bolded are the ones guaranteed to drop the most valuable stones.

Cait Farming #

Caits are an excellent source of leaves and EXP.

The 100K exp Cait drops 50k (75k), and the 300k exp Cait drops 100k (150k) leaves with 50% bonus.